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frow show, FMU-42

Detailed playlist, with listening links.

1. Nora Guthrie – “Emily’s Illness” – Emily’s Illness 7-inch (Mercury)
2. All Tiny Creatures – “Street Lights Ten Thousand Feet” – Segni EP (Hometapes)
3. Black Mold – “Swimming To Food” – Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (Flemish Eye)
4. Kim Fowley – “Energy” – Good Clean Fun
5. Grasshopper – “Forest Jihad” – Kindertotenlieder (Bloodfist Karate School)
6. Arlo Guthrie – “If Ever I Should See the Mountain” – Tales of ’69 (Rising Son)

7. New Riders Of The Purple Sage – “Portland Woman” – 29 April 1971 Fillmore East [RIP John “Marmaduke” Dawson:] 8. New Riders Of The Purple Sage – “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” – 18 March 1973 Felt Forum [feat. “Mansfield Rain” recorded by Simon James French] 9. Doc Watson Family – “The Lone Pilgrim” – The Doc Watson Family (Smithsonian Folkways)
10. DeYarmond Edison – “Four Keyboard Phase In A” – The Bickett Residency [feat. “Floating Icicles Rocked By Waves” recorded by Peter Cusack (from Baikal Ice (Spring 2003)) (ReR)] 11. Robert Wyatt – “Born Again Cretin” – Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981 (RAI Trade)
12. Chubby Checker – “Stoned In The Bathroom” – Chubby Checker (1971)

13. Louis Nye – “Teenage Beatnik” (Wig)
14. Don Cherry Quintet – “Cocktail Piece” – March 17, 1966-Jazzhus Montmartre (ESP-Disk)
15. Mum – “Kay-Ray-Kú-Kú-Kó-Kex” – Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know (Morr Music)
16. Steve Bernstein/Marcus Rojas/Kresten Osgood – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – Tattoos and Mushrooms (Ilk)
17. Bill Withers – “Hope She’ll Be Happier” – Soul Power documentary

18. Gary Wilson – “Groovy Girls Make Love at the Beach” – You Think You Really Know Me? (Motel)
19. Risil – “This Air I Breathe” – Non Masters, v. 1 (Important)
20. Atlas Sound feat. Panda Bear – “Walkabout” – Logos (Kranky)
21. Arklight – “Track 05” – Shards and Ashes (Little Fury Things)
22. Hiens Hoffman-Richter – “Symphony For Tape Delay, IBM Instruction Manual, & Ohm Septet, 3d mvmt.” [feat. “LOE (The Vision)” by Chaos Majik, from Cry of the 12th Aethyr cassette (Baked Tapes)] – “Bohemian Rhapsody (old school computer mix)” [] 23. Terence LLoren – “Bug Market, Xizang Lu” [Recorded March 31, 2009, 12:26pm] 24. Fred Bigot/Vincent Epplay/Arnaud Maguet – “Passee La Saison Du Pandanus Dansons L’iboga Boogie Sous Le Volcan Exactement” – Musique Pour Les Plantes Des Dieux (Les Disque En Rotun Reuinis)

25. Oneida – “Saturday” – Rated O (Brah)
26. – “Paul Is Dead” – Degraded Teen: Bob Brainen’s 2009 WFMU Marathon Premium
27. Dump – “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” – DOG: A Best Show Tribute to RAM
28. Spooky Tooth/Pierre Henry – “Credo” – Ceremony (Edsel)
29. Maxi-Music – “Christopus Colombus” – Space Oddities, v. 2: A Psychedelic Journey Through Libraries (Permanant Vacation)
30. The Folklords – “Don’t Hide Your Love From Me” – Release the Sunshine (Lion Productions)
31. Purple Rhinestone Eagle – “Sleep, Golden Sleep” – Amorum Tali (Eolian)
32 Genevieve Waite – “Yesterday I Left The Earth” – Andy Warhol Presents Man on the Moon: The John Phillips Space Musical (Varese Sarabande)
33. Nico – “These Days” – Chelsea Girl (Polydor)

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some recent articles.

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o Signal To Noise #54 (Sonic Youth cover): cover feature on Sonic Youth, “Meet the Eternals”
o Paste #54 (Stuart Murdoch cover): feature on Yonlu, interview with Gilberto Gil.
o July Relix (Dave Matthews Band cover): profile of Dirty Projectors, album reviews of Sonic Youth, Gamehenge 09, Bob Dylan, Wooden Shjips, Sir Richard Bishop, Grateful Dead live releases (Road Trips Vol. 2, No. 2, To Terrapin).

frow show, FMU-41

Detailed playlist, with listening links.

1. Aero Sound – “Ready For Take Off” – kraut! demons! kraut! german psychedelic underground 1968-1974 (Gema)
2. Fennesz – “Happy Audio” – Endless Summer (Mego)
3. Robe – “The Dying Light” – The Dying Light (Little Fury Things)
4. Lee Johnson/Russian National Orchestra – “Mountains of the Moon” – Dead Symphony No. 6 (OMI) [feat. “Mountains of the Moon” (1 March 1969, 26 April 1969, angel choir mix) + Yellow Tears, “Don’t Cry” 12-inch (Hospital Productions) + moon landing recordings] 5. Circulatory System – “Until Moon Medium Hears the Message” – Signal Morning (Cloud)

6. Los Peyotes – “Bdaaa!!!” – Bdaaa!!! 7-inch (Dirty Water)
7. Sabor a Fresa – “Zorongo” – La Nueva Banda de Santisteban (Vampisoul)
8. Turbo Fruits – “20th I Was Blue” – Turbo Fruits (Ecstatic Peace)
9. Moon Duo – “Love on the Sea” – Love on the Sea 12-inch (Sick Thirst)
10. Insect Joy – “Cursoria” – Tarantismo Summit, v. 1 (Rampage)
11. Paul Rubenstein’s PS 288 kids – “Heavy Drone Rock” [] 12. Hermeto Pascoal – “Sinfonia do Alto Ribeira” [] 13. Ganglians – “Lost Words” – Eat Skull/Ganglians 7-inch (Dulc-i-Tone)

14. Aran Ruth – “Flying On Silver Wings” – To A Distant Sun Flying on Silver Wings 7-inch (Beehive Recording Co.)
15. Radiohead – “Faust Arp” – Thumbs Down webcast
16. Connie Converse – “Talkin’ Like You (Two Tall Mountains)” – How Sad, How Lovely (Lauderette)
17. Rodriguez – “Silver Words?” – Coming From Reality (Light in the Attic)
18. Delia Derbyshire – “The Wizards Labratory”
19. Xex – “St. Vitus’ Dance” – Group: Xex
20. Dr. Zilog – “My Girls (8 bit version)”
21. Zach Wallace – “We Are Here” – Matt Wellins/Zach Wallace split 12-inch (What the…?)
22. 8 – 7-inch
23. Vulcanus 68 – “#3” – 2 (Gigante Sound)
24. Flourescent Vibes – “Side A” – Weight of the Clouds cassette (Baked Tapes) [feat. the Legendary Criswell Predicts!] 25. Bill Orcutt – “Big Ass Nails” – Big Ass Nails / High – Waisted 7-inch

26. Sir Plastic Crimewave – “Boudoir Blues Raga” – Bait/Switch Banjo Raga/Rags cassette (As Above, So Below)
27. John Cage – “Rozart Mix (1965)” – An Anthology of Noise & Electronic 28. Music: First A-Chronology 1921-2001 (Sub Rosa)
Postal Workers, University of Ghana Post Office – Worlds of Music: An introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples (SCHIRMER Thomson Learning) [field recording by James Koetting, 1975] 29. Zs – “Except When You Don’t Because Sometimes You Won’t” – Arms (Planaria)
30. Excepter – “Wrong Ring” – La Sala Rossa Steps (Abandon Ship)
31. Jerome Pergolesi – “Feu follet” – Talking to Ghosts (Palacmusic)
32. Bjorn Fongaard – “EleRtrofonia no. 1” – Arkivalia: Music from the Henie-Onstad Art Center Archives (Henie Onstad)
33. Greg Davis – “Hall of Pure Bliss” – Mutually Arising (Kranky)

34. Sleepy Sun – “Golden Artifact” – Embrace (ATP)
35. Gillian Welch – “Everything is Free” – Time (The Revelator) (Acony)
36. Karen Dalton – “Are You Leaving For the Country?” – In My Own Time (Light in the Attic)
37. Jackson Browne – “The Fairest of the Seasons” – The Nina Demos, 1966-1967

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frow show, FMU-40

Detailed playlist, with listening links.

1. Richard Ranft – “Frog chorus” – August 1981, Foz de Jutai, Jutai, Brazil (British Library) [] 2. Matt Shoemaker – “The Analogous Eye” – Erosion of the Analagous Eye (Human Faculties)
3. Harry Smith – “excerpts from Cajun Music” – July 15, 1988 [] 4. Banda El Limon – “Mazatlan” – Musica Tambora (Arhoolie)
5. Thomas Chalmers and Elizabeth Spencer – “Star Spangled Banner” (Edison BA)
6. – “Drums, Sun, Birds, Bells” – 4 July 2007
7. Bongwater – “The Porpoise Song” – Double Bummer (Shimmy-Disc)

8. Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos – “Vô Batê Pá Tu” – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos (Barclay)
9. Liverpool – “Por Favor Sucesso” – Por Favor Sucesso (Shadoks)
10. Cornelius – “Surf Rider Blue + Surf Rider Green” – Star Fruits Surf Rider EPs 1 & 2 (Matador)
11. Universal Studios Florida feat. Blind Man’s Colour – “Moon Bungalow” – Ocean Sunbirds (Little Fury Things)
12. AOA – “Track 3” – Domegapease
13. Tony Allen Vs. Elewedu Of Agege – “Awa Na Re (Bonde Do Role Remix)” – Lagos Shake, A Tony Allen Chop Up (Honest Jon’s) [feat. the Brazilian frogs]

14. Lizzy Mercier Descloux – “Hard-Boiled Babe” – ZE 30 – ZE Records 1979-2009 (Ze)
15. Robert Pollard – “Here Comes Garcia” – Standard Gargoyle Decisions (Merge)
16. Grateful Dead – “Feedback” – 11 February 1969 Fillmore East (Warner Brothers)
17. Grateful Dead – “Beautiful Jam (18 February 1971 Capitol Theater)” – So Many Roads (Arista)
18. Fenn O’Berg – “We Will Diffuse You” – The Magic Sound & Return Of… (Editions Mego)
19. Goh Lee Kwang – “The night as it was raining (aka 26 sunigrai)” – Beyond Ignorance and Borders (Syrphe) [feat. cicada, tymbal vibrations, recorded by Ron Kettle, Melbourne, Australia] 20. Gregg Kowalsky – “I-IV” – Tape Chants (Kranky)
21. Megafaun – “Darkest Hour” – Gather Form and Fly (Home Tapes)
22. Bonnie Prince Billy – “New Wedding” – The Present OST (Brushfire)
23. George Harrison – “Beware of Darkness (demo)” – Beware of ABKCO [Allen Klein, 1931-2009]

24. Devo & Neil Young – “Hey Hey My My” – Human Highway OST
25. Pocahaunted – “Palm” – Passage 12-inch (Troubleman Unlimited)
26. Weegee & Henri Cartier-Bresson – Famous Photographers Tell How (Candid Recordings)
27. Dary John Mizelle – “Metal” – New Percussion Music (Lumina)
28. Red Zao – “Piam Zat” – Black and Red Dao in Vietnam (King Gong)
29. Philip Corner – “Belum” – 3 Pieces for Gamelan Ensemble (Alga Marghen) [feat. “Iron Man” performed by Lincoln Barron, 5 July 2009] 30. Tomutonttu – “Kohtublues” – Tomutonttu (Fonal)
31. Gong – “Hope You Feel OK” – Magick Brother (Snapper UK)

32. Ovens – “Stuck” – Ovens (Tumult)
33. Satwa – “Can I Be Satwa” – Satwa (Time Lag)
34. Analfabitles – “It’s Been Too Long” – Shake 7-inch (RCA Victor)
35. The Treepeople – “Grandfather” – Human Voices (Guersen)

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steal global, buy local. (faster times, 7/09)

Steal Global, Buy Local

by Jesse Jarnow

Faster Times, July 2009

The music biz ain’t dead. It doesn’t even smell funny. Not even jazz. Sure, labels are tanking, magazines are closing, and–like Gillian Welch sang in one of the most effectively heartbreaking laments about modern culture–everything is free. But music itself is perhaps more present at every level of society than any other time in human history. It is more disposable, too, achieving a level of ephemera not known since before recorded sound.

For musicians, it brings new creative challenges, to create something that requires an experience greater than itself, more three-dimensional than a simple recording can allow. For listeners, especially voracious ones, it brings new moral bounds. But, mostly, delicious, awesome gluttony.

It is, of course, a cosmic dick move to never pay for one’s tunes. On the other hand, it’s a total rube job to always fork over cash. (Parking lot hippies slinging grilled cheese and nitrous call square people “custys.” No one likes a custy.) But where is the line? What is the line? The problem is no longer whether or not it is permissible to download music–of course it is–but who to steal from. Or, more practically speaking, who to pay.

If one’s goal (as it should be) is a sustainable musical ecosystem, the answer is–as with food–to go local. Given music’s now usual expression as bits, usually housed on some distant server, the definition of “local” is entirely up in the air, gone to the ether.

It could be you are a resident (in Bill Wasik’s terminology) of the hipster archipelago. Maybe global psychedelic weirdoes like the recently reunited Os Mutantes seem like kindred spirits, or maybe cough syrup-chugging Houston hip-hoppers. Perhaps your Facebook network describes the arc of your locality. Perhaps your apartment building, your block, your college friends. Maybe you belong (in Kurt Vonnegut’s phrasing) to a karass, its fellow members unknown to you until spontaneous discovery. What’s your scene, man?

No matter where you are (or they are), it is more fun and satisfying to buy your friends’ albums than to spend money on (say) the new Wilco record or a Rolling Stone subscription. Unless you happen to be friends with Wilco, of course, or strongly identify with their mission. (One of the reasons I was happy to pay $10 for Radiohead’s In Rainbows is because their pay-what-you-will gesture seemed a clear indication that we were of the same locality.) Local could be local, spending money on music that is only available in your immediate vicinity — like buying a neighbor’s home-pressed CD-R, or going to one of his gigs, checking out the other acts he’s playing with.

It is not that one’s immediate vicinity is better than anywhere else (which would be nationalist) or that he should exploit the music of musicians in far away countries (which would be imperialist). Simply, it is never bad to think about one’s consumption. In the case of music–as opposed to say, wondering how the proverbial sausage gets made–thinking local can only make the experience richer.

Very often, especially now that one doesn’t have to enter the commerce-based community of a record store to acquire it, music can feel beamed in, created someplace far away, by other people. The internet is more than the celestial jukebox, it is the celestial big box store, sucking everybody into the vast Everywhere. The disappearance of regionalism in American culture is as old as the interstates, but it is a mistake to think of that transformation as anywhere near complete, that life is effectively the same all over the place. Of course it’s not. But only you know where you’re at.