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#deadfreaksunite 1972

#deadfreaksunite 1972 [1st pass]
tape-by-tape notes

These are my original notes from 2012. I listened again in 2022.

An extended listening project tracking the Grateful Dead’s evolution, recording by recording. Originally posted on Twitter on each show’s 40th anniversary and edited here for readability and occasional revision/correction and minor expansion. All shows streamable via Expanded notes for many shows (with press, scene reports, and images) can be found on Twitter by searching for my username (bourgwick) and the show date. Please consult JerryBase for the latest data, Dead Sources for original articles (1965-1975), and LostLiveDead/Hootrollin for deep dives.

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1/2/72 winterland: a post new year’s sunday at winterland, announced the day before, with the new riders, yogi phlegm, & the heavy water lights. bill graham intro, “when you stop to think how many groups could get any of us out on january 2nd, there’d very few of them. there’s only one that can do it for me & i hope for you, the grateful dead.” 21-minute GOOD LOVIN’ > CHINA CAT SUNFLOWER > GOOD LOVIN’ is pigpen’s last bay area showpiece. rolls from full-service rap into moody proto-MIND LEFT BODY theme. instead of just teasing CHINA CAT, garcia jumps full into it, 1st RIDER-less version since ’69, last ’til ’85. 16-minute NOT FADE AWAY > GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD > NOT FADE AWAY swells gently at edges but never shifts course, through totally burning GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD finale, & pig gets in on the NOT FADE AWAY scream-out.

3/5/72 winterland: pig’s last san francisco show, big GOOD LOVIN’ with new falsettos & MIND LEFT BODY hints. debut of BLACK THROATED WIND & return of GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.

3/21/72 academy: still no donna jean. 1st LOOKS LIKE RAIN, garcia on pedal steel, cool phil harmony. not yet my 1st skippable GD tune. 1st THE STRANGER (TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION), final (best?) original by still very active pigpen. nice split between pig/garcia/weir at all these 3.5 hr shows. 1st jammed PLAYING IN THE BAND (finally!), dripping psych/fusion middle section tripling to 3m. hello, 1972!

3/22/72 academy: 1st CAUTION since 3/71. highwire digressions & intricate outro jam. nearly smooth actual segue into UNCLE JOHN’S BAND

3/23/72 academy: great standalone 23m DARK STAR, exquisite/quiet garcia pre-verse, jagged space into MIND LEFT BODY JAM.

3/25/72 academy: private party for hell’s angels booked as jerry garcia & friends, 1st set backing bo diddley on 9 songs, later dick’s picks, v. 30. the diddley set is sleepy at times, especially on the unedited audience version, but nicely popping on tunes with the bo diddley beat (HEY BO DIDDLEY, MONA). topic for next #PopCon: bo diddley leading angels’ mamas in sing-along on TAKE IT ALL OFF on especially anthropological audience tape. then: the 2nd appearance of donna jean. only GD versions of HOW SWEET IT IS & garcia-sung ARE YOU LONELY FOR ME (freddie scott, A+ except for ugly chorus).

3/26/72 academy: sublime PLAYING cuts off as band goes drumless/free. still no donna jean wail. [my full essay about this show is available as liner notes for dave’s picks, v. 14.]

3/27/72 academy: 1st donna jean wail in PLAYING. crowd eats it up. all love to her muscle shoals bona fides, but #headdesk.

3/28/72 academy: last of 7 great gigs at the academy. donna now screaming on GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN’ BAD, too. the garcia/weir/lesh harmonies on BROKEDOWN PALACE are just sloppy enough without her. another 3+ hour show, almost half new songs since ’70. band relaxed & at ease. europe here we come.

4/7/72 wembley: the bolos & bozos have landed. band (& official mix) sound incredible, rich Band-like piano/organ combo. even bobby/jerry/pig alternation in 1st set, unbroken hour-long sequence in 2nd. scattered OTHER ONE into stately WHARF RAT. europe ’72 mood so fleeting & special. mega-improv, ecstatic & clean 1-drummer arrangements. i’m ready.

4/8/72 wembley: band does a phish-like vamp under weir’s YELLOW DOG JOKE. CUMBERLAND BLUES maintains tendrils of speedfreak ’66 garcia in solos. DARK STAR is among best ever. BK anchors freeness, B3 bursts, & brilliant melodic crests. rare fluid segue into SUGAR MAGNOLIA. equally fluid steamroll into crackling R&B/psych CAUTION. ’72 might be pig’s best year, too. the band destroys it every time he steps up.

4/11/72 newcastle: garcia & weir clearly taking turn calling the opener this tour. band slightly more sluggish than london. GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD now with bouncy summer wah-wah from garcia & 1st non-ridiculous donna jean vocal part. rambling but wonderful 50m TRUCKIN’ > OTHER ONE, with fully developed FEELIN’ GROOVY jam dissolving into dark garcia/lesh duo jam. and finally a near-perfect live BROKEDOWN PALACE, pig on organ, nice keith part, harmonies in ragged-but-right place.

4/14/72 copenhagen: last onstage pedal steel by garcia ’til ’87 & thus final LOOKS LIKE RAIN i’ll (likely) ever care about. bummer. drifty 29m DARK STAR. drumless pre-verse zones, hyperspeed FEELIN’ GROOVY jam, one of 1st ugly/abrupt weir “segues” into SUGAR MAGNOLIA. big GOOD LOVIN’ (with CAUTION & only post-’66 WHO DO YOU LOVE inside) gets narrative, sharp pig/garcia call/response.

4/16/72 aarhus: no donna scream on PLAYING. is this the show where she was having a bad trip under the piano & couldn’t sing? TRUCKIN’ tumbles into solid 20m of OTHER ONE jamming. 1st phil/jerry duo develops into magical full band tangent, dissolves instantly. band veers into ME & MY UNCLE, 1st (& only) verse of OTHER ONE, and nifty 15s BK turnaround into NOT FADE AWAY. bonus: far-out electronics from aarhus university, roughly contemporary to dead’s visit. high-larious doors quote on track 3.

4/17/72 copenhagen: 1st HE’S GONE, lazy river vibe/tempo intact, minus “wind don’t blow so strange” bridge & endless chorus outro. another hour-long DARK STAR > SUGAR MAGNOLIA > CAUTION. very deliberate playing throughout, especially modal free jams in DARK STAR. HQ video of whole 4/17 show (not in GD’s new DVD box?!), featuring clown masks on BIG RAILROAD BLUES.

4/21/72 bremen: hour-long TV taping. garcia genially stops SUGAREE: “somebody played the wrong changes in there.” (pig, i think?) more false starts, 2 takes of PLAYING. 6m post-OTHER ONE jam arcs nicely from space to structure, dissolves.

4/24/72 dusseldorf: nicely odd GOOD LOVIN’, drumless & dissonant mid jam. pig quotes james carr’s “pouring water on a drowning man.” 40m DARK STAR (ME & MY UNCLE in middle) shatters/coalesces half-dozen times in 1st half, brilliantly motionless 2nd half until liquid major key jam & garcia slashes into WHARF RAT instead of the 2nd verse of DARK STAR. 3 set show, doofiness to spare.

4/26/72 frankfurt: easily best show of tour so far. high energy, great playing, inventive segues, face-melted banter, bust-outs. 1st 10m & last 10m of 36m OTHER ONE are flawless, song’s internal triplets combusting under oblique improv. middle 16m bitchin’, too. 1st TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION of europe, pigpen’s final original. less developed, but the soul heartbreak is nearly as epic as WHARF RAT. 1st LOVELIGHT of tour, too, darting & way-up psych-funk, a short NOT FADE AWAY jam, a bunch of odd gorgeous changes (go weir!?) into GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD, whose use of the BID YOU GOODNIGHT bridge to drop into SATURDAY NIGHT makes latter bearable. bonus: robert hunter’s great liner notes to “hundred year hall,” the edited CD release of this show.

4/29/72 hamburg: 1st “wind don’t blow so strange” bridge in HE’S GONE. alternate phrasing, particularly undramatic “smile, smile, smile.” another night, another 30m DARK STAR. high-octane garcia free-fall throughout + FEELIN’ GROOVY jam.

5/3/72 paris: 1st SING ME BACK HOME since 11/71 & pleasantly the first effective & cool donna/garcia pairing. TRUCKIN’ unspools into boldly out-there OTHER ONE. elegant miniatures & actual lesh solo. he gets the hang of it halfway thru. never previously realized how codified TRUCKIN’/OTHER ONE & DARK STAR/SUGAR MAGNOLIA/CAUTION were as every-other-show jam-suites on this tour. CSN-grade garcia/lesh/weir harmonies on JACK STRAW. garcia sings alternating bridge lyrics for 1st time. hell yes. [ed. note: turned out to be the europe ’72 version of JACK STRAW with overdubbed vocals.]

5/4/72 paris: 1st DARK STAR jam is unusually uptempo, developed, & consonant. full-band dynamic shifts & rhythmic through-lines. whole 40m version is an A+ choice for a record store day LP, minus the record store day part. finally heard. sounds so insanely good. mythbusters: donna’s alleged bad trip under the piano doesn’t seem to have incapacitated her at either paris show.

5/7/72 bickershaw festival: UK mudbath. fireworks audibly whoosh by onstage mics. weir: “we’ll want to aim those a little higher.” uncharacteristically sparkling festival performance, closing 3 day event (also featuring the kinks & late-night beefheart) with their usual 2 sets/4 hours. only ’72 gig with both DARK STAR & OTHER ONE. latter has much eventless free noise without 26th b-day boy BK. killer reprise jam. back to weir-only JACK STRAW, for some reason. in the crowd, 17-yr old elvis costello decides to start his own band.

5/10/72 amsterdam: was the weed THAT good? garcia uncharacteristically zonked. hoarse vox & rare lyric/guitar part slips throughout. 35m OTHER ONE is decent but uninspired, formulaic roll from space into structure. big TWO SOULS, but no pig showstopper. aha. McNally, p. 433: “the Concertgebouw was a jewel of a theater [&] the cocaine was far too good.”

5/11/72 rotterdam: garcia back on JACK STRAW duty. first MORNING DEW since 8/71. tentative at first, great 4m coda jam. 48m DARK STAR, longest ever. lazy/floating in all the right ways, garcia/lesh themes pass like ripples. 3rd in a row w/ short DRUMZ. logical DARK STAR wind down and clean stop pre-SUGAR MAGNOLIA. final version of CAUTION (fare thee well) with WHO DO YOU LOVE inside. uneventful late-set TRUCKIN’. bonus: beach boys thru rotterdam 2 nights later en route to record holland LP. bootleg sadly nuked in megaupload purge:

5/13/72 lille: free outdoor gig makes up for 5/5 cancellation/riot. “sounds like homemade shit” sez weir re: monitors. fugs reference? another show without a big pigpen song. cool minimalist organ by pig during 1st drumless OTHER ONE segment. going to miss his exchanges with garcia between lines of the verses.

5/16/72 luxembourg: soundcheck includes 1st BIG RIVER since NYE ’71 debut. garcia sings! misses some verses, but a nice alternate reality. wish i knew enough about luxembourgian politics to dissect the appearance of radio luxembourg’s kid jensen. earnest vibrations. 1st PROMISED LAND since 8/71 & 1st of the keith era. again, no pig showstopper. rare for a radio broadcast. 20m OTHER ONE feels short. 10m SING ME BACK HOME feels just totally correct.

5/18/72 munich: house lights off, garcia tokes spliff, sets on amp, hitler-mustached fire marshal with brass helmet dumps water on amp. power outage, mini riot, roadies beat up fire marshal. (cutler, 309.) not on tape. rare SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD, 1st of tour. 1st & seemingly unplanned DARK STAR > MORNING DEW. lovely/dense volume-swelled atonality en route, mostly successful.

5/23/72 lyceum: back to london for tour closers. 1st ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA & THE BOOGIE WOOGIE FLY (why?) & HEY BO DIDDLEY (inside the NOT FADE AWAY sequence), both sung by JG. garcia plays B3 the under GOOD LOVIN verses, as he did several times throughout tour. nothing crazy. quick switch back to guitar. another DARK STAR > MORNING DEW. decent movement post-DRUMZ (from pig, too), but the dissonant segue feels forced & the song is shaky.

5/24/72 lyceum: A+ post-verse OTHER ONE jam coalesces over 16m from oort cloud zaps to quizzical bop mediations & deep fuzz bliss. heavy: final TURN ON YOUR LOVELIGHT. brief 12m, mucho tasty licks. pigpen obviously struggling. pulls it together by end of TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION, also the final version. no, you must be mistaken. bob weir most certainly did NOT revive TURN ON YOUR LOVELIGHT in the ’80s. i said good day.

5/25/72 lyceum: final BIG BOSS MAN & GOOD LOVIN’ (see: weir/LOVELIGHT), more garcia on organ, no pigpen rap at all, crackling jam. odd inverted 2nd set. UNCLE JOHN’S with odder tentative post-outro jam, legit segue into unusually phrased WHARF RAT, on into 35m DARK STAR. starts quiet, bands snaps into post-verse FEELIN’ GROOVY jam, skittering wah & saturated bass chord disintegration. final SITTIN’ ON TOP OF THE WORLD & the last of pigpen’s ’66-style bouncy garage B3. g’bye.

5/26/72 lyceum: pigpen’s last proper show. fare thee well to MR. CHARLIE, NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME, TWO SOULS, CHINATOWN SHUFFLE. PLAYING IN THE BAND jam finally tops 10m, garcia meltdown heaven. garcia & phil’s voices particularly ragged, especially noticeable on JACK STRAW. for the 1st time, the audience claps the NOT FADE AWAY beat & the band responds with the song song, the bo diddley beat perma-tied to band, heads, & drum circles everywhere. messy OTHER ONE. rare clammed opening, double back via DRUMZ, try again. jam into MORNING DEW sounds schizo in context, but brilliant when excerpted into europe ’72. garcia’s DEW vocals are truly atrocious, saved by overdubs.

6/17/72 hollywood bowl: after delicious europe multi-tracks, a rude welcome back to US soil with totally debauched audience recording. pigpen’s final show. i’ve always been puzzled by stories of him only playing on 1 song. turns out that’s not quite true, but he’s barely audible on shitty tape. 1st STELLA BLUE. ghostly, slow, & graceful from the start, garcia deeply inside vocal. almost literally haunting B3 part, pig’s last. tape-warp sounds bitchin’ on the PLAYING meltdown, though also the most brutal donna scream yet. g’bye pigpen.

7/16/72 hartford: east coast summer stadium gigs. band notably less lush without pig’s B3. the 2nd STELLA BLUE is heavy, awkward in 1st set. 1st MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP (!), sly & strident. 1st sing-along outro to HE’S GONE (yuuugh) inside OTHER ONE, whose ending gets blurrier. 1st steel-less LOOKS LIKE RAIN, also without phil vox. blech. okay NOT FADE AWAY/HEY BO DIDDLEY powerjam with dickey betts & berry oakley.

7/18/72 jersey city: i can see why a non-deadhead WFMU DJ hated this 3-set stadium gig, especially if the heat was anything like today. band sounds seriously mangled early on, garcia & weir blowing lyrics, lots of gear breakdowns, shaky dynamics, odd pacing. still, sweet PLAYING & great DARK STAR with a killer 2nd jam that never spaces out & a post-verse dissolve into a soulful COMES A TIME. 1st BIRD SONG since 8/71, confident new arrangement with spidery keith piano part, snare-flutter false ending, & curling, lyrical garcia solos.

7/21/72 seattle: band tries early version of WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE. atrocious & abandoned. by-the-numbers OTHER ONE.

7/22/72 seattle: bear is out of jail apparently. lots of zonked banter & zonked playing. warped high-octane PLAYING IN THE BAND jam. very unflattering soundboard. archetypal donna awfulness on HALF-STEP outro underscores garcia’s breathtaking STELLA BLUE soul belts. dashing BIRD SONG. last(?!) YELLOW DOG JOKE, with doofy HARPUA-like accompaniment.

7/25/72 portland: brilliant 27m OTHER ONE that never loses its homey, unrushed swing. even during the space-out, garcia stays melodic. semi-rare jerry slide jam, A+ improvised changes. phil’s short semi-wanky deconstructive bass solo stays groovy, too.

7/26/72 portland: woolly 30m DARK STAR, awesomely responsive free drumming during 2nd meltdown.

8/12/72 sacramento: big cheer as still-new STELLA BLUE starts. exquisite & correctly labeled by taper with double exclamation points. donna now sings on HE’S GONE verses, too. endless outro leads into jam segment for 1st time. the birth of arena dead?

8/20/72 san jose: 1st FRIEND OF THE DEVIL since 4/71, crisp & uptempo, but far more than 1/2 songs new to repertoire in past 1.5 yrs. gnarly OTHER ONE into the 1st STELLA BLUE in the post-jam slot, affixed neatly to still-useful CRYPTICAL appendix.

8/21/72 berkeley: 1st bay area gig since january. only one verse of DARK STAR, with keith oddly taking charge in pointillistic meltdown. jerry’s segue into MORNING DEW even more oddly overruled by lesh & weir’s atonal slashes. then, more keith & a sleepy EL PASO.

8/22/72 berkeley: downtempo & moody variations on OTHER ONE theme & series of great responsive mini-jams. not sold on the bass solo. final of 3 bo diddley-less HEY BO DIDDLEYs. garcia doesn’t try verses this time, but finds a sly take on the groove.

8/24/72 berkeley: 27m DARK STAR, 1 verse, now the norm. sparkling & dense resolution to meltdown dissolves into magical MORNING DEW.

8/25/72 berkeley: incomplete. slowburn BLACK PETER, only 3rd version of ’72. bass solo into OTHER ONE instead of drumz. uneventful.

8/27/72 veneta: 3 sets. magical start to end. given setting (oregon, field, merry pranksters) & playing, likely THE quintessential GD show. tape quality is warm & magical, slight delay on everything. garcia & lesh push CHINA > RIDER jam past usual bounds in 100 degree heat. pranksters almost accidentally invent ween’s shit-mister before they realize the fire truck is filled with sewage. PLAYING IN THE BAND now fully a 2nd set tune, exquisite wah-wah action. lithe & serene 12m BIRD SONG, perfect flutter on false ending. maybe the greatest DARK STAR. oddly static 1st jam & 15m of free-flight that shines with transfixing highness, even bass solo. & then (give or take EL PASO) a gargantuan SING ME BACK HOME. suggested reading: j. dwork’s essay in the deadhead taper’s compendium, v. 1; an anthropological-linguistic study of googly deadhead heaviness. required viewing: sunshine daydream movie.

9/3/72 boulder: 3 set stadium show. the anti-8/27, no nuance. lots of shouted, aggro vocals & annoyed banter at song requests. with a nice alternate lyric in MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP (“pappy sat down & died”) & an extra-curlicued solo, they make the anti-subtlety work for them. cannot. handle. donna. 1st real HE’S GONE jam, neat 2m outro turnaround culminates in odd ’67ish whammy trills from garcia into OTHER ONE.

9/9/72 hollywood: 1st show (i think) with keith on electric piano, zonked wah-wah distortion on 35m THE OTHER ONE. jerry/phil space-out evolves into dashing full-band improvised changes, all 5 darting/weaving at top conversational speed. band returns for 2nd encore & tune, but weir & garcia giggle that bassist has left with “cute little filly.” end show.

9/10/72 hollywood: david crosby holds his own during buoyant DARK STAR manicness, though no croz harmonies on SING ME BACK HOME.

9/15/72 boston: keith’s new electric piano is a subtle but major change in the band’s sound, especially on an abstruse 18m PLAYING.

9/16/72 boston: 1st BIG RIVER since new year’s (& 2nd ever) & 1st DON’T EASE ME IN since 11/70 (& only 2nd electric version since ’66). right decent segue from DARK STAR meltdown into MEXICALI BLUES, but band sidetracks into productive polka-boogie instead.

9/17/72 baltimore: hitting arenas for the 1st time outside the west & sounding a bit lost. stasis-ridden 38m OTHER ONE.

9/19/72 jersey city: 2nd gig at roosevelt stadium in 2 months. cruddy but tolerable audience recording captures crowd more than music. fireworks, clapalongs, requests for rolling papers. hell’s honkies taping crew clearly amped for new songs.

9/21/72 philadelphia: crystalline owsley soundboard, garcia in the left channel, weir in the right. 1st proper HE’S GONE > TRUCKIN’. mammoth post-verse unfolding in 37m DARK STAR. flurrying atonal TIGER jam, brief MIND LEFT BODY theme drips into MORNING DEW.

9/23/72 waterbury: terrible vocals. band tries next-beat segues for 1st time. fun if not fully successful PROMISED LAND > BERTHA. then, the 1st(?) bust-out fest. 1st AROUND & AROUND since 4/71 followed by 1st IT’S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE since 11/70. garcia sings well, mangles words. and then the 1st CRYPTICAL ENVELOPMENT since 11/71 & the last ’til the cringe-y ’80s. pretty sloppy. oh, well. g’bye.

9/24/72 waterbury: yup, weir definitely using light, funky compression, most notable on BIG RIVER, played every show since re-debut. 2nd set again opens with sequence of next-beat segues. debut of TOMORROW IS FOREVER by dolly parton, a mellow garcia/donna duet. assured DARK STAR immolation with sweet rhodes, 3m BEAUTIFUL JAMish denouement, DRUMZ, & liquid segue into CHINA CAT.

9/26/72 jersey city: at the stanley theater on journal square, where my grandpa saw movies in ’30s/’40s, now a jehovah’s witness temple. churning dissolve from the TRUCKIN’ boogie into jam-land & a confident (if mildly jumbled) BABY BLUE, last ’til ’74.

9/27/72 jersey city: a legendary DARK STAR. 18m of bright swing before 1st verse & a jaw-dropping segue into CUMBERLAND BLUES. 1st ATTICS OF MY LIFE since 12/70. ragged but still stunning. then weir insists on more chuck berry covers.

9/28/72 jersey city: another brilliant bear ‘board, perfect bass. poetic rhythmic opacity in typically dazzling PLAYING.

9/30/72 washington DC: FM soundboard with ghost seepage from neighboring frequencies. surprising phil/keith/billy jam in free-ass OTHER ONE.

10/2/72 springfield, MA: garcia bridges the MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP ending to the descending STELLA BLUE intro. it almost works. 20m TRUCKIN’ with 1st NOBODY’S FAULT jam since 11/70, DRUMZ, & fast’n’thrilling UNCLE JOHN’S jam, dissolving into DEW.

10/9/72 winterland: 1st BOX OF RAIN since 9/70 (& 2nd ever). 1st donna-“enhanced” GD classic. phil’s vocals flirt with headdeskdom. obliterated grace slick jabbers over a loose jam. bill graham retrieves her. grace: “get that bitch off the stage.”

10/17/72 st. louis: great thin-out in PLAYING IN THE BAND. oddly jamless second set with 40 minutes worth of closers.

10/18/72 st. louis: like every show since may, a chuck berry cover. unlike every show since may, chuck’s birthday in his hometown. 1st split-open PLAYING, which segues (via DRUMZ) into DARK STAR with a bright phil-led sequence & FEELIN’ GROOVY jam into MORNING DEW with an opulent meltdown out of the crescendo that eventually gets to the 1st PLAYING REPRISE. nice!

10/19/72 st. louis: fat-toned BIRD SONG. last COMES A TIME til ’76. messy DIRE WOLF, 1st since europe & last for a year.

10/21/72 nashville: long & winding pre-verse in OTHER ONE, atmospheric free drums behind garcia arpeggios & loud/proud bass.

10/23/72 milwaukee: the last (& probably best) of 4 choogly & generally bland versions of ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA & THE BOOGIE WOOGIE FLU. a vividly river-like 28m DARK STAR, unusually focused on one contiguous theme & transcending the murky audience tape.

10/24/72 milwaukee: BOX OF RAIN finally enters the song rotation, vocals improved all around. or it could be the audience recording. thankfully, a soundboard for set 2 with fully articulated PHILO STOMP in THE OTHER ONE, bright jam led by chordal bass.

10/26/72 cincinnati: nice pre-verse major-key cloud-swells in DARK STAR & uneventful drums/bass fizzle into SUGAR MAGNOLIA.

10/27/72 columbus: decent audience tape by owsley. so much clapping. in a nice variation, HALF-STEP in the post-jam slot.

10/28/72 cleveland: BOX OF RAIN confident, almost aggro. still surreal to hear. primo free meltdown in PLAYING. great drum mix. last ATTICS OF MY LIFE ’til 1989. bye! first CANDYMAN since 11/71, a little rusty, but unchanged & with extra-soulful garcia vocal. hyperreal 28m billy-powered DARK STAR with unceasing movement, PHILO STOMP, TIGER noise, & A+ wah tone.

10/30/72 detroit: another warm owsley audience tape. cool cubist blooze in TRUCKIN’. no big jam, mucho weir-boogie. help.

11/12/72 kansas city, KS: 1st show since release of europe ’72. extra-wacky 1-beat BEAT IT ON DOWN intro. drab vibes & mix.

11/13/72 kansas city, KS: stunning DARK STAR. intricate architecture, endless translucent peaks.

11/14/72 oklahoma city: effortless throughout. sleight-of-hand cascade from HE’S GONE into TRUCKIN’ & crisp 15m OTHER ONE.

11/15/72 oklahoma city: 1st set only. 30m PLAYING achieves lush, delicate drift, electric keyboards particularly warm.

11/17/72 wichita: the only JACK STRAW played in wichita, no cheers for title lyric. THE OTHER ONE heavy on underwater swing & odd phil.

11/18/72 houston: full-speed 26m PLAYING. endless chattering bass, dizzying garcia ellipses, & proto-SLIPKNOT moves.

11/19/72 houston: weir strums through 1st WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE as coda to listless DARK STAR. band seems unsure what to do. TRUCKIN’ conspicuously absent both nights in the city too close to new orleans.

11/22/72 austin: garcia in exceedingly mellow mood, calls ballad after ballad. way soulful CANDYMAN, despite missed lyrics. oh, hey, donna jean now singing co-lead on BEAT IT ON DOWN THE LINE.

11/23/72 armadillo world headquarters: thanksgiving jam w/ garcia, lesh, sir doug sahm, & leon russell. unlimited C&W/tejano choogle. #headnecksunite

11/24/72 dallas: utterly magical PLAYING. breathless dialogues, quiet wah-wah peels, eloquent disintegrations/landings.

11/26/72 san antonio: gravity-free pre-verse DARK STAR tangents. later, a FEELIN’ GROOVY jam & joyous garcia annihilation.

12/10/72 winterland: warm & vivid soundboard. can practically feel winterland bouncing on uptempo tunes, esp. DEAL & SUGAR MAGNOLIA. supremely cracked garcia phrasing in PLAYING, carried into instinctive full-band knottiness during THE OTHER ONE.

12/11/72 winterland: pretty & wending 11m HALF-STEP to open odd & awesome jerry-heavy second set. last TOMORROW IS FOREVER ’til ’74. 35m DARK STAR with 15m build into sonorous clank followed by 15m of uninterrupted space-dread & an angelic STELLA BLUE.

12/12/72 winterland: phil hints at EYES OF THE WORLD ending in bass solo pre-OTHER ONE, with choppy, peppy post-verse jam.

12/15/72 long beach: nice slow implosion from TRUCKIN’ into last ’72 DARK STAR. soaring 1st jam. then, insect communiques.

12/31/72 winterland: new year’s chaos. shouty vocals, though band basically keeps it together in what sounds like total pandemonium. otherwise sober-seeming KSAN DJ describes “motion picture holo-grams” on venue floor that don’t seem documented elsewhere. david crosby joins on 12-string electric for sloppy/fun OTHER ONE > MORNING DEW.

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2012 favorites

fave albums of (or 2011 releases discovered in) 2012
loosely ordered, except for Mr. M, which is #1 & which I will assign 30 of my 100 points for in Pazz & Jop because Kurt Wagner should get all the money.

see also: 91 mp3s for holiday space-chooglin’ (my 2012 year-end mix, 620 MB, .zip)

Lambchop, Mr. M (Merge)
Aaron Freeman, Marvelous Clouds (Partisan)
Tall Firs, Out of It & Into It (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
Grass Widow, Internal Logic (HLR)
Man Forever, Pansophical Cataract (Thrill Jockey)
Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas (Columbia)
Jack White, Blunderbuss (Third Man)
Dustin Wong, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
Dirty Projectors, Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)
Glenn Jones, The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
Swans, The Seer (Young God)
Flower/Corsano/Hejnowski, The Count Visits (Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse)
Cate Le Bon, Cyrk (The Control Group)
Bee Mask, When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Editions Mego)
Glacial, On Jones Beach (Three Lobed)
Little Black Egg, Buzzard’s Bed (Egon)
Talibam! & Sam Kulik, Discover AtlantASS (Belly Kids)
The Beach Boys, That’s Why God Made the Radio (Capitol)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill (Reprise)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Arc 2012 (no label)
Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos – Icon Give Thank (RVNG)
Akron, Voyage of Exploration (Vampisoul)
The Mad Scene, Blip (Siltbreeze)
Woods, Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
Yair Yona, World Behind Curtains (Strange Attractors)
Tyvek, On Triple Beams (Into the Red)
Lee Ranaldo, Between the Times and the Tides (Matador)
Josephine Foster, Blood Rushing (Fire)
Tom Lawrence, Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen (Greuenrekorder)
Six Organs of Admittance, Ascent (Drag City)
Chris Watson, El Tren Fantasma (Touch)
Chris Corsano, Cuts (Hot Cars Warp)
People of the North, Steep Formations (Brah)
Sonny Smith, 100 Records, volume 3 (Polyvinyl)
The Men, Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
Francisco Lopez & Zan Hoffman, Concert For 300 Magnetic Tapes cassette (The Tapeworm)

not ordered at all

Karen Dalton, 1966 (Delmore)
Taj Mahal Travelers, Live at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 1st July 1971 (Klimst)
The Trypes, Music For Neighbors (Acute)
Francis Bebey, African Electronic Music, 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
v/a, Soft Sounds For Gentle People, vol. 3 (no label)
v/a, Personal Space: Electronic Soul, 1974-1984 (Chocolate)
Grateful Dead, Dark Star (Rhino)
Lee Hazlewood, The LHI Years (Light In the Attic)
The Flatlanders, The Odessa Tapes (New West)
Conrad Schnitzler, Live ‘72 (Further)
Toy Love, Live at the Gluepot 1980 (Goner)
Sonic Youth, Smart Bar 1985 (Goofin’)
v/a, Break the Tabs & Check the Dolby B (Dan Bodah 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium) (no label)

unattached songs, singles, etc.:
Bourgeois Blues 7-inch – Zea & Xavier Charles (Makkum)
“Star Spangled Banner” 7-inch – Bill Orcutt (Pallilalia)
“Genene” – Aaron Freeman (via Soundcloud)
Life-Size Cut-Out 7-inch – Harpoon Forever (Bleeding Gold)
“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Robert Wilkinson (via YouTube)
“Put the Suck On You” – Dew Claw
“NYC Tonight” 12-inch – Dump (Zelone)
“Never Learn Not To Love” – The New Surfsiders (Norton)
“Jon Counts To 100,000” – Jon (via YouTube)
“Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” – William Tapley (via YouTube)

older stuff, recently found:
Neil Young, The Complete Bernstein Tapes (no label)
Neil Young, Sad Movies (no label)
Tyvek, Nothing Fits (In The Red)
Tyvek, Fast Metabolism CD-R (no label)
The Willies, Peanut Gallery, 24 April 1983 (no label)
Eve, Take It & Smile (LHI)
v/a, Everybody Rude Now (no label)
Bingo Trappers, Solar Holiday (no label)
v/a, Soft Sounds For Gentle People, vol. 1 (no label)
Dave Weckerman, “Shore Leave” b/w “Out of Baby’s Reach” (Yellow Fear)
The Mattoid, Glory Holy EP (Infinity Cat)
Alastair Galbraith, Orb (Next Best Way)

Akron/Family, 285 Kent, January 21st
Yung Wu, Maxwell’s, February 18th
Rhys Chatham & Oneida, Merkin Concert Hall, March 17th
Lambchop/Yo La Tengo, LPR, April 19th
Chris Corsano, the Stone, May 3rd
Oneida, 285 Kent, May 12th
The Beach Boys, Beacon Theater, May 9th
Hopscotch Festival, September 6th-8th
Arborea house show, Portland, ME, October 27th
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Madison Square Garden, November 27th
Yo La Tengo with The Feelies, Maxwell’s, December 10th
Yo La Tengo with Andrew Bird, Jon Glaser & Jon Benjamin, Maxwell’s, December 14th

Radio Unnameable documentary
Fake It So Real documentary
Delocated, season 3
Experience Music Project Pop Music Conference, NYU, 3/22-3/25
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem
Still On the Road: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1974-2006 by Clinton Heylin
The One by R.J. Smith
Psychedelia by Patrick Lundborg
the 33 games started by R.A. Dickey

frow show, FMU-193

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Little Annie & Fabrizio Palumbo – “Blue Moon (at 33 1/3)” – Blue Xmas EP (Tourette)
2. Bee Mask – “Moon Shadow Move” – When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Spectrum Spools)
3. Dustin Wong and Matt Papich – “Blue Moon” – Red Cheeks For Green Grass (Dustin Wong and Matt Papich)
4. A Rubber Band Christmas – “Rubber Bell Rock” – A Rubber Band Christmas (Artist Development Associates)
5. Sun Araw – “The Summum” – Inner Treaty (Drag City)
6. Colin L. Orchestra – “Long Nut” – Col (Northern-Spy)
7. The Mattoid – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – Does Christmas Music (The Mattoid)
8. The New Surfsiders – “Never Learn Not To Love” (Norton)

9. Michael Nesmith with Tony Crow – “Propinquity” – 4 May 2012 Great American Music Hall
10. Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Billy – “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” (Drag City)
11. Dolly Parton – “Down From Dover” – Muddy Water: Southern Gothic Pop, Soul & Country 1967-1974 (no label)
12. Petty Booka – “Christmas In Prison” – Christmas Everywhere (Benten)
13. Patsy Cline – “Why Can’t He Be You” – On the Air: Her Greatest TV Performances (Hip-O)
14. Quarteto Em Cy – “Dó-Ré-Mi / Joga a Rede No Mar” – Antologia do Samba cançao, v. 2 (Philips)
15. The Rowans – “Love’s Secret Sigh” – Jubiliation (Asylum)

16. Suicide – “Hey Lord” – Ze Xmas Record Reloaded (Ze)
17. Intersystems – “Track 8” – Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (Streamline)
18. Jack Blanchard – “A Weird Little Christmas” – Crachit Crutch: A Christmas Collection You Can Lean On (no label)
19. Little Black Egg – “Buzzard’s Bed” – Buzzard’s Bed (Egon)
20. Vape Stiles [plus, “Dokude” by the Slaves (from “Ocean on Ocean”), Optimum Aviary, Ultimate Heartbeat, out-of-phase Dylan Thomas] 21. David Rosenbloom – “In the Beginning I (Electronic)” – In the Beginning (1978-1981) (New World) [plus Vape Stiles on Juno-60] 22. Vape Stiles + yr DJ [plus Jimmy Swaggert & Jon Counts to 100,000 (part 2)] 23. Grateful Dead – “What’s Become of the Baby?” – Aoxomoxoa (Warner Brothers)

24. J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – “Greatest Hits – Love Your Navel” – Rock and Other Four Letter Words (Paradigm)
25. Steven Stapleton & Tony Wakeford – “Falling From Heaven” – Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish (Robot) [plus Vape Stiles on floor tom & Daniel Menche rain mix] 26. Dombrowski – “Synthesis” – Side A (Dombrowski) [plus Vape Stiles on Juno-60] 27. Murmer – “Track 5” – What Are the Roots that Clutch? (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
28. Aaron Freeman – “Genene” (Aaron Freeman)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #8 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
15 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 8)*

Norman Blake and Gaylord Fields opened
benefit for the Jersey Shore Relief
mix disc by Yoni Wolf

whole set (minus “Ohm”) with Norman Blake on guitar, organ, and vocals

Did I Tell You
Cone of Silence
Goin’ Back (Carole King & Gerry Goffin)
Avalon or Someone Similar
Season of the Shark
Circling the Sun (Jonny)
Moby Octopad
I Feel Like Going Home
Walking On Ice (The Riot Squad)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan) (with Don Fleming on guitar)
Evelyn Marble (Velvet Monkeys) (DF on guitar and vocals)
God Knows It’s True (Teenage Fanclub)
I Heard You Looking
Eight Days A Week (The Beatles)

Antmusic (Adam & the Ants) (with Ira & James drum procession & audience drummers)
Rice Krispies Jingle/Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones) (with Gaylord Fields on vocals)
Little Red Book (Burt Bacharach & Hal David) (with GF)
My Little Corner of the World (Bob Hilliard & Lee Pockriss) (with Marilyn Kaplan on vocals)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #7 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
14 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 7)*

Titus Andronicus and Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser (as Soundtracapella) opened.
benefit for the Waves For Water Sandy Relief Initiative
mix disc by Ira

whole set with Andrew Bird on violin

One PM Again
How To Make A Baby Elephant Float
Last Days of Disco
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
Little Eyes
I Fall In Love Too Easily (Jule Styne & Sammy Cohn) (Andrew Bird on vocals)
When It’s Dark
I’ll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)
Stupid Things
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
Heroin (Velvet Underground) (Roky Erickson arrangement)

Griselda (Antonia)
Song For the North Star (Jorma Kaukonen) (with Devendra Banhart on vocals)
If I Only Had A Match (Lee Morris, Arthur Johnson, & George W. Meyer) (with DB)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #6 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
13 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 6)*

Barbara Manning and Eugene Mirman opened
benefit for the Ali Forney Center
mix disc by Cory Rayborn of Three Lobed Recordings

Big Day Coming (quiet)
Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
Frenzy (The Fugs)
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
Winter A Go Go
I’m On My Way
I’ll Be Around
Cherry Chapstick
Styles of the Times
Little Honda (The Hondells) (no noise jam)
Blue Line Swinger

Christmas Is Lonely (When You’re A Jew) (The Yule Logs) (with Barbara Manning on guitar and vocals and Dan Vargas on vocals)
B4 We Go Under (Robert Scott) (with BM & DV)
Tried So Hard (Gene Clark)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #5 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
12 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 5)*

El-P (with James on bass) and John Oliver opened
benefit for the Brooklyn Recovery Fund
mix disc by Georgia

From A Motel 6 >
I Should Have Known Better
Here To Fall
Can’t Forget
I Can Hear Music (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, & Phil Spector)
If It’s True
Mr. Tough
Nowhere Near
Cornelia and Jane
Deeper Into Movies
Some Kinda Fatigue
The Story of Yo La Tango

Dog Meat (Flamin’ Groovies)
Hanky Panky Nohow (John Cale)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #4 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
11 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 4)*

Real Estate and Todd Barry opened
benefit for the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps
mix disc by Shintaro Sakamoto

whole set with Kid Millions of Oneida on drums

Spec Bebop
We’re An American Band
The Crying of Lot G
20th Century Boy (T-Rex)
Out the Window
The Point of It
The Summer
Don’t Have To Be So Sad
Double Dare (acoustic)
Big Day Coming (fast)
Nothing To Hide
Mushroom Cloud of Hiss

Burnin’ For You (Blue Öyster Cult) (with Todd Barry on drums)
Our Way To Fall (with Martin Courtney of Real Estate on vocals)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #3 setlist

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“The Room Got Heavy” with Weckerman & Demeski

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
10 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 3)*

The Feelies and John Mulaney opened
benefit for the Food Bank of New Jersey
mix disc by James

The Feelies:
Deep Fascination
For Now
For Awhile
On the Roof
Let’s Go
Higher Ground
The Final Word
Slipping (Into Something)
Way Down
When You Know
Doin’ It Again
Time Is Right
Raised Eyebrows
Crazy Rhythms

Yo La Tengo:
Paul Is Dead
Time Fades Away (Neil Young) (with Glenn Mercer of the Feelies on guitar)
Barnaby, Hardly Working (with GM)
Tears Are In Your Eyes
Something To Do
The Point of It
Tom Courtenay (Georgia version)
Tired Hippo (with Dave Weckerman and Stan Demeski of the Feelies on percussion)
The Room Got Heavy (with DW & SD)
False Alarm (with DW & SD)
The Story of Jazz (with DW & SD)
Double Dare (with DW & SD)
Little Honda (The Hondells)

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Bob Dylan) (with The Feelies’ Bill Million on guitar & Brenda Sauter on vocals)
Sister Ray (Velvet Underground) (with GM & BM)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #2 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
9 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 2)*

Sun Ra Arkestra and Fred Armisen opened
benefit for the Carl Bini Foundation For Staten Island Victims of Hurricane Sandy
mix disc by Kurt Wagner

whole show with Fred Armisen on drums

Autumn Sweater
Sudden Organ
Who Loves the Sun (Velvet Underground)
Today Is The Day (fast)
As the Hour Grows Late
Stupid Things
Black Flowers
Walking Away From You (with Sabir Mateen and Darius Jones on saxophones)
Shaker (with SM & DJ)
Nuclear War (Sun Ra) (with SM & DJ)
And The Glitter Is Gone > (with SM & DJ)
Our Way To Fall (with SM & DJ)

Can’t Make It On Time (The Ramones)
Dreaming (Sun Ra)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #1 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
8 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 1)*

The Raybeats and Emo Philips opened
benefit for Fund to Rebuild Hoboken
mix disc by Tom Scharpling

Night Falls on Hoboken
Seven Day Weekend (Doc Pomus) (sung as “Eight Day Weekend”)
The Evil That Men Do (Craig’s version)
Stockholm Syndrome
Paddle Forward
Before We Run
Beanbag Chair
Big Day Coming (acoustic)
Tom Courtenay
Artificial Heart
The Kid With the Replaceable Head (Richard Hell) (with Jody Harris of the Raybeats/Contortions on guitar)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind (with JH)

Drug Test
Take A Giant Step (Carole King and Gerry Goffin)

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frow show, FMU-192

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Les Baxter – “On A Warm Night” – Les Baxter (Madacy)
2. Nara Leão – “A Praca” – Nara ’67 (El)
3. Norma Tanega – “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog” – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (New Voice)
4. Buddy Holly – “Slippin’ & Slidin’ (slow version)” – Down the Line (rarities) (Geffen)
5. Legendary Stardust Cowboy – “I Took A Trip (On A Gemini Spaceship)” – Paralyzed! His Vintage Recordings 1968-1981 (Em)
6. Palace Music – “The Mountain Low” – Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
7. Robert Hunter – “Children’s Lament” – Tales of the Great Rum Runners (Round)
8. Shooby Taylor – “You Tell Me Your Dream and I’ll Tell You Mine” – The Human Horn, v. 1 (Shooby Taylor)

9. Shugo Tokumaru – “Shirase” – In Focus? (P-Vine Japan)
10. Kaela and Morgana – “Bananas and Blow (harp instrumental)” (Kaela and Morgana)
11. Arklight – “Steinway St 2” – Decadance and Paranoids (Arklight)
12. Sondra Sun-Odeon – “Violent Sea” – Aetherea (Sondra Sun-Odeon)
13. Adderall Canyonly – “Frozen In Ecstasy He Feels No Pain” – The Ascension of St. Diamond and the Battles of Oxtest (Field Hymns)
14. Oneida – “Side A” – A List of the Burning Mountains (Jagjaguwar/Brah)
15. Stephen Cornford – “Binatone Galaxy” (Stephen Cornford) [plus Stephan Froleyks, “Wood,” from “Bowed and Popperd” (Nur/Nicht/Nur)] 16. Rolf Liebermann – “Symphonie “Les Echanges”” – GEORGE GRUNTZ “LES ECHANGES” (Turicaphon)
17. Ant Farm – “”CarMen…The Opera, ” November 22, 1976″ (Getty Institute)
18. Michael Pollard – “A Pencil Rubbing For the Album Cover” – Translations 01 (Editions Mego)
19. Jaap Blonk – “Lautgedicht” – Vocalor (Staalplaat)
20. Baiano e os Novos Caetanos – “Vô Batê Pá Tu” – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos (Barclay)

21. The Rutles – “Ouch!” – The Rutles (Rhino)
22. Ex-Cult – “Shot the Beehive” – Ex-Cult (Goner)
23. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – “I’ll Cut You Down” – Blood Lust (Metal Blade)
24. Bondage – “En La Moto” – Mini-LP (Passion and Torment)
25. Primitive Motion – “Two Ellipses” (Room40)
26. Christian Marclay, Toshio Kajiwara, DJ Olive – “Bonus Track” – 21 September 2002 (Cuneiform)
27, Frank Sinatra – “Reflections on the Future in Three Tenses” – Trilogy: Past, Present & Future (Reprise)
28. Harry Partch – “O Frabjous Day (The Jabberwock)” – Enclosure II (Innova)
29. Robert Hollis & Christopher Swartz – “Pulse” – Music For Homebuilt Instruments (Perimeter)
30. My Cat Is An Alien – “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” – Art is a Tear of Noise and Infinite Silence (Discrepant)
31. The Hollies – “This Wheel’s On Fire” – Words and Music By Bob Dylan (Epic)

32. Six Boys In Trouble – “Why Can’t I Get It Too?” – Street and Gangland Rhythms, Beats, and Improvisations (Smithsonian Folkways)
33. Dan Penn – “The Puppet” – The Fame Recordings (Ace)
34. Lambert & Nuttycombe – “Putting Myself Together Again” – At Home (A&M)
35. Lazy Smoke – “Am I Wrong?” – Corridor of Faces (Arf! Arf!)
36. Nick O’Lodeon – “Thank You For Travelin’ Along With Me” – Plays Actual Music On His Kaleidocosmicorgrig (Nick O’Lodeon)

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