Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-08

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “We Shall Overcome – Charlie Haden (from Liberation Music Orchestra)
2. “Stars and Stripes Foever” – The Residents (from American Composer Series, v. 2: Stars and Hank Forever)
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “Bat Macumba” – Os Mutantes (from Os Mutantes)
5. “Costa Pariso” – El Guincho (from Alegranza)
6. “I Zimbra” – Talking Heads (from Fear of Music)
7. “Allah Wakbarr” – Ofo & the Black Company (from Love’s A Real Thing: The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa compilation)
8. “Ed Is A Portal” – Akron/Family (from Love is Simple)
9. “In Excelsior Vaginalistic” – The Flaming Lips (from Christmas On Mars OST)
10. “The Ballad of Hank McCain” (vocal version) – John Zorn feat. Mike Patton (from The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone)
11. “Woodbine” – Women (from Women)
12. “Life Forms (Transmission Received)” – Major Organ & the Adding Machine (from Major Organ & the Adding Machine)
13. “Strange Things Happening Everyday” – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (from The Original Soul Sister: Singing In My Soul (1943-1946))
14. “Darkpen” – Archimedes Badkar (from Tre)
15. “Vision’s the First” – High Places (from High Places)
16. “Balimba” – S. Olver Takara Percussions (from Space Oddities: A Collection of Rare European and Library Grooves, 1975-1984 compilation)
17. “Chimacum Rain” (demo #2) – Linda Perhacs (from Parallelograms)
18. “All You Can Do Is Laugh” (1) – cLOUDDEAD (from All You Can Do Is Laugh 10-inch)
19. “Werstuk-1964” – Axel Maujer (from Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, v. 1 (1955-1966) compilation)
20. “First Construction in Metal” – John Cage (from Three Constructions)
21. selections from Common Bird Songs – Donald J. Borror
22. “Julia” – The Beatles/Listener Editor B (from Beware of the Blog)
23. “Car Fumes” – Terrestrial Tones (from Dead Drunk EP)
24. “Green Valentine Blues” – Allen Ginsberg (from Holy Soul, Jelly Roll box set)
25. “Wahwahkel” – Sack and Blumm (from Sack and Blumm)
26. “Temple Bells” (from Buddhist Drums, Bells and Chants)
27. selections from Live Mixxx – DJ Chaos X
28. “Legend of Hyrule” – Koji Kondo (from Ocarina of Time: Sounds and Songs)
29. “Are You Hung Up?” – Frank Zappa (from We’re Only In It For the Money)
30. “Hula Blues” – Sol Hoopi (from Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals form the ’30s and ’40s compilation)
31. “Omstart” – Cornelius (from Sensuous)
32. “Space Hymn” – Lothar and the Hand People (from Space Hymns)
33. “Heal Us” – The 63 Crayons (from Death Before Distemper 2: Revenge of the Iron Ferret compilation)
34. “Quartet Piece no. 2” – Circle (from Circulus)
35. “The Things That I Know” – Musee Mecanique (from Hold This Ghost)
36. “Si Tu Dois Partir” – Fairport Convention (from Unhalfbricking)
37. “Show the Cloven Hoof” – Mainliner (from Psychedelic Polyhedron)
38. “The Grid” – Phillip Glass (from Koyaanisqatsi OST)
39. “Ripple” – Sex Mob (from Solid Sender)


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