Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-15

Listen here.

1. “When the Stars Shine” – The Instruments (from Billions of Phonographs)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “It’s Up To You” – The Shop Assistants (from Shopping Parade) EP)
4. “Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)” – Earth (from The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull)
5. “Crystal Dust Dream” – Stag Hare (from Black Medicine Music)
6. “Brazil” – Cornelius (from Point)
7. “In the Night” – Professor Longhair and His Blues Scholars (from New Orleans Piano anthology)
8. “Escaped and Lost Down in Medina” – Ghost (from Hypnotic Underworld)
9. “#3” – Lorkakar (from The First of the Lost Signals)
10. “Side B” – Sun Circle (from Sun Circle)
11. “A Son With No Father” – Carlos Giffoni (from Adult Life)
12. “For Brass (excerpt)” – LaMonte Young (from Vol. 1 anthology)
13. “Ise’-No-Umi” – Imperial Household Orchestra (from Secret Museum of Mankind, v. 1: Ethnic Music Classics, 1925-1948 compilation)
14. “California” – Dr. Dog (from Takers and Leavers EP)
15. “Wild About the Lady” – J. Justine (from My New Music)
16. “I Think It’s Time (You Were Mine)” – Alice Swoboda (from Eccetric Soul: The Tragar and Note Labels)
17. “Trio Bimbo Dan Iln (My Girl)” – ??? (from Indonesian Cassette Mix)
18. “Bubblegum Independence” – v/a (from Radio Phnom Penh compilation)
19. “Day Tripper” – Lee Moses (from Ike’s 2008 Hanukkah mix)
20. “And I Love Her” – Bob Marley and the Wailers (from One Love at Studio One anthology)
21. “? ?????? ??? ??????” – Yuri Morozov
22. “Jaegermeister” – Tabata Mitsuru (from KFJC Presents Live from the Japanese Music Underground compilation)
23. “Beyond the Dusty Hills (Cowboy in the Desert, part II)” – La Otracina (from Tonal Eclipse of the One)
24. “Part II” – Les Rallizes Denudes (from Oz Days Live compilation)
25. “Perfume For Winter” – Fennesz (from Black Sea)
26. “Jam > Stella Blue” – Grateful Dead (from Dick’s Picks, v. 1)
27. “The Saints of My City Are Children” – Levitts (from We Are the Levitts)
28. “Elara” – John Hill (from Six Moons of Jupiter)
29. “Haunted Circus Accordion Wind Ghost Reed Forest Ensemble” – Greg Carr (from Technological Retreat: Mixes, v. 1)
30. “A Cloud In Doubt” – Flying (from Faces of the Night)
31. “Welcome to the Working Week” – Elvis Costello (from My Aim Is True)


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