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mixed bizness

1.) No Frow Show tonight. Got some stuff to do in the morning. If you’re up from 3-6, check out Jen.

1a.) Also, I really liked this Frow set: Arcade Ambience, etc., 11/3.

2.) I’m going to continue to post here–because, despite what Wired says, blogs really are an effective text distribution/organizational system–but a lot my 2.0 energy seems to be going towards Twitter these days. See you over there, maybe? I’m

frow show, fmu-09

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “Wings of Light” – Elf Power (from The Winter Is Coming)
2. “First Signs” – The Instruments (from Dark Smaland)
3. “Tamalpais High (At About 3)” – David Crosby (from If I Could Only Remember My Name)
4. “Melodikim” – Sonic Youth (from Demonlover OST)
5. “Half-Sicilian/Half Welsh” – Mushroom (from Glazed Popems)
6. “Volcanoes of Mercury” – Russ Garcia (from Fantastica: Music from Outer Space)
7. “Fallslake” – Noukazu Takemura (from Fallslake)
8. “Plin” – Hermeto Pascoal (from Livre De Hermeto Pascoal)
9. “God’s Radar” – The Dixie Hummingbirds (from Diamond Jubilation)
10. “Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi” – Jacques Dutronc
11. “Un sabado por la noche” – Manzanita (from Chicha For the Jet Set)
12. “Yöllä Tulen Ja Raapasen Tulen Karvoihin!” – Kemialliset Ystavat (from FatCat Split Series, v. 19 EP)
13. “Kolkata to Kanyakumari (Journey Of Vivekananda)” – Debashish Bhattacharya (from Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey)
14. “Song of the Range” – Jim and Bob, the Genial Hawaiians (from Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals from the ’30s and ’40s compilation)
15. “His Love” – Rev. Lonnie Farris (from Slide Guitar Gospel (1944-1964) compilaiton)
16. “Mfwala Myo La La” – Bob Moses (from Bittersuite in the Ozone)
17. “Hibiki Hana Ma” – Iannis Xenakis (from Electronic Works, v. 2)
18. “As Oscar Wilde” – Leslie Flynt (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007 box set)
19. “The Heavenly Music Corporation (half speed)” – Fripp & Eno (from No Pussyfooting)
20. “Black Sea” – Fennesz (from Black Sea)
21. “In My Room” – Langley Schools Music Project (from Innocence and Despair)
22. “Telemusic” – Karlheinz Stockhausen (from Microphonie I & II/Telemusic)
23. “Thung Kwian Sunrise” – Thai Elephant Orchestra (from Thai Elephant Orchestra)
24. “Eye Slaw” – Brown Wing Overdrive (from ESP Organism)
25. “Opis Helpus” (backwards) – Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan (from Pullhair Rubeye)
26. “Opis Helpus” (unbackwards) – Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan (from Pullhair Rubeye)
27. “Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America” – Leroy Jenkins (from Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America)
28. “Like A Lobster” – Mystic Chords of Memory (from Mystic Chords of America)
29. “Key Largo” – Deadly Nightshade Family Singers (from Plain Brown Suit)
30. “Down Home (rehearsal)” – Jerry Garcia (from Cats Under the Stars expanded)


“Funfair” – Shugo Tokumaru (download) (buy)

S’more of Dad’s animation. Five-year-old me appears at the 1:08 mark, the rest of the neighborhood kids shortly thereafter.

I really love the original soundtrack to “Orange”–some great vintage library music-style electronics–but Shugo Takumaru’s “Funfair” is a good alternate score.

Previous Al Jarnow animation.

frow show, fmu-08

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “We Shall Overcome – Charlie Haden (from Liberation Music Orchestra)
2. “Stars and Stripes Foever” – The Residents (from American Composer Series, v. 2: Stars and Hank Forever)
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “Bat Macumba” – Os Mutantes (from Os Mutantes)
5. “Costa Pariso” – El Guincho (from Alegranza)
6. “I Zimbra” – Talking Heads (from Fear of Music)
7. “Allah Wakbarr” – Ofo & the Black Company (from Love’s A Real Thing: The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa compilation)
8. “Ed Is A Portal” – Akron/Family (from Love is Simple)
9. “In Excelsior Vaginalistic” – The Flaming Lips (from Christmas On Mars OST)
10. “The Ballad of Hank McCain” (vocal version) – John Zorn feat. Mike Patton (from The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone)
11. “Woodbine” – Women (from Women)
12. “Life Forms (Transmission Received)” – Major Organ & the Adding Machine (from Major Organ & the Adding Machine)
13. “Strange Things Happening Everyday” – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (from The Original Soul Sister: Singing In My Soul (1943-1946))
14. “Darkpen” – Archimedes Badkar (from Tre)
15. “Vision’s the First” – High Places (from High Places)
16. “Balimba” – S. Olver Takara Percussions (from Space Oddities: A Collection of Rare European and Library Grooves, 1975-1984 compilation)
17. “Chimacum Rain” (demo #2) – Linda Perhacs (from Parallelograms)
18. “All You Can Do Is Laugh” (1) – cLOUDDEAD (from All You Can Do Is Laugh 10-inch)
19. “Werstuk-1964” – Axel Maujer (from Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, v. 1 (1955-1966) compilation)
20. “First Construction in Metal” – John Cage (from Three Constructions)
21. selections from Common Bird Songs – Donald J. Borror
22. “Julia” – The Beatles/Listener Editor B (from Beware of the Blog)
23. “Car Fumes” – Terrestrial Tones (from Dead Drunk EP)
24. “Green Valentine Blues” – Allen Ginsberg (from Holy Soul, Jelly Roll box set)
25. “Wahwahkel” – Sack and Blumm (from Sack and Blumm)
26. “Temple Bells” (from Buddhist Drums, Bells and Chants)
27. selections from Live Mixxx – DJ Chaos X
28. “Legend of Hyrule” – Koji Kondo (from Ocarina of Time: Sounds and Songs)
29. “Are You Hung Up?” – Frank Zappa (from We’re Only In It For the Money)
30. “Hula Blues” – Sol Hoopi (from Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals form the ’30s and ’40s compilation)
31. “Omstart” – Cornelius (from Sensuous)
32. “Space Hymn” – Lothar and the Hand People (from Space Hymns)
33. “Heal Us” – The 63 Crayons (from Death Before Distemper 2: Revenge of the Iron Ferret compilation)
34. “Quartet Piece no. 2” – Circle (from Circulus)
35. “The Things That I Know” – Musee Mecanique (from Hold This Ghost)
36. “Si Tu Dois Partir” – Fairport Convention (from Unhalfbricking)
37. “Show the Cloven Hoof” – Mainliner (from Psychedelic Polyhedron)
38. “The Grid” – Phillip Glass (from Koyaanisqatsi OST)
39. “Ripple” – Sex Mob (from Solid Sender)

the great white wonder project

“Quinn the Eskimo” (take 1) – Bob Dylan and the Band (download)

A few weekends back, at the WFMU Record Fair, I picked up a copy of Bob Dylan’s Great White Wonder. The first ever rock bootleg, it was originally released by the Trademark of Quality underground label in 1969. Famously, it came in almost totally blank packaging: white jacket, white labels, sometimes a rubber stamp with the title.

The copy I bought comes with a handwritten title on the front, obviously scrawled by a dealer at some point along the way. Likewise, the labels on the vinyl itself only contain simple simple black dots, indicating the A-side (I think) of each disc. Others, it looks like, had more formal packaging.

Surely, though, with a batch of brand new, unknown songs, many people must have annotated their copies, guessed at the titles, etc..
Got one? What does it say on it? Join the Great White Wonder Project pool or upload to flickr with the tags “bob dylan great white wonder” and I’ll deal with it.

(Thx, Andres!)

“Got To Be Some Changes Made” – The Staple Singers (download) (buy)

The Obamagasms continued today. For me, they came, quivering and screaming, through the new site, While complete transparency and openness in government is impossible, and maybe not even desirable, this is a pleasant start. One can peruse the General Services Administration directory issued to all new White House personnel, apply for a job, or submit ideas. While is certainly chock full of information, is efficient and friendly. Perhaps it’ll all prove illusory, this change thing, but Obama’s clearly got better web designers. And that’s a goddamn good way to begin. I’d like to see what kind of mail comes in. Perhaps I’ll apply for that job.

There are some bits worth poking at. For example, the semi-self-serving-and-presumptuous-but-also-neat-and-2.0y American Moment feature. There are also forms at the top of the page for one to enter one’s email address and zip code, with no explanation of why they might be needed. Nonetheless, I entered them with only the briefest of second thoughts, willfully giving my contact info to a government-domained website. Apparently, I’ve just signed up to help remake Washington. Or something.

Change is “change” is “‘change,'” but it’s also a talking point, albeit the peaceful variety. It’ll certainly be fascinating to see how President Obama’s rhetoric continues to maintain or mutate the brand and how that relates reality. (Practically speaking, does he continue to use or take over Most telling, for the moment, is the blunt NEED CONTENT page behind the “Obama National Service Plan” link. Then, there’s a lot that’s empty on this site. Content will be coming soon, and probably quickly. Hope they’re ready, and–more–I hope they’re serious.

frow show, fmu-07

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

Hour-plus sound collage set beginning here.

1. “The Things” – Skeletons (from Money)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “What’cha Gonna Do About It?” – The Condo Fucks (from Fuckbook)
4. “Freckle Wars” – Ecstatic Sunshine (from Ecstatic Sunshine)
5. “In the Flowers (aka Dancer)” – Animal Collective (23 October 2007 Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL)
6. “La La Radio” – Shugo Tokumaru (from Exit)
7. “Ego Blossoms” – Samara Lubelski (from Living Bridge compilation)
8. “Alabama” – Mark DeGliAntoni (from Horse Tricks)
9. “Livin Was Easy” – The Glands (from The Glands)
10. “Lazy Susan” – Oakley Hall (from Gypsum Strings)
11. “Got To Be Some Changes Made” – Staple Singers (from Soul Folk in Action)
12. “Down By The Riverside” – Preservation Hall Jazz Band (from Best of the Early Years anthology)
13. “From the Tide or the Wind” – The Tape Beatles (from Music With Sound)
14. “Help” – Count Basie Orchestra (rom Basie’s Beatle Bag)
15. “The Corner” – Glenn Kotche (from Mixtape compilation)
16. “Nannou” – Aphex Twin (from Windowlicker EP)
17. “Panang” – Critters Buggin (from Stampede)
18. “Arcade Ambience ’83” – Andy Hofle (from Arcade Ambience ’83)
19. Frogs (5 April 1989 Merritt Island National Wildlife Preseve, FL)
20. “My Blue Sky (no. 1)” – Joji Yuasa (from Obscure Tape Music of Japan, v. 1: Aoi no Ue anthology)
21. “Golden Rain (Hudjan mas)” – Gamelan Gong Kebjar (from Golden Rain)
22. “Bucaneve” – Chris Watson (from Cima Verde)
23. “Rainwater Sea” – Robert Hunter (from Sentinel)
24. “Gamelan” – Tom Disselvelt (from Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, v. 1 (1955-1966) anthology)
25. “Love at the Swimming Hole” – Louis and Bebe Barron (from Forbidden Planet OST)
26. “Georgian Instrumental” – (Organ) (from Sprigs of Time: 78s from the EMI Archive anthology)
27. selections from the Zelinsky Collection (from Musee Mehanique presents the Zelinsky Collection, v. 3 anthology)
28. “Oysters and Wine at 2 a.m.” – Polk Miller’s Old South Quartette (from Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette)
29. selections from Tron OST – Wendy Carlos (from Tron OST)
30. “Weird Dream” – Harmonia ’76 (from Tracks and Traces)
31. “Brokedown Palace” – Bonnie Prince Billy (from Pebbles and Ripples)
32. “Havana Moon” – Chuck Berry (from The Great Twenty-Eight anthology)
33. “I Get A Little Taste of You” – Z-Rock Hawaii (from Z-Rock Hawaii)
34. “Only Heaven Knows” – Kevin Ayers (from The Unfairground)
35. “I Can’t Stop Loving You” – Ray Charles (from Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music)
36. “#1” – Scientist (from Scientist Wins the World Cup)
37. “Blue Nile” – Alice Coltrane (from Ptah the El Daoud)
38. “Wayward Hum” – Vashti Bunyan (from Lookaftering)
39. “I Love How You Love Me” – The Paris Sisters (from Back to Mono anthology)
40. “Phonoballoon Song” – Takako Minekawa (from Cloudy Cloud Calculator)
41. “Here Comes My Ship” – Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby (from Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby)
42. “Tell Me Why” – Neil Young (from After the Goldrush)
43. “Roll With the Flow” – Mike Nesmith (from And the Hits Just Keep on Coming)
44. “The Revolution” – David Byrne (from Look Into the Eyeball)

useful things, no. 13

o The links I post in this category are generally hacks, and free ones at that, but this $1600 Optimus Maximus keyboard where each button is a custom screen is just too cool.
o YouConvertIt goes from format-to-format for you. Awesome and amazingly handy in theory, but it sometimes has been wicked slow when I’ve tried to use it. It did do what I wanted it to do–rip a YouTube video into an mp3–though it only did so at 64 kbps and didn’t tag it all. Drag.
o SoundSnap has free loops and sound effects. (Thx, Michael.) (I think/suspect.)
o TabMixPlus is a plug-in browser-tab management system for FireFox. Allegedly, heads have been using it to set TicketMaster pages to reload automatically when shows go on sale. Haven’t tried it personally, but it seems like it’d work. (And couldn’t be worse than the Dylan on-sale last week when one had to stop loading the TM page with split-second precision in order to buy the tickets.)
o GoogleEarth-based atlas of album cover art. Perhaps not useful, but a solid database and a functional time waster.
o The Forvo database pronounces words in their original language. Wowzers. Maybe now I can learn how to say those Brazilian/Portuguese song titles properly.