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frow show, FMU-157

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. RANA – “Buy Sell or Break”
2. The Ex – “Keep On Walking” – Catch My Shoe
3. The Wizards – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [$75 gets a Premium! 19 version of different songs called “I Need Your Love”! Everybody ] 4. The Fugs – “Group Grope” – The Fugs II [$75 gets in the running for Heady New York prize pack feat. Ed Sanders’ memoir, “Fug You!”]

5. The Feelies – “Fa Ce La” – Crazy Rhythms [$15 to enter drawing for “Here Before” by The Feelies on COMPACT DISC!!!] 6. Suicide – “Fast Money Music” – The Second Suicide Album (Mute)
7. Dustin Wong – “Toe Tore Oh” – Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
8. Six Organs of Admittance – “S/Word and Leviathan” – Asleep On the Floodplain (Drag City)
9. Brian Joseph Davis – “EULA 2007”
10. Group Inerane – “Ikabkaban” – Guitars From Agadez, v. 4 (Sublime Frequencies)
11. The Monkees – “You and I feat. Neil Young” – Instant Replay (Rhino)
12. The Invaders – “No Money, No Honey” – cazumbi african sixties garage v 1 (Nosmoke) [more accurately: no money, NO FREEFORM! 800-989-9368!!!] 13. Draytons Two – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [part of $75 Frow Show Premium!!] 14. Tiki Men – “First Love, First Tears” – Yeti #8 7″ (Yeti Publishing) [pledge $15 now! get in the running for new YETI book + 7-inch.] 15. Tokedashita Garasubako (Melting Glass Box) – “Melting Glass Box” – Love Peace and Happiness [pledge $15 to get in the running!]

16. Shintaro Sakamoto – “Something’s Different” – In A Phantom Mood 7″ (Zelone)
17. Andore Kandore – “Kandore Mandore” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1969
18. Kuni Kuwachi & Flower Travelling Band – “Scientific Investigation”
19. Taj Mahal Travellers – “July 15, 1972”
20. Asuna – “Holland Garden”
21. Sachiko Kanenobu – “Moody Sky” – Misora (Chapter) [pledge $15 now! get in the running to win this!]

22. Toy Love – “Pull Down The Shades”
23. The Bats – “The Black and the Blue” – Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres (Flying Nun) [pledge $15! perhaps win this!] 24. David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – “I’ll Climb Back Up That Hill” – Left By Soft (Merge) [pledge $15! get in the running for sweet NZ jams!]

25. Ky International Big Band – “Paratiisi”
26. Hex Breaker Quintet – “Darkness In The Land While Electrons Silently Collide Creating New Worlds” – Riders [with FROGS!!! where else are you going to hear frogs on the radio? pledge now, puh-leeze! of 800-989-9368!! WE NEED YOUR LOVE.] 27. Letta Mbulu – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [$75 gets you the Premium with 19 *different and awesome* songs called “I Need Your Love.”]

28. Robert Hunter – “Box of Rain” – Box of Rain (Relix)

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love & the needing of it: the frow show’s 2012 WFMU marathon premium


I’m thrilled (and I mean, thrilled) to announce The Frow Show’s 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium: Love & The Needing Of It: A no-fi adventure in international love-needing.

Same sentiment, same name, hundreds (maybe thousands) of different songs titled “I Need Your Love” span continents, genres, and decades. “Love & The Needing of It” whittles it down to 19, leaving out the crappy Macedonian pop, though including the New Zealand disco. It ignores Elvis Presley and The Ramones, but has the infamous Nirvana (UK) and Jeff “Don’t Call Me Jeff Lynne” Lynn of Swedish fuzz-rockers The Wizards, and a host of local singles from Jamaica, Baltimore, South Africa, and beyond, all presented with the stunning no-fi compression one has come to expect from globe-spanning YouTube treasure hunts. Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2013 or any mixes you might make before then! Significant others Thanks to Rich Arcoleo for the great cover art.

Love & the Needing Of It
A no-fi adventure in international love-needing.
1. “I Need Your Love” – Letta Mbulu (from Letta, Tamla Motown, 1970, South Africa) produced by Hugh Masekala.
2. “I Need Your Love” – The Draytons Two (WIRL 7″, early 1970s, Barbados)
3. “I Need Your Love Tonight” – Nirvana (UK) (from Songs of Love and Praise, Philips, 1972, UK) The legendary Nirvana (UK)!
4. “Baby I Need Your Loving” – The Four Tops (Motown 7″, 1972, US)
5. “I Need Your Love So Bad” – James Brown & The Famous Flames (from I Can’t Stand Myself When I Touch Me, King, 1968, US)
6. “I Need Your Love So Desperately” – Peaches & Herb (Date 7″, 1969, US)
7. “I Need Your Love” – The Chaumonts (Bay Sound 7″, 1966, US) Baltimore.
8. “I Need Your Love” – The Wizards (Fontana 7″, 1966, Norway/Sweden) written by Jeff “I’m Not Jeff Lynne” Lynn.
9. “I Need Your Love” – The Last Times (Togy 7″, 1966, US) Clarion, Ohio.
10. “I Need Your Love” – The Artistics (Okeh 7″, 1963, US)
11. “I Need Your Love” – The Fugitives (JJ 7″, 1966, Jamaica) Greatest label name ever –ed.
12. “Baby, I Need Your Love” – Dave Barker (Wind 7″, c. 1973, Jamaica)
13. “I Need Your Love So Bad” – The Vocaleers (Paradise 7″, 1960, US) NYC indie rock c. 1950s.
14. “I Need Your Love” – Pee Wee Crayton (Imperial 78, 1955, US) California by Texas, recorded in New Orleans.
15. “Oh, I Need Your Love” – The Collegians (Winley 7″, 1962, US) Harlem.
16. “I Need Your Love” – R. Stevie Moore (from Next / Apologies To Mr. Gottleib, RSMCC, 1974, US) R. Stevie Moore.
17. “I Need Your Love” – Skip Mahoney & The Casuals (from Your Funny Moods, International, 1972, US)
18. “I Need Your Love” – Golden Harvest (Impact 7″, 1977, New Zealand) Auckland disco-pap!
19. “I Need Your Love” – Star Maiden (prev. unreleased, 2010, US) !!!

All yours for a $75 pledge to the Frow Show!