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frow show, FMU-95

(Complete playlist, with listening links.)

1. Highlife – “Wet Palm Trees” – Best Bless (Social Registry)
2. Olivia Tremor Control – “Not Feeling Human” – Those Sessions EP (Flydaddy)
3. Olivia Tremor Control – “North Term Reality” – AUX II (AUX)
4. Catfish Rivers – “Lizardo Complex” – The Afterbirth of Cool (Inbred Recording Co.)
5. Harold Bode – “Geklebte Musik Experiment” – Bode Sound Project (Institute for Electronic Arts)
6. Stereo Total – “Chelsea Girls” – Do the Bambi (Kill Rock Stars)
7. Bruce Haack – “Rita” – Farad: The Electric Voice (Stones Throw)
8. Madrigal – “Places” – Madrigal
9. Gardens – “Morning Refresher” – In Novelty Land 7-inch (Italy)
10. Peter and Gordon – “I Go To Pieces” – The Ultimate Peter and Gordon (Collector’s Choice)

11. Neu! – “KD” – ’86 (Gronland)
12. Fantastic Palace – “And Now, This” – Yeti, v. 9 (Yeti Publishing)
13. Meat Puppets – “Plateau” – II (SST)
14. Spacemen 3 – “Ecstasy In Slow Motion” – Dreamweapon (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
15. Prince Rama – “Sat Namm” – Shadow Temple (Paw Tracks)
16. Ahmed Janka Nabay – “Sabanoh” – King of Bubu Music cassette
17. Brast Burn – “Debon (part II)” – Debon (Voice)
18. Mad River – “Amphetamine Gazelle” – Mad River (Capitol)
19. Waumiss – “k. (l).d.d., it’s up to you not to…” – Waumiss (Odessa)
20. The Great Gaylord & the Condo Fucks – “Rice Krispies commercial (Rolling Stones)” (Norton)

21. Marc Ribot – “Delancey Waltz” – Silent Movies (Pi)
22. Mark McGuire – “Gardens of Eternal Life” – The Garden of Eternal Life cassette (Arbor)
23. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – “River Like Spine” – Love Is A Stream (Type)
24. Soft Circle – “Sundazed” – Full Bloom (Eastern Developments)
25. Jerry Granelli – “Walking On A Road With Some Bells Around Your Neck” – 1313 (Divorce)
26. Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley – “Ailanthus, part 1” – Ailanthus/Altissima (Triple Point)
27. Joe Foster / Hong Chulki / Takahiro Kawaguchi / Ryu Hankil – “Oscillation” – Oscillation. Vacillation. (Ballon & Needle)
28. Cassandra Wilson – “Harvest Moon” – New Moon Daughter (Blue Note)
29. Michael T. Bullock and Andrew Lafkas – “Ceremonies to Breathe Upon” – Ceremonies to Breathe Upon (Winds Measure)
30. Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus – “Barbry Ellen” – Leaves From Off The Tree (Bo Weavil)
31. Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Vince Welnick, Michael Tilson-Thomas – “Space For Henry Cowell” – 16 June 1996 Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA
32. Sean Patrick Curley – “Computer Guitar” – Sean Patrick Curley (Impko)
33. The Band – “In A Station” – Music From Big Pink (Capitol)
34. William Tyler – “Between Radnor and Sunrise” – Imaginational Anthem IV: New Possibilities (Tompkins Square)
35. John Biz – “Mornings Made of Gold” – tXXXs demos

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frow show, FMU-94

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. George Harrison – “All Things Must Pass (demo)” – Anthology, v. 3 (Capitol)
2. Joshua Abrams – “In Ex or Able” – Natural Information (Eremite)
3. Daniel Levitan – “Soakin’ Wet” – Marimba Four Hands
4. Chris Watson – “10m” – Oceanus Pacificus (Touch Seven)
5. Alain Kremski – “Poemes de l’Exaltation” – Musiques rituelles pour cloches et gongs (Auvidis)
6. Hecker – 3 Track 12″ [feat. the Amazing Criswell + Mr. Ronald Edwin] 7. Greg Davis and Ben Vida – “Brilliance” – Greg Davis and Ben Vida (Autumn)
8. Alan Watts – “Love You” – This is IT (Locust)

9. Smilelove – “Theme Song” – Love @ Gok [via MySpace] 10. All That The Name Implies – “Simply Implied” – Side 1 (Play The Other Side First) (ESP-Disk)
11. Boneyard (Compress) – “Flower Orgy”
12. Mike Rep & the Quotas – “Basket of Flowers” – Stupor Hiatus (Siltbreeze)
13. The Wailers – “Out of our Tree” – split 7-inch with The Sonics (Norton)
14. The Servicemen – “Are You Angry?” – Meet the Servicemen (Wind Hit)
15. Jim O’Rourke feat. Thurston Moore – “Always Something There To Remind Me” – All Kinds of People Love Burt Bacharach (AWDR)
16. Beat of the Earth – “This is An Artistic Statement (part I)” – Beat of the Earth (Radioactive)
17. Dent May – “Eastover Wives (Screwed Mix)”
18. Ron Elliot – “Deep River Runs Blue” – The Candlestickmaker (Collector’s Choice)

19. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters – “Acid Tests collage” – The Acid Test LP (Sound City Acid Test, 1/29/66), San Francisco State Acid Test (10/2/66) [Happy 75th, Kesey.]

20. Japanese Beatles – “The Beatle Song (Japanese Style)” – Wolf Call: Tall Cool Ones from the Golden Crest Vaults (Norton)
21. Koes Plus – “Lagu Dalam Impian (Song In A Dream)” – Dheg Dheg Plas & Volume Two (Sublime Frequencies)
22. Moe Tucker – “Then He Kissed Me” – Grl-Grup (Lakeshore Drive)
23. Rolling Stones – “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (demo)”
24. Peeseye – “Night Flowering Artery” – Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack (Evolving Ear)
25. Noveller – “Kites Calm Desert Fires” – Desert Fires (Saffron)
26. 太陽塔/TAIYOUTOU – “Japan (excerpt)” – Japan and Japanese (Ginjoha)
27. Asahito Nanjo Group Musica – “Shibikuya Spiritual Change Leading to Alchemical Transmission” – Contemporary Kagura-Metaphysics (Fractals)
28. David Tudor – “Sliding Pitches in the Rainforest in the Field : Rainforest, Version IV” – Rainforest (Versions I & IV) (excerpt) (Mode)
29. Megafaun – “Comprovisation For Connor Pass” – Heretofore (Hometapes)
30. Josh Ritter – “California” – Hello Starling (Signature Sounds)
31. Patti Smith – “Trampin'” – Trampin’ (Sony)

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frow show, FMU-93

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Delicates – “Meusurry” (Unart)
2. Ray Cathode – “Waltz In Orbit” – Time Beat 7-inch (Parlophone)
3. Dick Shawn and His Little People – “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” – Dick Shawn Sings with His Little People (20th Century-Fox)
4. Frosted Ambassador – “#5” – The Frosted Ambassador (Kindercore)
5. Pete Drake & His Talking Steel Guitar – “Star Gazing” – For Pete’s Sake (Gusto)
6. Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers – “Is Yours Is Mine” – Collector’s Edition: Early L.A. Sessions (Columbia)
7. Dr. Janet – “Starry Eyes” – 10 Years Gone 7-inch (Ringers Lactate)
8. The Soft Boys – “Underwater Moonlight” – Underwater Moonlight (Matador)

9. Dr. John – “Danse Kalinda Ba Doom” – The Night Tripper – Gris Gris (Rhino)
10. Master Musicians of Bukkake – “Bardo Chonyid/master of all Visible Shapes” – Totem Two (Important)
11. Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller – “Cleanliness and Order” – Darker Skratcher (LAFMS)
12. Relcad – “…And the New Things” – Capitol Island (Pleasure Boat)
13. Halston Bruce – “VLF Peru #2” [via] 14. Morton Subotnick – “Until Spring (excerpt)” – Until Spring (Odyssey)
15. Ron Geesin – “Slow Sprinkle” – Electrosound (KPM)
16. Roland P. Young – “Crystal Vibrations” – Isophonic Boogie Woogie (EM)
17. Stereolab – “Velvet Water” – Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (Elektra)
18. Lo Borges – “Cancao Postal” – Lo Borges (Water)
19. Grateful Dead – “It Must Have Been the Roses” – One From the Vault (GDM)

20. Phish – “What’s the Use” – The Siket Disc (Elektra)
21. Paul Sturm – “With Freddy, on the lawn” – Long Distance (Turnstyle Media)
22. Julia Loktev – “Dada Babies Clean” [poetry by Tristan Tzara] 23. David Stoughton – “The Anecdote of Horatio and Julie” – Transformer (Elektra)
24. Akira Kosemura – “Venice” – Polaroid Piano (Some One Good)
25. Colin Helb – “Kutsher’s Sound Walk” [via] 26. Tatsuya Nakatani – “#6” – Abiogenesis (H & H)
27. Jane Cramer – “You Will Feel Relief” [via] 28. Spectre Folk – “Burning Bridge” – Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo (Arbitrary Signs)
29. Love Child – “I Love You” – Plays Moondog 7-inch (Forced Exposure)

30. Toots and the Maytals – “Pressure Drop” (Beverley’s)
31. Travellers – “Girl I Left Behind” – Black Black Minds (Paradise)
32. XXOO – “That’s What They Say” – XXOO 7-inch (Press)
33. Grigory Smirnov – “Mirrors of Emptiness” – Mirrors of Emptiness (Editions Svitzer)
34. Willie Nelson – “September Song” – Stardust (Sony)

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all tomorrow’s parties, today.

The most stunning thing about the decay of Kutsher’s Country Club, the site of the American edition of All Tomorrow’s Parties, is perhaps its sheer attention to detail. In every corner of its 1,500-acre spread, something askew: peeling paint on a windowsill, an abandoned skating rink (the Kutsher’s Teenareena, per the signage, replete with Olympics logo), an out-of-order tag on a pull-out bed, a flooded baseball diamond, a stairwell with non-chronological floor numbers, a fire door off its hinges next to a forgotten and overflowing room service cart. One friend got stuck in the elevator, the car stuttering 250 times between the fifth and sixth floors before righting itself. We took the stairs for the rest of the weekend.

The result is one of the most singular places one can imagine seeing music. The fact that the Stardust Room, the site of All Tomorrow’s Parties main stage, is also a great-sounding, well-designed space–with gentle tiers, a spacious floor, and a twinkling moonscape on the wall–is gravy. Amid the decay, though, it also felt a bit like abuse. We wandered Kutsher’s freely, removing the cover of a jacuzzi, discovering a working sauna in the women’s locker room, totally unsure where we were allowed to be. In the basement, we found a stash of Paul Anka and Helen Reddy eight-track tapes in the winding, cluttered hallways beyond a room of ancient exercise bikes and stairmasters.

And the music? A peculiar continuum of nostalgia and indie noise of the moment. Headlining on Friday, Iggy Pop–63 and ripped–pulled his version of the James Brown cape routine: constantly diving headlong into the audience, only to be grabbed instantly by his own security guard and yanked back. There was a lot of crowd surfing and stage diving, for that matter. Hard to say where that act falls in the nostalgia continuum, but it’s back with a vengence. The next night, also featuring a host of stage interlopers, Sonic Youth–in their classic quartet lineup, with Mark Ibold still on Pavement detail–played a set entirely of ’80s tunes. Much like their Prospect Park gig over the summer, the concept scans uncomfortably, but was/is bitching in practice, with fierce improv, drawn-out transitions, and the usual explosive arrangements. Thurston Moore’s solo Sunday set, in the 1:45 pm bloody mary slot, hit the spot, too: three new tunes, played on a 12-string acoustic, followed by a Northampton Wools improv with Bill Nace.

The pleasures of ATP go on and on: a surprisingly incredible DJ set by hip-hop inventor Kool Herc late night at the poolside bar, filled with deep cuts, killer transitions, overlaid beats, and a few classics; the ear-blowing wall of sound belonging to the Sunn O)))/Boris supergroup with power chords cascading from amp stack to amp stack like minimalist blocks of orchestral sound; a mellow pick-up hardball game hosted by Shellac’s Bob Weston in a pasture abutting the flooded baseball diamond, bordered by a brook, and a shady knoll for spectators; the room-clearing obliteration of Lee Ranaldo and Alan Licht’s Text of Light; Wooden Shjips’ surf-kraut jams. Besides the occasional six-flight stair-climb, there were few downsides. (The second stage is too low, impossible to see the musicians except from the front row.)

Even the lack of internet and Twitter access was kind of nice. I got my news from the New York Times for the first time in years (and remembered my great uncle Herb’s sage summary of their sports section: “yesterday’s scores tomorrow”). Hell, if I’d had Twitter access, I probably wouldn’t have written a blog post.

No corporate sponsorship, good vibrations, and arguably the most fun music festival in the world.

Rebecca Kutsher: