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frow show, FMU-183

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Tilda Swinton – “Loomings” – The Moby-Dick Big Read ((no label))
2. Archaia – “Massa Confusa” – Archaia (Little Big Chief)
3. Tomutonttu  – “live at Kiasma (excerpt)” ((no label)) [plus] 4. Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO – “Fellitoh’s Dance also Bitch’s Blow” – Son of a Bitches Brew (Important)
5. The Circulatory System – “Deserts (As Big As A Star)” – Amos House Collection, v. 3 (Wishing Tree)
6. The Beatniks – “Alligator Hat” (Mocambo)

7. Common Ground – “Over the Waterfall” – Traveler’s Choice (Kicking Mule)
8. Mdou Moctar – “Anar” – split 7″ with Brainstorm (Sahel Sounds)
9. สุรเดช-พุ่มสะอาด-จากกัน – “Apart” (P.M. Popsiam)
10. The Bowles – “Two Serious Men” – The Bowles (Kye)
11. Robert Hunter – “Franklin’s Tower” – Live ’85 (Relix)
12. Chris Brokaw – “California” – Gambler’s Ecstasy (12XU)
13. Mal Waldron/Eric Dolphy/Booker Ervin – “Warm Canto” – The Quest (Original Jazz Classics)
14. Charles Mingus – “September Song” – The Young Rebel (Proper)

15. William S. Burroughs – “What Keeps Mankind Alive?” – September Songs (various artists, Kurt Weill tribute) (Sony Classical)
16. พบกันที่-บขส – “Meeting at the Transportation Company” – BA CHA SAW Transportation Company
17. Beck – “Michelangelo Antonioni” – A Tribute to Caetano Veloso (Planned Obsolescence)
18. Common Eider, King Eider – “Smell of Gulls and Grass” – Figs, Wasps And Monotremes (Root Strata)
19. Deep Listening Band – “Bell Dance” – Octagonal Polyphony (Important)
20. Brenda Hutchinson – “Eeeyah!” – Eeeyah! cassette ((no label))
21. Zs – “Z is For Zone” – Zs Score, The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007 (Northern Spy) [plus “Mandarin Missionary Spoken Training” cassette (no label)] 22. Kassel Jaeger – “Campo Del Cielo” – Deltas (Editions Mego) [plus “Talk Radio For John Cage” by Kurt Gottschalk + WFMU DJs via free103point9’s “120 Hours for John Cage”] 23. Master Musicians of Jajouka – “Your Eyes Are Like A Cup of Tea” – Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Jajouka (Point Music) [plus “A Trucker’s Dream” (backwards excerpt) by Mohel from “The Second Temple” (Verdura)] 24. Swans – “A Piece of the Sky” – The Seer (Young God)
25. Art Garfunkel – “Disney Girls (1957)” – Breakaway (Columbia)

26. Cheater Slicks – “Possession” – Whiskey (In the Red)
27. The Flight Reaction – “Mourning Light” – Mourning Light 7″ (13 O’Clock)
28. Jim Sullivan – “Roll Back the Time” – U.F.O. (Light in the Attic)
29. Caitlin Rose – “Lately I’ve Let Things Slide” – Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe (Fiesta Red)
30. Rickie Lee Jones – “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – The Devil You Know (Concord)
31. Curlee and Clyde Greenwood – “Brother Song” – One Time, One Place ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-182

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Glenn Jones – “A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland 1957” – The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
2. Bob Dylan – “Soon After Midnight” – Tempest (Columbia)
3. Bobby Fuller Four – “A New Shade of Blue” – I Fought the Law (Mustang)
4. The Monkees – “Writing Wrongs” – The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees (expanded edition) (Rhino)
5. Blues Control – “Gypsum” – Valley Tangents (Drag City)
6. The Pleasure Fair – “Today” – Soft Sounds For Gentle People, v. 1 ((no label))
7. Rangda – “Night Porter” – Formerly Extinct (Drag City)
8. Thee Oh Sees – “Wax Face” – Putrifiers II (In the Red)
9. Moon Duo – “Free Action” – Circles (Sacred Bones)

10. Ralph White – “Fat Old Sun” – The Mongrel’s Hoard (Monofonus)
11. The Persuasions – “Here Comes Sunshine > drumz > space” – Persuasions of the Dead (Zoho)
12. Michael Alan Alien with the Vans Deferens ORganization – “Shoe String Theory” – Michael Alan Alien (Puer Gravy)
13. Brother Ah – “Love Piece” – Sound Awareness (Ikef)
14. Alfred Harth – “Dog” – Nun (O Back)
15. Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love – “I love It” – I Love It When You Snore (Weird Forest)
16. Jacqueline Caux – “Albert Ayler a la Fondation Maeght” – 13 Minitures For Albert Ayler (Rogue Art)
17. Harry Pussy – “Let’s Build A Pussy, Sides A & C” – Let’s Build A Pussy (Blackbean and Placenta)
18. Conrad Schnitzler – “Side B” – Live ’72 (Further)
19. Douglas Lilburn – “cicadas oscillators and treefrogs” – Fly On The Wall: Stochastic Hit Parade 2005 WFMU Marathon Premium ((no label))
20. Jim Pollock – “Dear Mrs. Reagan” ((no label))

21. Jherek Bischoff feat. Caetano Veloso & Greg Saunier – “The Secret of the Machines” – Composed (Brassland)
22. Jon Gibson – “Side B” – Visitations (Chatham Square)
23. Dieter Schrade – “Kristallstimmgabeln & Klangpyramiden” – Radical Glass Music #6 ((no label)) [plus “Mona Twisted,” by Nurse With Wound, from “Creakiness and Other Misdeamnours” (United Jnana)] 24. Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, and Kim Gordon – “Mirror Mirror” – Yokokimthurston (Chimera)
25. The Flatlanders – “Bhagavan Decreed” – The Odessa Tapes (New West)
26. John Hartford – “Morning Bugle” – Steam-Powered Aereo-Takes (Rounder)
27. The Cyrkle – “Turn Down Day” – Red Rubber Ball (Sundazed)

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yo la tengo setlists, september 2012

(“Don’t Have To Be So Sad” with Chris Corsano and, barely visible behind keys, Glenn Jones.)

7 September 2012
Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
Hopscotch Festival
(Chris Corsano & Glenn Jones opened)

Time Fades Away (Neil Young)
From A Motel 6
Tears Are In Your Eyes
new song
new song
Beanbag Chair
The Weakest Part
Double Dare (acoustic)
Detouring America With Horns (acoustic)
Black Flowers
new song
Don’t Have To Be So Sad (with Chris Corsano on percussion & Glenn Jones on acoustic guitar)
False Alarm
Shaker (with CC & GJ on electric guitar)
Nothing to Hide
Little Honda (The Hondells) (with CC & GJ on keyboards)

Drug Test
Take Care (Alex Chilton)

8 September 2012
Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA
WHYY Festival
(setlist via Dom)

Big Day Coming (fast)
new song
The Summer
Autumn Sweater
new song
Here To Fall
new song
Black Flowers
Nowhere Near
Nothing To Hide
Tom Courtenay
Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

Antmusic (Adam and the Ants)
Griselda (Antonia)
Center Of Gravity (with very drunk audience member celebrating his birthday named Greg on shaker)

frow show, FMU-181

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Mi-Gu – “The Drummer & the Dancer” – Choose the Light (Chimera Music)
2. Orphan Fairytale – “Comets Come Alive” – Comets Come Alive (Blackest Rainbow) [feat. “Optimum Aviary” from “Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound” (Atlantic)] 3. Jean Cocteau – Six Poems by Jean Coteau 7″ (Columbia)
4. Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – “Burning Nest” – Grapes and Snakes (PAN)
5. Diamond Terrifier – “Three Things” – Kill the Self That Wants To Kill Yourself (Northern-Spy)
6. Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy – “The Sundown/San Antonio Mission” – The American Dream (Mode)
7. The Beach Boys – “Summer’s Gone” – That’s Why God Made the Radio (Capitol)

8. The Everly Brothers – “Love is Strange” – Heartaches & Harmonies
9. Dylan Shearer – “Afterwhile” – Porchpuddles (Empty Cellar)
10. Insect Factory – “9/2/12, 7:48 pm” ((no label))
11. Roger Miller – “Big Steam” – Big Steam 7″ (Good Road)
12. Majutsu No Niwa – “Desolate Seashore” – Volume 5, Part 1: The Visionaries’ Sand Zone (Musik Atlach)
13. Garcia Peoples – “Panther In The Night” ((no label))
14. Bob Dylan – “Silvio” – Down in the Groove (Columbia)
15. Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband – “Down By The River” (Negram)
16. Hole Class – “The Mirror Is A Window” – Hole Class (Meds)
17. Icebreaker with BJ Cole – “Silver Morning” – Apollo (Canteloupe)
18. The Men – “Jennifer” – Jennifer 7″ (Matador)

19. William Tapley – “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” ((no label))
20. Col. Bruce Hampton – “Basically Frightened” – Arkansas (Terminus)
21. Mark Feehan – “Stoned Pilot B” – MF (Siltbreeze)
22. Jose Maceda – “Ugnayan” – Ugnayan (Tzadik)
23. Dan Gibson – “Dawn By A Gentle Stream (backwards)” – Solitudes: Environmental Sound Experiences, Volume One (Dan Gibson Productions)
24. Lumerians – “Side B” – Lumerians (Permanent) [plus backwards waves via “The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore” from “Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound” (Atlantic)] 25. Richard Lerman – “A Matter of Scale” – A Matter of Scale and Other Pieces (Anomalous)
26. Bernard Parmegiani – “L’Œil écoute” – L’Œil écoute / Dedans-Dehors (Recollections GRM)
27. Gastr Del Sol – “Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder” – Camoufleur (Drag City)
28. Erdem Helvacioglu – “Will I Ever See You Again” – Eleven Short Stories (Innova)
29. Bill Fay – “Be Not So Fearful” – From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock (Wooden Hill)
30. Billy Bragg – “Ingrid Bergman” – Mermaid Avenue (Reprise)

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