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some recent stories

Happier in Hoboken, my 20th anniversary Yo La Tengo feature, from Paste (on newsstands now, yo).

BRAIN TUBA: The Clock Ticked, At Times, A Regular Tock

This Feeling’s Called Goodbye by Brothers Past

The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theater, 21 March 2005

Medeski, Martin, and Wood at Tonic, 7 & 8 March 2005

In the current Signal To Noise (Genesis P-Orridge cover), only in print: album review of Sound Tribe Sector 9.

In the current Tracks (Lucinda Williams cover), only in print: album review of Jack Johnson, and book review of Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

In the current Relix (Disco Biscuits cover), only in print: album reviews of Andrew Bird and the Chris Stamey Experience, DVD reviews of Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 and Looking For A Thrill: An Anthology of Inspiration

yeah, sorry

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know. I’ve been busy bending circuits (both intentionally and accidentally), serving jury duty (the case of Glen C. Campbell, not the singer, and Seven-Fingered Sampson), falling in and out of mood with the turbulent season, ushering roommates in and out, and traveling to Athens, Georgia (to see the frabjous Olivia Tremor Control) and a few places in New Jersey (Dayton, to International Flavors and Fragrances, and Montclair, to see a performance of Harry Partch’s Oedipus).

And working. Oh, yes. Much of that. A post with some recent links will follow shortly, hopefully with a more regular posting schedule to resume not long after that. Since I hate meta-posts, I’ll defer to Perfect Sound Forever‘s Jason Gross and his righteous Ye Wei blog for thoughts about balancing blogging with other forms of writing.