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frow show, FMU-177

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Omnivore – “Pink Electric” – Omnivore (Feeding Tube)
2. Mats Lindström  – “IBM” – ??? (Ideologic Organ)
3. Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad – “Short Drum and Viola Part 1 and 2” – Dreamweapon III (Boo-Hooray)
4. Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – “The Shadow World > Rocket #9” – Live at Judson Hall, 12-31-64 (from Pharaoh Sanders: In the Beginning, 1963-1964) (ESP-Disk’)
5. Studio Genaro – “Structures Electronique” – Salon des Composants 1970
6. Don Cherry – “Eternal Rhythm (part 1)” – Eternal Rhythm (Polygram Japan)
7. Grateful Dead – “Stella Blue” – 12 August 1972 Sacremento Memorial Auditorium ((no label))

8. – “Vision Creation Newsun Jug Cover”
9. H. Tical – “Microchaos” – Space Oddities, v. 2 (Permanent Vacation)
10. Six Feet Under – “Freedom” – In Retrospact, 1969-1970 – Countercultural Psych From New Jersey (Arf! Arf!)
11. We Acediasts – “Unmei Shoubai” – We Acediasts (mesh-key)
12. Bad Indians – “If I Had The Chance” – Sun People 7″ (Urinal Cake)
13. Bonifrate – “Vertigem de uma festa interestelar” – Um Futuro Inteiro (Free Music Archive)
14. The Dwindling Party – “Twisted Sister Carrie” – The Dwindling Party ((no label))
15. Tall Firs – “I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face” – Out of It and Into It (ATP)

16. Tom Schmidt – “Silent Roar” – Deer Park (Muse/Art)
17. Phil Minton – “Cenotaph” – Solo Singing (Rift)
18. Nelson Gastaldi – “First Movement” – Symphony No. 3: Siddhartha Gautama O El Poder De La Nada (Roaratorio)
19. Pulse Emitter – “bioluminescence” – split with Date Palms/Expo 70/Faceplant (Immune)
20. Bruce Russell – “Side A” – split 12″ w/ Roy Montgomery (Grapefruit)
21. Francis Dhomont – “Novars” – Mouvance~Metaphores (Empreintes Digitales)
22. Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – “Cease To Do Evil (at 33 1/3)” – I Wish I Didn’t Dream 7-inch (Northern-Spy)

23. John Wesley Coleman and Morgan Coy – “Nightmare on Silly Street” – Nightmare on Silly Street (Monofonus Press)
24. Alfi – “Drizzling Rain in Summer” – Soft Fit Anthology (Victor)
25. Ralph White – “Corrina” – Trash Fish (Terminus)
26. Paul McCartney – “Summer’s Day Song” – McCartney II (Capitol)
27. Patti Smith – “After the Gold Rush” – Banga (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-176

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Daniel Menche – “Rain Recordings” ((no label)) [feat. the voice of Sigmund Freud] 2. Steinbruchel – “Sinus 5” – Sinus (Tapeworm)
3. Dolphins Into the Future – “On the High Seas” – On Sea-Faring Isolation (Fonal)
4. Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus – “Wiem” – Ballads (SMTG Limited)
5. Diamond Terrifier – “Adamantine” – Kill the Self That Wants To Kill Yourself (Northern-Spy)
6. David S. Ware – “Processional 1 (excerpt)” – Planetary Unknown (Aum Fidelity)
7. No Guru – “Run Away” – Der Krampe Tanz (Hashram Audio Concern) [with more rain & A/C/E platform field recording, 10 July 2012] 8. The Orioles – “It’s Too Soon To Know” (Jubilee)

9. King’s Road – “Truckin'” – King’s Road Plays the Heavy Sounds of the Watkins Glen Concert (Pickwick)
10. Heavy Blanket – “Galloping Toward the Unknown” – Heavy Blanket (Outer Battery)
11. The Sunrays – “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously” (Tower) [produced by Murry Wilson] 12. The Frogs – “Bring Yer Love 2 Me” – Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe ((no label))
13. Stag – “Going Out” – Get Used To It (Disembraining)
14. The Bilders – “Strange Nights” – Soloman’s Ball ((no label))
15. William Tapley – “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” ((no label))

16. Masato Minami – “Heartful of Love Which Blooms In An Endless Stream” – The Tropics (RCA)
17. Club Sound Witches – “Track 5” – Club Sound Witches (Breakdance the Dawn)
18. various – “Side A” – Islands Inbetween: Touch 33 (Touch)
20. pierre mercure – “la forme des choses ( the shape of things)” – Musique de L’O.N.F.
21. Cheer – “Expert Time Killing” – Patrick Car Lights (Benbecula)
22. Hugh Le Caine – “Dripsody” – Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music: 1948-1980 (Ellipsis Arts)

23. Marianne Faithfull – “You Can’t Go Where The Roses Go” – Love In A Mist (Decca)
24. Steve Gunn – “Trouba” – On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt (V/A) (Free Music Archive)
25. John Wesley Coleman – “Flower In the Dark” – Last Donkey Show (Goner)
26. Baird Sisters – “Where the Waters Flow” – Until You Find Your Green (Grapefruit)
27. Hannah Lew – “Octopus Via Satellite” – In A Cloud II: New Sounds From San Francisco (Secret Seven)
28. Simon Joyner – “Sing A Little Lullaby” – Ghosts (Sing, Eunuchs!)
29. Clearing – “We Sing of Golden Mornings” – Hidden In Plain Sight: Private Label Folk Rarities (Jeffrey Davison’s 2012 Marathon Premium) ((no label))

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big day coming: a reader’s guide


Yo La Tengo & the Rise of Indie Rock

reader’s guide plus

end notes, errata, & ephemera


see also: official Yo La Tengo Annotated Discography.



Yo La Tengo: Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, James McNew


Todd Abramson, current Maxwell’s co-owner, former YLT roommate
John Beers, Happy Flowers
Bruce Bennett, The A-Bones, auxiliary YLT guitarist during WFMU marathons
Nils Bernstein, Matador Records
Alan Betrock, New York Rocker founder
Fred Brockman, The Kinetics, Snacktime Studios proprietor
Rick Brown, Information, Fish and Roses
Irwin Chusid, WFMU
Byron Coley, writer
Clint Conley, Mission of Burma, Ride the Tiger producer, bassist #3
Gerard Cosloy, Conflict, Homestead Records, Matador Records
Liz Cox, Christmas
Michael Cudahy, Christmas
Jim DeRogatis, Jersey Beat writer, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, radio host
Jad Fair, Half Japanese
Steve Fallon, Maxwell’s co-owner, Coyote Records founder, occasional YLT manager
Gaylord Fields, WFMU DJ, former YLT roommate
Ken Freedman, WFMU DJ and station director
Bobbie Gale, Atlantic Records
Sue Garner, Fish and Roses, Run On, The Last Round-Up
Karen Glauber, A&M Records
Danny Goldberg, Atlantic Records
Richard Grabel, New York Rocker, later music biz lawyer
Mark Greenberg, The Coctails
Tim Harris, Antietam, bassist #14
Michael Hill, New York Rocker, co-booker of Music For Dozens for series
Nicholas Hill, WFMU DJ
Gene Holder, the dB’s, YLT producer, bassist #11
Peter Holsapple, the dB’s
Lyle Hysen, Das Damen, Snacktime Studios proprietor
Emily Hubley, filmmaker, Georgia’s sister
Stephen Hunking, Hypnolovewheel
Adam Kaplan, Ira’s brother, occasional YLT manager
Neil Kaplan, Ira’s brother
Terry Karydes, A Worrying Thing
Tara Key, Antietam
David Kilgour, The Clean
Hamish Kilgour, The Clean
Wolf Knapp, Antietam, bassist #7
Jamie Kitman, YLT manager, 1990-1992
Bob Lawton, booking agent
Michael Lewis, Lyres, DMZ, bassist #2
Laura Levine, New York Rocker photo editor
Chris Lombardi, Matador Records co-founder
Craig Marks, Homestead Records, YLT roadie-pal
Mac McCaughan, Superchunk, Merge Records co-founder
Mike McGonnigal, Chemical Imbalance
Glenn Mercer, The Feelies
Bill Million, The Feelies
Phil Morrison, filmmaker, YLT roadie-pal
Glenn Morrow, New York Rocker, The Individuals, Bar/None Records owner
Chris Nelson, New York Rocker, Information
Peter Occhiogrosso, SoHo Weekly News
Dave Rick, bassist #1, occasional YLT fill-in guitarist, Phantom Tollbooth, Bongwater
Will Rigby, the dB’s
Rick Rizzo, Eleventh Dream Day
Kevin Salem, Yo La Tengo lead guitarist on Fakebook tours
Tom Scharpling, WFMU DJ
Dave Schramm, Yo La Tengo lead guitarist, 1985-1986
Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker editor
Robert Sietsema, Mofungo, photographer, food critic
Chris Stamey, the dB’s, occasional YLT fill-in guitarist, bassist #6
Maynard Sipe, The Maynards
Jim Testa, Jersey Beat founder
Roy Trakin, SoHo Weekly News
Brian Turner, WFMU DJ & music director
Michael Vickers, Go-Betweens, bassist #9
Janet Waegal, New York Rocker
Kurt Wagner, Lambchop
Ken Weinstein, Atlantic Records
Stephan Wichnewski, bassist #5
Janet Wygal, The Individuals, The Wygals, bassist #13



p. 2: An Australian promoter achieves the Yo La Tengo typo trifecta, spelling all three words incorrectly.

(see also: Yo La Tengo’s own gallery, Top Billing.)



p. 13: Maxwell Tavern in 1974, three years before its purchase by the Fallon family.

(via the Hoboken Historical Museum)



p. 21: Tommie Agee made the two legendary catches in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series, not Cleon Jones. I should know better.



p. 39: Andy Schwartz and New York Rocker back issues in the Rocker office. (photo by Laura Levine)

(see also: a gallery of New York Rocker covers.)




p. 53: The voices of Georgia and her older sister Emily star in Windy Day, a 1968 Oscar-nominated short by their parents, Faith and John Hubley.

Georgia and Emily’s voices star again Faith and John Hubley’s Cockaboody, animated circa 1973, but recorded prior to Windy Day.

p. 59: The 1956 Maypo ad by Faith and John Hubley starring Georgia’s brother Mark that became a national sensation, eventually spawning the phrase “I want my MTV.”

p. 61: Faith and John Hubley’s 1962 collaboration with Dizzy Gillespie, The Hole.

p. 67: Emily Hubley’s hand-drawn video for “Big Brown Eyes” by the dB’s, 1982.



p. 69: “Gauge-loving” should read “garage-rock loving.”

p. 69: The 1982 video for “Anything Could Happen,” from the epochal Boodle, Boodle, Boodle EP by The Clean, leading lights of Dunedin, New Zealand’s punk scene and longtime Yo La Tengo favorites.

p. 73: An early version of “Crazy Rhythms” performed by The Feelies at CBGB in 1978.

p. 74: Following the 1979 release of Crazy Rhythms, The Feelies morphed into the abstract and Brian Eno-influenced Willies and played around their hometown of Haledon.

p. 80: Bad Brains are (duh!) from Washington, DC, not New York — though they were NYC residents at the time of their first album, for which Ira wrote liner notes.

p. 84: New York Rocker photo editor and birthday girl Laura Levine fronts the newly formed Georgia & Those Guys at the New York Rocker office. (An interview with Laura.)




p. 93: Some of Georgia’s flyers for the Music For Dozens series at Gerde’s Folk City, booked by Ira and Michael Hill from November 1982 through January 1984.



p. 98: In spring 1983, Ira and Georgia traveled to Boston to see one of the final shows by Mission of Burma, one of their favorite bands.

p. 109: The flyer for the first proper Yo La Tengo show, Maxwell’s–December 2, 1984–a co-bill with close friends Antietam. (Mucho excellent Antietam history at their official site.)

p. 109: The Urinals perform “Surfin’ With the Shah” live in 1983, the first song Yo La Tengo played at their first gig in December 1984.




p. 117: Georgia, visible in barely a single frame in the video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” shot by filmmaker John Sayles at Maxwell’s, September 1985.

p. 118: “The Hoboken Sound” aired on WNEW, which didn’t become WNYW until a few months later, in January 1986.

p. 119: Yo La Tengo with Mike Lewis (bassist #2) at the River City Fair in Hoboken, August 1985. (Photo by Jim Testa of Jersey Beat.)

p. 127:Mose Allison, not Moses.

p. 128: William Berger, not William Burger, whose “My Castle of Quiet” can still be heard on WFMU.

p. 130: Outtakes from the Ride the Tiger photo shoot. (photos by Carol Addessi)

The Ride The Tiger band with Mike Lewis and Dave Schramm (far left).

The short-lived lineup featuring both Dave Schramm (with baseball bat) and Stephan Wichnewski (bassist #5, far left) at the Stevens Institute near the Elysian Fields in Hoboken.




p. 136: Georgia, Ira, and Stephan Wichnewski (bassist #5) perform “House Fall Down” at Cicero’s in St. Louis, November 1987, the earliest circulating footage of Yo La Tengo, recorded for the local cable access show Psychotic Reaction. (The opening act was Uncle Tupelo, making their first trip the big city from nearby Belleville, IL.)

p. 152: Ira and Georgia perform “Teenager in Love” and Buddy Holly’s “Everyday” in their Hoboken living room, spring 1988.




p. 165: A compilation of live and radio performances from the Fakebook years.

p. 166: A firsthand account of Yo La Tengo and Daniel Johnson’s February 1990 collaboration live on WFMU by DJ Nicholas Hill and link to the complete special.

p. 171: Yo La Tengo’s first video, for “The Summer.” Directed by Phil Morrison, summer 1990.

p. 171: Yo La Tengo with Gene Holder (bassist #11) perform The Kinks’ “Big Sky” in Berlin, August 1990.




p. 182: Maynard Sipe was the drummer for the Maynards, not the singer.

p. 187: James, in his solo Dump guise, performs several tracks (including a cover of the Fugs’ “Morning, Morning”) in the Dutch countryside, circa 1995.




p. 189: A mix containing 7 radically different live versions of “Big Day Coming,” including its March 1991 debut at Maxwell’s.

p. 190: Bassist #15, James McNew, on the road with Yo La Tengo in St. Louis early in his tenure, ready to undergo the rite of snoots.

p. 197: Headphones firmly affixed, Ira prepares for another take of “Mushroom Cloud of Hiss.” May I Sing With Me sessions, Boston, fall 1991.

p. 214: Hal Hartley’s rejected video for “From A Motel 6.”

The remade video for “From A Motel 6.”

Phil Morrison’s video for “Big Day Coming.”




p. 223: Lambchop’s 2009 concert film, Live at Merge XX, directed by Phil Morrison.

p. 229: Phil Morrison’s video for “Tom Courtenay.”




p. 242: see also Yo La Tengo Sell Out.




p. 250: The “Sugarcube” video.

p. 256: In fact, Oar Folkjokeopus didn’t close, merely changed its name to Treehouse Records. Stop by on your next trip through Minneapolis.



p. 266: Jon Spencer and Yo La Tengo perform Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker” at Matador’s 10th anniversary shows.

p. 268: A complete performance filmed at the Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina with Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan and The Clean’s David Kilgour rotating on auxiliary guitar/vibraphone/keyboards, March 2000.

Yo La Tengo + two drummers + strings perform “You Can Have It All” on Conan O’Brien, June 2000.

p. 272: “Harold” should be “Armando.”



p. 285: Portraits of Yo La Tengo taken just before the release of 2003’s Summer Sun by photographer Jack Chester.



p. 309: “1999” from Dump’s redacted album of Prince covers, That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?

p. 312: Yo La Tengo back Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner on “Theone” during an early Freewheelin’ Yo La Tengo tour, Nashville, January 2008.

p. 313: Alex Chilton joins Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s, December 2007, for “Let Me Get Close To You.”

p. 316: Yo La Tengo and Roger Moutenot record Popular Songs at the band’s rehearsal space, 2009. Photo by Liz Clayton (and other photos from the sessions).

p. 321: There were two American installments of All Tomorrow’s Parties before the festival moved to New York, though none in the style of the festival’s British holiday camp roots.

p. 324: Yo La Tengo back Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on “Jesus, etc.” at Maxwell’s, 3 December 2010

The Elysian Charter School of Hoboken sings “Sugarcube” at Maxwell’s, 3 December 2010



p. 327: The list of former Yo La Tengo bassists was accidentally printed alphabetically instead of chronologically.

Terry Karydes (A Worrying Thing, 1982-1983)
Dave Schramm (A Worrying Thing, 1983)
Dave Rick (1984-1985)
Mike Lewis (1985-1986)
Clint Conley (1986)
Steve Michener (1986)
Stephan Wichnewski (1986-1989)
Chris Stamey (1986)
Wolf Knapp (1988)
Tony Maimone (1988)
Robert Vickers (1989)
Al Greller (1990-1991)
Gene Holder (1990)
Wilbo Wright (1990)
Janet Wygal (1990)
Tim Harris (1991)
James McNew (1991-present)

frow show, FMU-175

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. US 69 – “I’m On My Way (A Patch of Blue) (reprise)” – US 69 (Buddah)
2. Joan Creary and Anthony – “When I Look Back” – Put No Blame On The Master – Jamaican Gospel Volume Two (Social Music Club)
3. Carol Kleyn – “Intermission” – Takin’ The Time (Drag City)
4. Astral Social Club – “Rubber Lagg” – Magic Smile (Wonderyou)
5. Miami Angels in America – “After Cuts” – A Public Ranking (Night People)
6. Eric Copeland – “Gutterhouse” – Flushing Meats 7-inch (Calico) [feat. CSC Funk Band, “A Little Planet” 7-inch at 33 1/3 (Electric Cowbell)] 7. Moebius + Tietchens – “Kattrepel” – Moebius + Tietchens (Bureau B)
8. Dew Claw – “Put the Suck On You” – Girls Bike ((no label))

9. The Nightcrawlers – “The Little Black Egg” – The Little Black Egg (Kapp)
10. Bob Chance – “Honey Lips” – It’s Broken! (Trunk)
11. Eleven Twenty-Nine feat. Betsy Nichols – “In the Sunlight” – In the Sunlight 7″ (Drawing Room)
12. Mike Rep & the Quotas – “Quasar (at 45 + pitch manipulation)” – Rocket to Nowhere 7″ (Mighty Mouth)
13. Günter Schickert – “Puls” – Überfällig (Bureau B)
14. Greg Boring – “Primative Lotion” – Heavy Syrup CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn)
15. Glacial (Lee Ranaldo, Tony Buck, David Watson) – “Track 1” – On Jones Beach (Three Lobed)
16. Uakti  – “Uakti” – Oficina Instrumental (Barclay)
17. Kink Gong – “Khosa (Sheep)” – Xinjiang (Discrepant)
18. Grateful Dead – “drums > jam > Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad” – 29 April 1971 Fillmore East ((no label)) [Happy 100th, Woody!]

19. Isengrind – “I Know Where I’m Going” – Modlitewnik (Blackest Rainbow)
20. Matt Valentine – “Feel… the Music” – Glorious Group Therapy (Ecstatic Yod) [feat. “Eastern European Fairy Tale Collage” by dispokino (no label)] 21. Upsala College Choir – “O Vos Omnes” – Upsala College Choir (Schoonmaer)
22. Gérard Frémy – “SInterlude 4, Sonata 13-16 (John Cage)” – Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano (Etcetera)
23. Alexander Ross – “Grandfather Paradox (excerpt)” – Grandfather Paradox (Vauva)
24. Punkappella – “Ha Ha Ha (at 33 1/3)” – Wake Up 7″ (Front Rock)
25. Lol Coxhill – “I am the Walrus” – Ear of the Beholder (See For Miles) [Lol Coxhill, 1932-2012.] 26. YAT-KHA – “Play With Fire” – Cover the Earth ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-174

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Invisible Circle – “Track 1” – split with Hurricanes of Love (no label)
2. The Reveries – “King of Sorrow” – Matchmakers Vol. 2:  The Music Of Sade (Barnyard)
3. Dirty Projectors – “Impregnable Question” – Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)
4. The Puddle – “Hydrogen 6” – Secret Holiday/Victory Blues (Fishrider)
5. Mats Gronmark – “I Rode Your Thunderstorms” – Roller Coaster Blues (Rhythm Ace)
6. Dump – “NYC Tonight” – NYC Tonight 12-inch (Zelone)
7. The Frogs – “Whether U Like It Or Not I Love U” – The Frogs ((no label)) [Dennis Flemion, 1955-2012.]

8. Beachwood Sparks – “Alone Together” – The Tarnished Gold (Sub Pop)
9. Peak Twins – “Needles and Pins” – On the Heap (Bedroom Suck)
10. Perry Leopold – “The Absurd Paranoid” – Experiment In Metaphysics (Psychedelic Archive)
11. Mark Fosson – “Sky Piece” – Digging in the Dust (Tompkins Square)
12. Tetsu Inoue – “Ambiant Otaku” – Ambiant Otaku (Ambient World)
13. Maggi Payne – “Lunar Earthrise (excerpt)” – Lovely Little Records (Lovely Music)
14. Raymond Moore – “Trip Through The Milky Way; An Electronic Panorama” – Electronic Music, v. 5
15. Renato Rinaldi – “Track 2” – Time Machine, v. 3 (Entr’act / Senufo Editions)
16. Outer Space – “October 27th, 1989 – Bay Village, Ohio” – Akashic Record (Spectrum Spools)
17. Mark Fell – “‘This’ Side” – Periodic Orbit of Dynamic System Related to A Knot (Editions Mego) [feat. “Music For 40 Typewriters” by Alexander Liebermann] 18. Harappian Night Recordings – “Swarm Intellect” – 6 Reveries In Psychopathic Alchemy (Shamanic Trance)
19. Smack Music 7 – “La Bamba” (lasoledadnosacerca)
20. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost – “Haru No Umi” – Haru No Omi (PSF)
21. Jeff Gburek – “Sketch For San Salvi” ((no label)) [via Soundcloud] 22. Mountain Bus – “I Know You Rider” – Sundance (Good)

23. Abu Sultan – “Your Love Made My Head Hurt” – Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace) [feat. David Wilkerson, “The Coming Persecution” LP + random 24. Buddhist DVD found in veggie dim sum place in Chinatown.] 25. Frank O’Hara – “Having A Coke With You” ((no label))
26. Delicate Steve – “Luna” – Positive Force (Luaka Bop)

27. The Lifeguards – “Everybody Out’Ta The Pool” – Lux & Ivy’s Favorites, v. 5 ((no label))
28. Candy McKenzie – “Ice Cream” – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry presents Candy McKenzie (Trojan)
29. Soulmates – “Them a Laugh and a Ki KI” – 7-inch (Amalgamated)
30. The Cougars – “I Wish It Would Rain” – Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic)
31. First Crow to the Moon – “The Sun Lights Up the Shadows” – Celebrities at Their… Best! (Joe Belock’s 2012 marathon premium) ((no label))
32. David Kilgour – “Sometimes” – Here Come the Cars (Flying Nun)
33. Ty Segall Band – “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart” – Slaughterhouse (In the Red)
34. Mission of Burma – “ADD in Unison” – Unsound (Fire)
35. Crystal Syphon – “Family Evil” – Family Evil (Roaratorio)

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frow show, FMU-173

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Golden Retriever – “Serene Velocity” – Occupied With the Unspoken (Thrill Jockey)
2. Bülanz Orgabar – “Track #2” – Bülanz Orgabar (Blood in the Boat)
3. Fireworks – “Sheets of Easter” – Koozies, Woodies, and Beers: A Brah/Ocropolis Benefit Compilation for Japan Relief (Brah)
4. Julia Holter – “Boy In The Moon” – Ekstasis (RVNG)
5. Icebreaker with BJ Cole – “Deep Blue Day” – Apollo (Cantaloupe)

6. The Fleetwoods – “They Tell Me It’s Summer” – Safety To Me: The Very Best of the Fleetwoods (EMI)
7. Kathy Clarke – “My Summer Prayer” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Snapper)
8. Atlas Sound – “Te Amo” – Parallax (4AD)
9. The Scene Is Now – “Cities Are Over” – Magpie Alarm (Tongue Master)
10. James Chance and the Blacks – “(Tropical) Heat Wave” – Off White (ZE)
11. George Atkins & Hank Levine – “Let Us Begin Beguine” – Sing Along With JFK (Reprise)

12. Guyer’s Connection – “She’s So Hot” – Portrait ((no label))
13. The Offset – “Back In The Hole” – Spectacle (Rose Mansion)
14. The Thorns – “Far-Out Fangtooth” – The Thorns EP (HoZac)
15. Marielle V. Jakobsons – “Purple” – Glass Canyon (Students of Decay)
16. Komodo Haunts – “Olor Food” – Low Winged, Silken Plumes (Sangoplasmo)
17. Renaud Gagneux – “Musiques Sur La Place (Side A)” – Musiques Sur La Place (Le Chant du Monde)
18. Rezo Glonti – “Meter Meter” – The Diary of the Second Officer (Time Released Sound)
19. Francisco Meirino & Michael Esposito – “Ghosts of Case File 142” – Ghosts of Case File 142 (Fireworks Edition) [plus “Elvis Talks!” LP, side B (RCA)] 20. Jean-François Gaël – “Side A” – Musiques de table (Le Chant du Monde)
21. Chris Forsyth – “Downs and Ups” – Kenzo Deluxe (Northern Spy)
22. Lewlewal De Poor – “Taara” – Yiilo Jaam (Mississippi)

23. Andre Williams & The Sadies – “I’ll Do Most Anything For You” – Night and Day (Yep Roc)
24. Them – “Mystic Eyes” (Decca)
25. Big Blood – “Away pt. 3” – Old Time Primitives (Don’t Trust the Ruin)
26. David Prescott – “Chance” – From Chance to Probability (Generation Unlimited)
27. Robert Hampson – “Repercussions” – Repercussions (Editions Mego) [plus “Elvis Talks!” LP, side B (RCA)] 28. Elvis Presley – “Song of the Shrimp” – Elvis’ Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)

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