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frow show, FMU-84

(Archive, with listening links.)

1. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Where Does Time Go” – Returnal (Editions Mego)
2. The Residents – “Birds In the Trees” – The Commercial Album (ESD)
3. Of Montreal – “Suffer For Fashion” – Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Polyvinyl)
4. Elf Power – “Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky)” – In A Cave (Ryko)
5. Animal Collective – “The Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder mix)” – The Purple Bottle
6. The GTOs – “The Captain’s Fat Theresa Shoes” – Permanent Damage (Enigma Retro)
7. Dara Puspita – “Ibu” – 1966-1968 (Sublime Frequencies)
8. The Chantels – “He’s Gone”
9. The Sonics – “High Time” – Introducing (Sundazed)

10. Mary Roos – “L’Animal En Blue Jeans” – Amour Toujours (Bureau B)
11. Donovan – “Sunshine Superman” – Sunshine Superman (Epic)
12. Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby – “Ballad of Easy Rider” – Two-Way Family Favourites (Southern Domestic)
13. It’s a Beautiful Day – “It Comes Right Down To You” – Marrying Maiden (CBS)
14. The Lemon Pipers – “Jelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmalade)” – Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth, v. 1 (Rev-Ola)
15. Maitreya Kali – “Color Fantasy” – Apache (MD)
16. Toots and the Maytals – “Time Tough” – Funky Kingston (Mango)
17. Scientist – “#9” – Wins the World Cup (Greensleeves)
18. Scott Tuma and Mike Weis – “Rubadub” – Taradiddle (Digitalis)
19. Sotantar Simrat Singh – “Tantra (Sun and Moon Gongs)” – Sun Gong
20. Tributes of Neurot – “Adaptation and Survival” – Adaptation and Survival (Neurot)
21. Ben Vida – “Side A” – Patchwork cassette (Autumn)
22. Robin Fox – “Time Blister” – A Handful of Automation (Editions Mego)
23. Sun Circle – “Tambouras” – Lessness (Arbor)
24. Hassle Hound – “Moon Phlox” – Born In A Night (Staubgold)
25. R.E.M. – “Summer Turns To High” – Reveal (Warner Brothers)

26. Plastics – “Park” – Plastics (Island)
27. The Bongos – “Glow In the Dark” – Drums Along the Hudson (Fetish)
28. Wavves – “Baseball Cards” – King of the Beach (Fat Possum)
29. Pere Ubu – “Non-Alignment Pact” – The Modern Dance (Fontana)
30. Pill Wonder – “Gone to the Market” – Jungle/Surf (Underwater Peoples)
31. Natural Snow Buildings – “Our Man From Centauri” – The Centauri Agent (Vulpiano)
32. Bruner – “Don’t Let Me Down” – Songs For A Friend (Numerophon)

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frow show, FMU-83

(Archive, with listening links.)

1. The Chiffons – “Nobody Knows What’s Going On in My Mind But Me” – Sweet Talkin’ Guy (Collectables)
2. Kevin Dunn – “Nadine” – No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985 (Casa Nueva)
3. Gene Clark – “Is Yours Is Mine” – Collector’s Edition: Early L.A. Sessions (Columbia)
4. Link Wray – “Tucson, Arizona” – Be What You Want To (Polydor)
5. Carl Simmons – “Walking Through the Valley” – Honeysuckle Tendrals Bonus EP 7″ (Sacred Bones)
6. Bob Dylan – “Not Dark Yet” – Time Out of Mind (Columbia)

7. Arcn Templ – “Innocence and Ignorance” – Emanations of a New World (Utech)
8. Richard Osborn – “A Dream of Distant Summer” – Beyond Berkeley Guitar (Tompkins Square)
9. Annea Lockwood – “Floating World” – Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World (Pogus)
10. Rhys Chatham – “Two Gongs” – An Angel Moves Too Fast to See: Selected Works 1971-1989 (Table of the Elements)
11. – “vuvuzelas!”
12. The Moles – “Wires” – Untune The Sky (Flydaddy)

13. The Chords – “Sh-Boom” – Doo Wop Classics, v. 6 (Rhino)
14. Velvet Davenport – “Get Out” – Get Out 7-inch (Shdwply)
15. Woods – “Blood Dries Darker” – At Echo Lake (Woodsist)
16. Barn Owl – “Into the Red Horizon” – The Conjurer (Root Strata) [feat. “58 37′ N 159 59′ W” by Douglas Quin from “Fathom” (Taiga)] 17. Rafael Toral – “Part III” – Space (Taiga)
18. Makigami Koichi – “Chakanzirme” – Tokyo Taiga (Tzadik)

19. Bharat Karki and Party – “A Trip to Khathmandu” – International Music (EM)
20. Talking Heads – “Girlfriend Is Better” – Speaking In Tongues (Sire)
21. Wendy May Chambers – “New York, New York” – Gravikords, Whirlies, and Pyrophones (Ellipsis Arts)
22. Sein Hing Ensemble – “Single Man With Kids” – My Friend Rain (Sublime Frequencies)

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the man who invented baseball

This passage from Harold Peterson’s The Man Who Invented Baseball was so bizarre and Museum of Jurassic Technology-like that I had to retype it:

By the strangest sort of chance, some thirty-five years ago [c. 1938], just the right man on just the right kind of mission happened into the one small village on earth that could provide the best clue to baseball’s origin and the best evidence of baseball’s incredible antiquity. The man was an Italian expert on population problems who happened to be enough of an Americanophile to be familiar with the game of baseball and even its immediate antecedents. The location, bizarrely, was a Berber village in the desert of North Africa. The reason his remarkably correct conclsions, and those of a Danish colleague, are virtually unknown is that they appeared principally in certain small scholarly journals — for example, in Danish-accented English in an Italian demographic journal, Genus.

On a 1937 expedition to investigate the disappearing traces of a strange blond strain among the Berber tribes of Libya, Professor Corrado Gini of Rome came upon the lost village of Jadum in the Gebel Nefusa, a hilly high desert plateau in western Tripolitania. To his intense surprise, Professor Gini found the tribesmen playing a game he recognized as rudimentary–or not so rudimentary–baseball, Ta kurt om el mahag, the tribesmen called it — “the ball of the mother of the pilgrim.”

Jadum was the last stronghold of the blondish tribesmen; Jadum was also the only place in all of North Africa that om el mahong was known. What gave Gini chills up the spine was his realization, as an expert in population migrations, that all evidence indicated the game had been introduced by the blonds. But this was spooky, since he knew the light-haired tribesmen to be the remnant of an invasion which took place thousands of years ago — in the Stone Age!

More skin-prickling: He and other scholars believed the blond people to be invaders from northern Europe. The latest invaders had been the Vandals, under King Genseric, who established a Nordic African kingdom in A.D. 429. But Gini considered the Vandals to be too thin a veneer of overlords to leave lasting customs behind. Gini–and other anthropologists–were quite sure that the blond Berbers were northerners who colonized Africa in the Old Stone Age — 3,000 to 6,000 years before Christ!

frow show, FMU-82

1. Black Chow – “Wonderland” – Jahtarian Dubbers, vol. 2 (Jahtari)
2. Suzmenba – “Summer Stripe” – Kumaru Expo 2010 (Kumaru)
3. Seijiro Murayama – “part III” – Four Pieces With A Snare Drum (Petit Label)
4. The Gamblers – “LSD-25” – Pebbles Vol. 4: Surf ‘n’ Tunes (Archive International Products)
5. Shugo Tokumaru – “Malerina” – Port Entropy (P-Vine)
6. Happy End – “Gather The Wind” – Kazenmachi Roman (URC)
7. Mickey Hart and Co. – “Insect Message Song” – The Bugs

8. Magical Power Mako – “Cha Cha” – Magical Power Mako (Universal Japan)
9. Ian Helliwell – “Expo ’67: A Radiophonic College” – Expo ’67: A Radiophonic Collage [feat. “Man Forever, part I” by Man Forever, from “Man Forever” (St. Ives)] 10. Peter Cusack – “Floating Icicles Rocked by Waves” – Baikal Ice (spring 2003) (ReR)
11. Glockenspiel – “Assorted PCP” – split 7″ with Astral Social Club (Krayon Recordings)
12. Emeralds – “Summerdata” – Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego)
13. Marble Sheep and the Run Down Sun’s Children – “I Just Stay in the Up-Side” – Tokyo Flashback, v. 2 (PSF)
14. Jack Rose with D. Charles Speer and the Helix – “Linden Ave Stomp” – Ragged and Right (Thrill Jockey)
15. Peter Stampfel – “Bad Karma” – Hello CD of the Month Club Selection, May 1994 (Hello)

16. Moon – “She’s On My Mind” – Without Earth (Rev-Ola)
17. The Electric Tomorrow – “Sugarcube” – Mindexpanders, v. 3 (Past & Present)
18. Bjork – “Earth Intruders” – Volta (Atlantic)
19. Meat Puppets – “Out in the Gardener” – Meat Puppets 7″ EP (SST)
20. The Golliwogs – “I Only Just Met You An Hour Ago” – Creedence Clearwater Revival, Disc 1: 1961-1967 (Fantasy)
21. Strapping Fieldhands – “Boo Hoo Hoo” – Discus (Shangri-La Projects)

22. Pedro Santos – “Um So” – Krishnanda
23. Ernest Ranglin – “Surfin'” – Studio One Rockers (Soul Jazz)
24. Bablicon – “Blu Hawaii” – A Flat Inside A Fog (Misra)
25. Don Cherry – “Eternal Rhythm, Part 1” – Eternal Rhythm (Universal Japan)
26. Edward Larry Gordon – “All Pervading” – Celestial Vibration (Universal Sound)
27. The Olivia Tremor Control – “Sylvan Screen” – Black Foliage: Animation Music, v. 1 (Orange Twin) [Happy birthday, Will.] 28. The Beach Boys – “The Girls on the Beach” – Endless Summer (Capitol)
29. The Verlaines – “Driftwood” – Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox (Merge)
30 David Byrne – “Blue Hawaii” – Big Love: Hymnal (Suma)

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frow show, FMU-81

(Archive, with listening links.)

1. Roberta Flack – “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” – First Take
2. Gabor Szabo – “Summertime” – Jazz Raga (Light in the Attic)
3. Promise – “I’m Not Ready For Love” – Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul (Numero Group)
4. The Cougars – “I Wish It Would Rain” – Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic)
5. Kurt Vile – “Ocean City” – Square Shells EP (Matador)
6. Best Coast – “In My Room” – In My Room 7″ (Group Tightener)
7. Le Indikation – “Indikation Ye Ye” – Tu Manipules Ma Tete 7″ (Larsen)
8. los idiotas – “The Blob” – The Blob 7-inch (Slovenly)
9. Arthur Lee and the Grass Roots – “You I’ll Be Following” – Unissued 1965 Demos 7-inch (Norton)

10. unknown – “Willie Nelson” – mic-in tracks
11. Crystal Castles – “Celestica (remixed by Thurston Moore)”
12. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Butt-House Blondes” – Before Today (4AD)
13. The Yapoos – “ビールス” – Dadada ism (P-Vine)
14. Pastacas – “Nyyd Kukume Arvutile Peale” – Jaabbann (Afterhours)
15. Akira Sakata – “Meuniere” – Tenoch Sakana 10″
16. Outerspace – “Cosmic Dust” – Gemini Half (Wagon)
17. Peter Michael Hamel – “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” – Nada (Celestial Harmonies)
18. Tetsu Inoue – “Karmic Light” – Ambient Otaku (Ambient World)
19. Moniek Darge – “East Crete” – Crete Soundies (Kye)
20. Z’ev – “As” – As / If / When (Sub Rosa)
21. Jani Christou – “Anaparastasis III: The Pianist” – Jani Christou (Editions RZ)
22. Mighty Baby – “Virgin Spring (45 version)” – A Jug of Love (Sunbeam)
23. Robert Hunter – “Prodigal Town” – Jack O’ Roses (Dark Star)

24. Carsick Cars – “Track 3” – You Can Listen You Can Talk (Maybe Mars)
25. TG – “Sans Titre” – La Nuit (Potagers Natures/FSK/Galeries Pache)
26. Margaret Leng Tan – “Dream (John Cage)” – She Herself Alone: The Art Of The Toy Piano 2 (Mode)
27. Mugstar – “Furklausundbo” – …Sun, Broken… (Important)
28. Dave Van Ronk – “Fair And Tender Ladies” – Inside Dave Van Ronk (Prestige/Folklore)

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