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frow show, FMU-172

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Voicebot – “Instructions” – Yeti, v. 1 (Yeti Publishing) [for P&J!] 2. bent bolt and the nuts – “Mechanical Man” – 7-inch (MGM)
3. The Intelligence – “I Like LA” – Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me (In the Red)
4. The Spyrals – “The Rain” – The Spyrals (Mock)
5. Teenage Moonlight Borderliners – “Cool Gun Boogie” – Split 7″ w/ Viscous Brothers (Pouet! Schallplatten)
6. E.T. Habit – “Mutating Under the Microscope” – E.T. Habit cassette (Skrot Up)
7. Neutral Milk Hotel – “Tuesday Moon” – Everything Is (Orange Twin)
8. 3 Man Band – “Owsley (in theory & practice)” – Soul Sucker 7″ (split w/ Apache Dropout) (Glory Hole)
9. Chelsea Light Moving – “Burroughs” (Matador)

10. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – “Beatle Bones ‘n Smokin’ Stones” – Peel Sessions ((no label))
11. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “There’s Something Wrong With You” – Rare, Unissued Or Just Plain Weird! A Collection Of Forgotten Gems From 1953-1959 (Rumble)
12. The Classics – “Elmo” – Tune That Name: 26 Nomenclative Numbers From Ammerette to Zindy Lou ((no label)) [] 13. Blues Control – “Love’s A Rondo” – Valley Tangents (Drag City)
14. Eternal Tapestry – “Marrow of the Wand” – Dawn in 2 Dimensions (Thrill Jockey)
15. Long Distance Poison  – “The Bog Nebula” – The Bog Nebula (Priston Tatt) [+ Pauline Oliveros, “Time Perspectives” from “Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music, 1961-1970” (Important)] 16. Richard Youngs – “Mountains Into Inner Space” – Long White Cloud (Grapefruit)
17. Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides – “Poisson” – Poisson (Mie)
18. Decimus – “A2” – Decimus 3 (Kelippah)
19. Can – “Millionenspiel” – The Lost Tapes (Mute / Spoon)
20. Dent May – “Shakedown Street” (Paw Tracks)

21. La Systeme Crapoutchik – “Les lutins” – Aussi loin que je me souvienne… (Wah)
22. Bobb Trimble – “Selling Me Short While Stringing Me ‘Long” – Take Me Home Vienna (Mighty Mouth Music)
23. White Fence & Family/Perfume – “A Good Night” – Vol. 2 (Woodsist)
24. Beck – “Blue Randy” – I Just Started Hating Some People Today (Third Man)
25. Balloons – “너무나 속상해” – Soft Backs, Strong Fronts ((no label))
26. Tia Blake and Her Folk Group – “White Bird” – Folksongs & Ballads (Sfp)
27. Glenn Jones – “Nora’s Leather Jacket” – This is the Wind That Blows It Out (Strange Attractors)

28. Hector Zazou/Zaz Bikaye – “Eh! Yaye [Remix by Cy 1]” – Noir et Blanc (Crammed Discs)
29. Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest (recorded by Colin Turnbull and Francis S. Chapman) – “Musical Sticks” – Mbuti Pygmies Of The Ituri Rainforest (Folkways)
30. GDFX – “The Legend of GDFX (part 2)” – TRUE N-IBIRU (Ormolycka)
31. Damaindeh-Bau, Finsterre Range – “Mo-Mo. Damaindeh-Bau” – Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang Volume 1 (Rounder)
32. Ergo Phizmiz with Alessandro Bosetti, Maciej Cieslak, DJ Lenar, Lula, Julia Zietek – “Play Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon” – Play Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (Populista)
33. Expo ’70 – “Hovering Resonance” – Hovering Resonance (Sound of Cobra)
34. Christopher DeLaurenti – “Hymn Tone (to the memory of Maryanne Archer)” – Radio Silence: 17 Passages of Quietude Rendered and Remixed Exclusively for WFMU (Miniture Minotaurs 2011 premium) ((no label))
35. Gamelan Gong Kebyar – “Baris/Gambang Betjak” – Bali: Music From the Morning of the World (Nonesuch)
36. The Counts – “Enchanted Sea” – House of Broken Hearts (Mississippi )

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stella blue’s maiden name

In a bit of synchronicity/convergence that often seems to happen around the Grateful Dead, my beach reading this weekend was Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire.

Though not on the beach, I also spent some time listening to the Dead’s June 17th, 1972 show at the Hollywood Bowl as part of my ongoing #deadfreaksunite project. It’s the first show post-Europe ’72 and likewise Pigpen’s final performance. He doesn’t sing, and his B3 is mostly inaudible on the truly shitty audience recording, with the very big exception of the debut version of “Stella Blue,” which is near-perfect. Music writers (myself probably included) toss the word “haunting” around with abandon, but Pig’s performance on “Stella Blue” is one case where it’s almost literally applicable.

And here’s where the Nabokov comes in:

Line 627: The great Starover Blue

…neither his first nor second name bears any relation to the celestial vault: the first was given him in memory of his grandfather, a Russian starover (accented, incidentally, on the ultima), that is, Old Believer (member of a schismatic sect), named Sinyavin, from siniy, Russ. “blue.” This Sinyavin migrated from Saratov to Seattle and begot a son who eventually changed his name to Blue and married Stella Lazurchik, an Americanized Kashube. So it goes.

And there it is, Stella Blue’s maiden name: Stella Lazurchik. Sounds like a hippie to me. (I was pretty excited to make this discovery but, naturally, David Dodd & Annotated Grateful Dead Song Lyrics site is all over it.)

And here it is, an mp3 of the first version of “Stella Blue.” Note the alternate lyric post-“dust off those rusty strings.”

frow show, FMU-171

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Velvet Underground – “Sunday Morning” – Velvet Underground & Nico (Polydor/Universal)
2. Sonic Youth – “Sunday” – A Thousand Leaves (DGC)
3. Lydia Lunch – “Gloomy Sunday” – Queen of Siam (Ze)
4. Carl Simmons – “Corporation Sunday” – Honeysuckle Tendrals (Sacred Bones)
5. Elvis Costello – “Sunday’s Best” – Armed Forces (Columbia)
6. Margo Guryan – “Sunday Mornin'” – 7-inch (Mala)
7. Total Control – “Sunday Baker” – Henge Beat (Iron Lung)
8. Tara Jane O’Neil – “Sunday Song” – Living Bridge (Rare Book Room)
9. Dan Melchior und Das Menace – “Squalor on Sunday” – Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy)
10. RIAA – “Pleasant Valley Duck and Cover” – USA: The Singles ((no label))
11. Laura Nyro – “I Met Him On A Sunday” – Gonna Take A Miracle (Columbia)
12. Jerry Garcia – “Palm Sunday (alternate)” – Cats Under the Stars (deluxe) (Rhino)

13. Daniel Higgs – “Track 7” – Beyond and Between (La Castanya)
14. James Blackshaw – “Love is the Plan” – Love is the Plan the Plan is Death (Important)
15. Robert Normandeau – “Anadliad” – Palimpsestes (Empreintes Digitales)
16. Peter Cusack – “Baikal Ice Flow Split 2” – Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) (ReR)
17. Talibam! + Sam Kulik – “AtlantASS Goes to WFMU” ((no label))
18. Joe Jones – “Xylophone” – Xylophone (Hundertmark Editions)
19. Dolphins into the Future – “Levante” – Canto Archipelago (Underwater Peoples)
20. Willie Lane – “Wizards From Cans” – Guitar Army of One (Cord-Art)
21. Tenniscoats – “The Bottom of the Air” – Papa’s Ear (Hapna)
22. Soulmates – “Them a Laugh and a Ki KI” – 7-inch (Amalgamated)

23. Mr. Smolin – “Veronica Lake” – Bring Back the Real Don Steele (Nomenclature)
24. the dB’s – “Far Away and Long Ago” – Falling Off the Sky (Bar None)
25. Sonny & the Sunsets – “Pretend You Love Me” – Longtime Companion (Polyvinyl)
26. Paul Messis – “Time Will Tell” – 7-inch (State)
27. Big Boy Pete – “Leave It In The Hands of Love” – Cold Turkey (Gear Fab)
28. Ergo Phizmiz – “Food & War” – Food & War (Care in the Community)
29. Johnny Cash – “Strange Things Happening Every Day” – Bootleg, Vol. IV: The Soul of Truth (Columbia/Legacy)

30. Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t – “Nothing For Sunday” – Lost In the Pancakes (Cloud Recordings)
31. Jad Fair – “I Hear the Clock Ticking” – split 7-inch with Dairy High (Reds Under the Bed)
32. Wood Wind Tide – “Basque” – Ampanman (KwanYin)
33. (unknown) – “A Soundscape of Ocean, City, and Music” – KPFA, 16 August 1970 ((no label))
34. Bob Dylan – “All The Tired Horses” – Dylan (Columbia)
35. Lee Hazlewood – “If It’s Monday Morning” – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1966-71) (Light In The Attic)
36. The Bangles – “Manic Monday” – A Different Light (Columbia)

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chronological list of yo la tengo bassists

Stephan Wichnewski, 11/1987

Between the Advance Reading Copies and the final edition of Big Day Coming, the bassist list in the book’s appendix was switched from chronological order to alphabetical. Here is the correct version.

Terry Karydes (A Worrying Thing, 1982-1983)
also played with: the Schramms

Dave Schramm (Georgia & Those Guys, 1983)
also played with: the Schramms; YLT guitarist 1985-1986

1. Dave Rick (1984-1985)
also played with: Phantom Tollbooth, Bongwater; occasional YLT guitarist 1986-1987

2. Mike Lewis (1985-1986)
also played with: Lyres, the A-Bones

3. Clint Conley (1986)
also played with: Mission of Burma

4. Steve Michener (1986)
also played with: Volcano Sons

5. Stephan Wichnewski (1986-1989)

6. Chris Stamey (1986)
also played with: the dB’s

7. Wolf Knapp (1988)
also played with: Antietam

8. Tony Maimone (1988)
also played with: Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants

9. Robert Vickers (1989)
also played with: the Go-Betweens

10. Al Greller (1990-1991)
also played with: Peter Stampfel, The Schramms

11. Gene Holder (1990)
also played with: the dB’s

12. Wilbo Wright (1990)
also played with: Marc Ribot, Ui

13. Janet Wygal (1990)
also played with: the Individuals, the Wygals

14. Tim Harris (1991)
also played with: Antietam, Babylon Dance Band

15. James.McNew (1991-present)
also played with: the Maynards, Christmas


frow show, FMU-170

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Francis Bebey – “Coffee Cola Song” – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
2. George Danquah – “Why Worry – Let’s Do Highlife” – Hot and Jumpy (Secret Stash)
3. Ali Birra – “Silaa Murtii Beeke” – Ammalele (Mississippi/ Little Axe)
4. Eric Copeland – “Louie Louie Louie” – Limbo (Underwater Peoples)
5. Annette Peacock – “I’m The One” – I’m The One (Ironic)
6. Cornelius – “Omstart” – Sensuous (Everloving)
7. The Beach Boys – “The Private Life of Bill & Sue” – That’s Why God Made The Radio (Capitol)

8. Tall Dwarfs – “Nothing’s Going To Happen” – Live at Helen Young Studio CD-R ((no label))
9. Moorpark Intersection – “I Think I’ll Just Go and Find Me A Flower” – Soft Sounds For Gentle People, v. 1 ((no label))
10. Spur – “Modern Era” – Of The Moments (Galactic Zoo Disk/Drag City)
11. White Fence / Ty Segall – “(I Can’t) Get Around You” – Hair (Drag City)
12. Flying Pace – “Boris and Natasha” – Quick as a Wink ((no label))
13. Sir Richard Bishop – “Reversionary Tactics” – Intermezzo ((no label))
14. Tall Firs – “Crooked Smiles” – Out of It and Into It (ATP)
15. Jim O’Rourke – “Good Times” – Insignificance (Drag City)

16. Elvis Costello & Friends feat. Jerry Garcia – “You Win Again” – 24 April 1989 Sweetwater ((no label))
17. Alex Chilton with Peter Holsapple – “Marshall Law” – Demos ((no label))
18. The Mantles – “Summer Read” – Pink Information (Mexican Summer)
19. The Golden Boys – “California” – Dirty Fingernails (12XU)
20. Tyvek – “Air Conditioner” – Fast Metabolism (M’Lady/Water Wing)
21. Shoppers – “Born WIth A Bad Haircut” – split 7″ with Panzram (ifb/feeble minds)
22. Mission of Burma – “ADD in Unison” – Unsound (Fire)

23. Silver Apples – “I Have Known Love” – Silver Apples/Contact (MCA)
24. Starring – “———-oooooooooooooo” – ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ (Northern Spy)
25. Cedric Stevens – “The Siamese Level (My Cat Is An Alien remix)” – The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (Discrepant)
26. Sightings – “City of Straw” – City of Straw (Brah)
27. Carlos Giffoni – “First Steps In A Ruined World” – Lift (The Spring Press)
28. TwistyCat – “Solar Plexus” – Solar Plexus cassette (Obsolete Units)
29. Óscar Vargas y David Espejo – “Cometa 1973” – Cromometrofonia N°1 (Discos PAX)
30. Concern – “Seven Billion Lives at Once” ((no label))
31. Francoise Hardy – “‘Til The Morning Comes” – 24 Degrees of Seperation Part 3 ((no label))

32. Mary Roos – “L’Animal En Blue Jeans” – Amour Toujours (Bureau B)
33. Chiaki Naomi – “X+Y=Love” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1970 ((no label))
34. Jackson Browne – “The Fairest of the Seasons” – Nina Demos ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-169

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Allen Ginsberg – “Walking at Night In Key West” – Holy Soul Jelly Roll (Rhino/Word Beat) [Happy birthday, Ginsberg.] 2. Tom Ze – “Toc / To” – Brazil Classics, Vol. 4: The Best Of Tom Ze (Luaka Bop)
3. Mayo Thompson – “Horses” – Corky’s Debt to His Father (Texas Revolution)
4. Grass Widow – “Under the Atmosphere” – Internal Logic (HLR)
5. GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) – “Do Me In Once And I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I’ll Know Better (Circular Circulation)” – Permanent Damage (Rhino)
6. Desperate Bicycles – “(I Make The) Product” – Singles (Nonprofit)
7. The Intelligence with Kelley Stoltz – “(They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy” – (They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy 7-inch (In the Red)
8. The Delinquents – “Alien Beach Party” – Alien Beach Party 7-inch (Live-Wire)
9. Young Canadians – “Let’s Go To Hawaii” – Hawaii EP (Quintessence)

10. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “High Flyin’ Bird” – Americana (Reprise)
11. The Mad Scene – “Cupid 1” – Blip (Siltbreeze)
12. Santana – “Soul Sacrifice (slowed down)” – Santana (Columbia) [plus “Uh Yes, Uh No” by Andy Warhol (Sooj) — for Johan Santana.] 13. Joe Preston & Daniel Menche – “Cerberic Doxology” – Cerebric Doxology (Anthem) [plus “First Construction [in metal]” performed by Third Coast Percussion from “John Cage: The Works For Percussion 2” (Mode)] 14. Anton Batagov – “Like The Dust That Covers the Mirror” – Music For the 35 Buddhas (Tummo)
15. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Live Generator 1.6” – Live Generators 1.5 (Agents of Chaos) [plus Walter Gropius, “On the Origins of the Bauhaus” (no label)] 16. Electronic Art Ensemble – “Sentences (With Interruptions)” – Inquietude (Gramavision)
17. Andy Diagram / Keith Moline – “Track 2” – Ley (Entracte)
18. Steve Gunn, Tom Carter, Marc Orleans, & Shawn David McMillen – “Wharf Rat (Live at Cake Shop, 6/09)” – AOXOMOCRUSTOXOA: Frow Show 2010 DJ Premium ((no label))

19. Billy Page – “It’s Pop” – 7-inch (Palomar)
20. Abner Jay – “Bring It With You When You Come” – Folk Song Stylist (Mississippi)
21. Sound Ceremony – “Bet On Life To Win” – Sound Ceremony (One Kind Favor)
22. What Next? – “Don’t Believe” – What Next? 7″ (Whim)
23. The Marvelettes – “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” – 7-inch (Motown)
24. The Shop Assistants – “It’s Up To You” – Shopping Parade EP (Rough Trade)
25. Emeralds – “Summerdata” – Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego)
26. Robert Turman – “Mind the Gap” – Way Down (Actual Tapes)
27. Sublime Frequencies – “Trolling the Crossroads of Bliss” – Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound (Sublime Frequencies) [plus Jeremiah Cox’s “A Train” recordings (] 28. Moniek Darge – “Three Sunbeams” – Sounds of Sacred Places (Kye)
29. Sandstone – “Jamie’s Song” – Can You Mend A Silver Thread? (Lion Productions)
30. Dillard & Clark – “Out on the Side” – The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark (A&M) [Doug Dillard, 1937-2012.] 31. Bingo Trappers – “Drill Camp On The Moon” – Solar Holiday ((no label))
32. Ween – “Kim Smoltz” – The Mollusk demos ((no label))

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