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frow show, fmu-18

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “God Only Knows” (instrumental) – The Beach Boys (from The Pet Sounds Sessions box set)
2. “Wish I May” – Os Rocks (from Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage, v. 1 compilation)
3. “Don’t Worry About the Government” – Talking Heads (from ’77)
4. “Her Past Are the Trees” – Panther (from 14ktGod)
5. “Boghassa” – Group Bombino (from Guitars From Agadez, v. 2)
6. “Nenavizhu Zhenshchin (Takih, Kak Ti)” – Grazhdanskaya Oborona (from Poganaya Molodyezh anthology)
7. “I Have Got No Money” – The Peace (from Black Power)
8. “Baby Don’t Go Downtown” – Niela Miller (from Songs of Leaving)
9. Live set from Kittybaby!
10. “George Harrison” – Mugison (from Mugiboogie)
11. “A Happy Sort of Melancholy” – Melodium (from My Mind Is Falling To Pieces)
12. “Red Flowers” – Masato Minami (from The Tropics)
13. “Blown Light” – Festival (from Come, Arrow, Come!)
14. “Grand Marcher” – Ethan Rose (from Oaks)
15. “Steal Dream March” – Stereolab and Nurse With Wound (from Crumb Duck EP)
16. “Study For Player Piano #44” – Conlon Nancarrow (from Studies For Player Piano box set)
17. “Bird Cage, part 6” – John Cage (from Bird Cage)
18. “Queen Among the Heather” – June Tabor (from Airs and Graces)
19. “Blue Sky” – Animal Collective (from 20 January 2009 Grand Ballroom)
20. “Keinsin” – Teeth Mountain (from Tour EP)
21. “In The Aeroplane Over the Sea” – Neutral Milk Hotel (from In The Aeroplane Over the Sea)
22. “Reflects Motion” – Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra (from Secrets of the Sun)
23. “The End of the Tar” – Ralph White (from The Atavistic Waltz)
24. “Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mamas #1 & #2 (from Blood Moon Riders 12-inch)
25. “Stations of the Tide” – Henry Kaiser & Jim O’Rourke (from Tomorrow Knows Where You Live)
26 “Led By Sheep” – Casperelectronics (from Aboard a ship of fingers and nails)
27. “Here Comes Sunshine” – Grateful Dead (from Dick’s Picks, v. 1)

frow show, fmu-17

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “Kolyada #2” – The Music Tapes (from Music Tapes For Clouds and Tornadoes)
2. “Behind That Locked Door” – George Harrison (from All Things Must Pass)
3. “Round-Up Time In Texas” – Girls of the Golden West (from Flowers in the Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music, 1923-1939 compilation)
4. “Long Walk To D.C. ” – Staple Singers (from Soul-Folk In Action)
5. “Void” – Julius Hemphill Sextet (from At Dr. King’s Table)
6. “Power Source MQ LP39” – John Baker (from The John Baker Tapes, v. 2: Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads, Rare and Unreleased, 1954-1985 anthology)
7. “Rain of Earth” – Bruce Haack (from Together)
8. “D.E.S.” – Gilius van Bergeijk (from Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, v. 2: 1966-1967 anthology)
9. excerpts from The Lonesome Executive’s Fantastic Tape Recorder)
10. “Timesteps” – Walter Carlos (from Clockwork Orange OST)
11. “Dream” – Dom (from Edge of Time)
12. “Church of Anthrax” – Church of Anthrax (from Church of Anthrax)
13. “Ride into the Sun” – Velvet Underground (from Fully Loaded)
14. “Shoo Be Doo Be” – The Clarendonians (from Shoo Be Doo Be)
15. “Knotty Pine” – Dirty Projectors feat. David Byrne (from Dark Was the Night compilation)
16. “South Indian Line” – Jan Jankeje (from B-Music: Drive In, Turn On, Freak Out compilation)
17. “Empire of Light” – Friendsound (from Joyride)
18. “O Amor e Feio” – Tribalistas (from Tribalistas)
19. “The Starry Wisdom” – Telecult Powers (from The Amazing Laws of…)
20. “Gyorgy Ligeti: Cordes a vide” – Pierre-Laurent Aimard (from At Carnegie Hall)
21. “Periwinkle” – Big City Orchestra (from Reach For The Moon)
22. “Rap” – Grateful Dead feat. Neal Cassady (from The Social History of the Grateful Dead flexidisc)
23. “Listen, the Snow Is Falling” – Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet (from The Breadwinner)
24. “At the Foot of Nameless Roads” – Enemble Economique (from At the Foot of Nameless Roads)
25. “Angels and Insects” – David Newlyn (from A Nervous State of Mind cassette)
26. “Seemingly Stranded” – Lambchop (from Rainer On My Parade CD-R)
27. “Mom” – Brian Woodbury (from Variety Orchestra)
28. “Conference of the Birds” – Dave Holland Quartet (from Conference of the Birds)
29. “The River of 3 Crossings” – Miho Hatori (from Ecdysis)
30. “Father Winter” – Antique Brothers (from Sons of Music)
31. “Witchi Tai To” – Harper’s Bizarre (from 4)
32. “Winterlude” – Bob Dylan (from New Morning)
33. “Obama Is Beautiful World” – Everyone Brothers Band

frow show, fmu-16

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “Andalucia” – John Cale (from Paris 1919)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “It Sucks To Lose” – GreenSleep (from Half and Half 7-inch)
4. “Butterfly” – Screaming Trees (from Sweet Oblivion)
5. “The Valley” – Young People (from War Prayers)
6. “My Girls” – Animal Collective (from Merriweather Post Pavilion)
7. “A Final Paddle” – Lextrical (from Lextrical)
8. “Slow Breath, Silent Mind” – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (from Slow Breath, Silent Mind)
9. “Don’t” – Seu Jorge (from Cru)
10. “Here Comes The Sun” – Eric Idle (from Saturday Night Live, 10/2/76)
11. “Little Honda” – Yo La Tengo feat. Janet Weiss (from 21 December 2008 Maxwell’s)
12. “Termite Prayer” – Wasteland Jazz Unit (from Ecstatic Jazz Duos 12-inch)
13. “The Wild Bull (Part B)” – Morton Subotnick (from Silver Apples of the Moon/The Wild Bull)
14. “Background Story” – Tetsu Inoue (from World Receiver)
15. “Then The Letting Go” – Bonnie Prince Billy (from The Letting Go)
16. “Stradbroke Verse” – Joel Stern (from Objects. Masks. Props.)
17. “Second Movement” – Glenn Branca (from Symphony No. 6: Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)
18. “Little Honda” (reprise) – Yo La Tengo feat. Janet Weiss (from 21 December 2008 Maxwell’s)
19. “Sag Harbor Bridge” – Women (from Women)
20. “Private Idaho” – The B-52s (from Wild Planet)
21. “Black River Song” – Angels of Light (from We Are Him)
22. split LP with the Jealous Party – Talibam!
23. “From the Moon” – The News (from Waking Up Scheherazade: Arabian Pysch Nuggets compilaton)
24. “Skylight” – Jackie O Motherfucker (form The Cryin’ Sea 12-inch)
25. “Basically Frightened” – Col. Bruce Hampton (from Arkansas)
26. “As Tears Roll By” – Daniel Lanois (from Shine)
27. “Our Changing Skins” – Musee Mechanique (from Hold This Ghost)
28. “One Way Swimming” – Doug Randle (from Songs for the New Industrial State)
29. “Swim” – The Glands (from The Glands)
30. “Sonhando (Dream)” – Elis Regina (from Viva A Brotlandia)
31. “Lonesome Town” (78 acetate demo take 1A) – Ricky Nelson
32. “Georgia On My Mind” – Richard Manuel (from Whispering Pines: Live at the Getaway)
33. “Sing It Again” – Beck (from Mutations)
34. “Suzanne” – Pearls Before Swine (from Balaklava)
35. “Twilight Time” – John Fahey (from Return of the Repressed anthology)
36. “Box of Rain” – Robert Hunter (from Jack O Roses)

hippie punx on the loose in bourgwick, 1/09

The hippie punx continue to roam Bourgwick. Maybe more MC5/fucking-in-the-streets style than (re)united Dead Freaks, they’ve nonetheless colonized a shredded subway ad at my stop with their manifesto-like graffiti.

ylt, new year’s eve

(I wasn’t at this show, but I’ve gotten a few requests to post the setlist. Here ’tis, via Choccosalo/Boomy. Feel free to comment with corrections, if you’ve got any.)

Yo La Tengo at Wellmont Theater
Montclair, NJ
31 December 2008
The Vivian Girls and the Feelies opened.

It’s Almost Like Being In Love (Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner) (karaoke version)
Emulsified (Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
Stockholm Syndrome
Beanbag Chair
The Weakest Part
Mr. Tough
Our Way to Fall
Nowhere Near
Cast A Shadow (Beat Happening)
From A Motel 6
Big Day Coming (fast)
Tom Courtenay
Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
The Story of Yo La Tango

Autumn Sweater
Red, Red Rose (David Mallett)
What Goes On (Velvet Underground) (with Glenn Mercer and Bill Million of the Feelies)
Roadrunner (Modern Lovers) (with Glenn Mercer and Bill Million of the Feelies)

frow show, fmu-15

Listen here.

1. “When the Stars Shine” – The Instruments (from Billions of Phonographs)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “It’s Up To You” – The Shop Assistants (from Shopping Parade) EP)
4. “Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)” – Earth (from The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull)
5. “Crystal Dust Dream” – Stag Hare (from Black Medicine Music)
6. “Brazil” – Cornelius (from Point)
7. “In the Night” – Professor Longhair and His Blues Scholars (from New Orleans Piano anthology)
8. “Escaped and Lost Down in Medina” – Ghost (from Hypnotic Underworld)
9. “#3” – Lorkakar (from The First of the Lost Signals)
10. “Side B” – Sun Circle (from Sun Circle)
11. “A Son With No Father” – Carlos Giffoni (from Adult Life)
12. “For Brass (excerpt)” – LaMonte Young (from Vol. 1 anthology)
13. “Ise’-No-Umi” – Imperial Household Orchestra (from Secret Museum of Mankind, v. 1: Ethnic Music Classics, 1925-1948 compilation)
14. “California” – Dr. Dog (from Takers and Leavers EP)
15. “Wild About the Lady” – J. Justine (from My New Music)
16. “I Think It’s Time (You Were Mine)” – Alice Swoboda (from Eccetric Soul: The Tragar and Note Labels)
17. “Trio Bimbo Dan Iln (My Girl)” – ??? (from Indonesian Cassette Mix)
18. “Bubblegum Independence” – v/a (from Radio Phnom Penh compilation)
19. “Day Tripper” – Lee Moses (from Ike’s 2008 Hanukkah mix)
20. “And I Love Her” – Bob Marley and the Wailers (from One Love at Studio One anthology)
21. “? ?????? ??? ??????” – Yuri Morozov
22. “Jaegermeister” – Tabata Mitsuru (from KFJC Presents Live from the Japanese Music Underground compilation)
23. “Beyond the Dusty Hills (Cowboy in the Desert, part II)” – La Otracina (from Tonal Eclipse of the One)
24. “Part II” – Les Rallizes Denudes (from Oz Days Live compilation)
25. “Perfume For Winter” – Fennesz (from Black Sea)
26. “Jam > Stella Blue” – Grateful Dead (from Dick’s Picks, v. 1)
27. “The Saints of My City Are Children” – Levitts (from We Are the Levitts)
28. “Elara” – John Hill (from Six Moons of Jupiter)
29. “Haunted Circus Accordion Wind Ghost Reed Forest Ensemble” – Greg Carr (from Technological Retreat: Mixes, v. 1)
30. “A Cloud In Doubt” – Flying (from Faces of the Night)
31. “Welcome to the Working Week” – Elvis Costello (from My Aim Is True)

83 points of laser-beamed love from brooklyn (with mp3s)

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year! I hope you’re doing awesome!

At least for a second, at some point in 2008, each of these 83 tracks was my favorite thing in the entire known universe. Some still are.
Click here & download (no rigmarole this year!):

Make a playlist! Shuffle it!

Welcome to the other side.