Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-07

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

Hour-plus sound collage set beginning here.

1. “The Things” – Skeletons (from Money)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “What’cha Gonna Do About It?” – The Condo Fucks (from Fuckbook)
4. “Freckle Wars” – Ecstatic Sunshine (from Ecstatic Sunshine)
5. “In the Flowers (aka Dancer)” – Animal Collective (23 October 2007 Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL)
6. “La La Radio” – Shugo Tokumaru (from Exit)
7. “Ego Blossoms” – Samara Lubelski (from Living Bridge compilation)
8. “Alabama” – Mark DeGliAntoni (from Horse Tricks)
9. “Livin Was Easy” – The Glands (from The Glands)
10. “Lazy Susan” – Oakley Hall (from Gypsum Strings)
11. “Got To Be Some Changes Made” – Staple Singers (from Soul Folk in Action)
12. “Down By The Riverside” – Preservation Hall Jazz Band (from Best of the Early Years anthology)
13. “From the Tide or the Wind” – The Tape Beatles (from Music With Sound)
14. “Help” – Count Basie Orchestra (rom Basie’s Beatle Bag)
15. “The Corner” – Glenn Kotche (from Mixtape compilation)
16. “Nannou” – Aphex Twin (from Windowlicker EP)
17. “Panang” – Critters Buggin (from Stampede)
18. “Arcade Ambience ’83” – Andy Hofle (from Arcade Ambience ’83)
19. Frogs (5 April 1989 Merritt Island National Wildlife Preseve, FL)
20. “My Blue Sky (no. 1)” – Joji Yuasa (from Obscure Tape Music of Japan, v. 1: Aoi no Ue anthology)
21. “Golden Rain (Hudjan mas)” – Gamelan Gong Kebjar (from Golden Rain)
22. “Bucaneve” – Chris Watson (from Cima Verde)
23. “Rainwater Sea” – Robert Hunter (from Sentinel)
24. “Gamelan” – Tom Disselvelt (from Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, v. 1 (1955-1966) anthology)
25. “Love at the Swimming Hole” – Louis and Bebe Barron (from Forbidden Planet OST)
26. “Georgian Instrumental” – (Organ) (from Sprigs of Time: 78s from the EMI Archive anthology)
27. selections from the Zelinsky Collection (from Musee Mehanique presents the Zelinsky Collection, v. 3 anthology)
28. “Oysters and Wine at 2 a.m.” – Polk Miller’s Old South Quartette (from Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette)
29. selections from Tron OST – Wendy Carlos (from Tron OST)
30. “Weird Dream” – Harmonia ’76 (from Tracks and Traces)
31. “Brokedown Palace” – Bonnie Prince Billy (from Pebbles and Ripples)
32. “Havana Moon” – Chuck Berry (from The Great Twenty-Eight anthology)
33. “I Get A Little Taste of You” – Z-Rock Hawaii (from Z-Rock Hawaii)
34. “Only Heaven Knows” – Kevin Ayers (from The Unfairground)
35. “I Can’t Stop Loving You” – Ray Charles (from Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music)
36. “#1” – Scientist (from Scientist Wins the World Cup)
37. “Blue Nile” – Alice Coltrane (from Ptah the El Daoud)
38. “Wayward Hum” – Vashti Bunyan (from Lookaftering)
39. “I Love How You Love Me” – The Paris Sisters (from Back to Mono anthology)
40. “Phonoballoon Song” – Takako Minekawa (from Cloudy Cloud Calculator)
41. “Here Comes My Ship” – Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby (from Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby)
42. “Tell Me Why” – Neil Young (from After the Goldrush)
43. “Roll With the Flow” – Mike Nesmith (from And the Hits Just Keep on Coming)
44. “The Revolution” – David Byrne (from Look Into the Eyeball)


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