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alternate routes, episode 05

Alternate Routes
with Jesse Jarnow

1. “Bread and Roses” – Marisa Anderson
PhilaTaper recording made at Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art, July 5, 2018
recorded on Traditional and Public Domain Songs
new album Cloud Corner (Thrill Jockey)
PhilaTaper GoFundMe for Katie Wescott

2. “Deep Sea Diver” – Gwenifer Raymond
from Deep Sea Diver 7-inch (Tompkins Square)
new album You Never Were Much of a Dancer (Tompkins Square)

3. “Current” – Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir
from VDSQ Solo Acoustic, vol. 14 (VDSQ)

4. “The Two Worlds” – Brigid Mae Power
from Live at WFMU on This is the Modern World With Trouble, July 5, 2018 (Free Music Archive)
new album The Two Worlds (Tompkins Square)

5. “I’d Rather Be Hayin'” > “Space Drums” > “Route 5” – Wet Tuna
from Livin’ The Die (CD: Child of Microtones, LP: Feeding Tube, cassette: Baked Tapes)

all tracks posted with permission of artists/labels
DJ bed music by Paul Blanding

alternate routes, episode 04

Alternate Routes
with Jesse Jarnow

1. Sarah Louise – “Hellbender”
from VDSQ Acoustic Series, vol. 12 (VDSQ)

2. Itasca – “No Consequence”
with Dave McMaster on pedal steel
from Live at WFMU on the Avant Ghetto with Jeff Conklin, May 30, 2016 (Free Music Archive)

3. Paul Blanding – “Sketch #4 (Predator)”
from Krampusnacht (Music For An Unwritten Puppet Opera) (Bandcamp)

4. Thumbscrew – “Unconditional”
Michael Formanek (bass) / Tomas Fujiwara (drums) / Mary Halvorson (guitar)
from Ours (Cuneiform)

5. Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motal Band – “Dreaming in the Non-Dream”
with Peter Kerlin (bass), Jason Robira (drums), and Ryan Jewell (drums)
NYCTaper recording made at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, July 28, 2018

all tracks posted with permission of artists/labels