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“you belong to me” – bob dylan

“You Belong to Me” – Bob Dylan

(This file will expire on February 9th.)

Dylan did a really lovely version of Pee Wee King, Chilton Price, and Redd Stewart’s “You Belong to Me” on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, from 1994. It’s just Dylan and guitar. Because of that — and the warmth of the recording, and those chord changes, and that tempo, and Dylan’s level of engagement — it feels to me very much like something that could come near the end of Blood on the Tracks, in the vicinity of “Shelter From the Storm” and “Buckets of Rain.” It’s real pretty-like.

The only problem with the recording was that, right after the last verse, came a sample of Woody Harrelson from the film. To put it mildly, it killed the vibe. Dunno why it didn’t occur to me earlier, but — tonight — I finally dumped it into ProTools, removed Woody, and fixed the ending. I was feeling nerdy. Enjoy.


“hazy sf” – six organs of admittance

“Hazy SF” – Six Organs of Admittance

(This file will expire on May 29th.)

I’ve been feeling the need to travel for a few months now, ideally ending up in San Francisco where I could visit my old college housemates. But I put off using my airline credit until the last possible minute, and now it seems as if it’s probably gonna expire before I can go. Feh.

Until I get my shit together, “Hazy SF” by Six Organs of Admittance is gonna have to do. It’s a perfect little slab of shimmering California boosterism that — along with the Devandra Banhart-curated Golden Apples of the Suncompilation that it’s drawn from — has become part of my morning routine lately. I lie by the living room window and shuffle through email while my head wakes up far away, on the couch of my friends’ North Beach apartment, sun pouring in, the cat skittering.

Thanks to Mike McGonigal and his awesome ‘buked & scorned blog for the YouSendIt idea.