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frow show, FMU-34

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. Wilco – “My Darling” – Summerteeth (Elektra) [Gudbuy t’Jay] 2. The Breeders – “Saints” – Last Splash (4AD)
3. Holy Modal Rounders – “Boobs A Lot” – Good Taste Is Timeless (Sundazed)

4. Bob Dylan – “Absolutely Sweet Marie” – Blonde on Blonde (Columbia) [Happy birthday, Bob.] 5. The Byrds – “Wasn’t Born to Follow” – The Notorious Byrd Brothers (Columbia)
6. The Gladiators – “Fling It Gimme” – Studio One Singles (Studio One)
7. Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank – “Mr. Livingstone” – Begegnungen II (Sky)
8. Kawabata Moko & Michishita Shinsuke – “Me and Bitter, Psychedelic Tokyo” – Sex, Voyage and Echo Chamber (Beta-Lactam Ring) [feat. “Meditative Music 3” by Pulse Emitter] 9. Willie Lane – “Silversleeve Raga” – Known Quantity (Cord Art)
10. Telecult Powers – “Strange News From A Distant Star” – Kiss The Viper’s Fang cassette (Obsolete Units) [feat. “Space-Time” lecture by Richard Feynman (from “Six Not So Easy Pieces”)] 11. Sun Ra – “solos” – Live at Slug’s Saloon (Transparency) [Happy (earthly) bday, Sonny.] 12. Starving Weirdos – “Shrine of the Post-Hypnotic” – Shrine of the Post-Hypnotic (Root Strata)
13. Chris Watson – “River mara At Midnight; Masai, Kenya; Sept. 1994” – Stepping Into the Darkness (Touch)
14. Gamelan Pacifica – “In a Landscape (John Cage)” – Trance Gong (What Next?) [feat. “Underwater Dynasty” by Magic Lantern (Urck)] 15. Goro Yamaguchi – “Koku-Reibo (A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky)” – Shakuhachi Music: A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky (Nonesuch Explorer Series)
16. Grouper – “Tidal Wave” – Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill (Type)
17. Evan Levine – “The Storm Outside (Amarillo, TX)” – From Jersey to LA (04-28-07 to 05-05-07)
18. Noah Creshevsky – “Circuit” – The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky (1971-1992) (Em)
19. Lambchop – “You’re A Big Girl Now” – 22 October 2008 Orpheum, Graz, Austria

20. Caetano Veloso – “Lost in the Paradise” – Caetano Veloso (1969) (EMI)
21. JACK Quartet – “Ergma (Xenakis)” – Complete String Quartets (Mode)
22. Alain Savouret – “Etude aux sons realistes” – Archives GMR [2] L’Art de l’Etude
23. Masahiko Satoh & Sound Breakers – “Side A” – Amalgamation (Drone Syndicate)
24. Tossi Aaron – “Fernario” – Sings Folk Songs and Ballads (Prestige)
25. J.D. Emmanuel – “Sunrise Oer Galveston Bay” – Solid Dawn – Electronic Works, 1979-1982 (Kvist)
26. Jeffrey Lewis – “To Be Objectified” – Em Are I (Rough Trade)
27. John Cale – “You Know More Than I Know” – Medium Rare (Ryko)
28. Dinosaur Jr – “Feel A Whole Lot Better” – Time Between (A Tribute to the Byrds) (Imaginary)
29. Don Gibson – “Sea of Heartbreak”
30. Marc Bolan – “Sunken Rags” – A Wizard, A True Star (Edsel)
31. Elvis Costello – “I Dreamed of My Old Lover” – Secret, Profane and Sugarcane (Hear Music)
32. Emmitt Rhodes – “Long Time No See” – Emmitt Rhodes (Dunhill)
33. Johnny Cash – “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”
34. Sonny Curtis – “A Hard Day’s Night” – Beatle Hits Flamenco Guitar Style (El)

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some recent articles.

American Beautys: More other-worldly psych-rock investigations with Akron/Family (Village Voice)
Suggested Uses for Buddha Machine 2.0

Willie and the Wheel – Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel
Preteen Weaponry – Oneida
Fuckbook – The Condo Fucks
Swoon – Silversun Pickups

The Dead at Angel Orensanz Center, Gramercy Theater, Roseland Ballroom, 30 March 2009 (Village Voice blog)

The Limits of Control (Paste)

o June Relix (Phish cover): album reviews of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Crystal Antlers, Heroes compilation.
o Paste #52 (Decemberists cover): feature on reading Harry Potter and Marcel Proust; album review of the Silversun Pickups

suggested uses for the buddha machine 2.0 (greatest misses #13)

Lost in the post-holiday malaise…

Suggested Uses for the Buddha Machine 2.0
by Jesse Jarnow

FM3’s Buddha Machine 2.0, an ugly plastic box that emits nine different ambient loops and which looks like a transistor radio, was practically designed for urban life. Inspired by the drone boxes at Buddhist temples in Asia, it is a chilled escape from Twittered-out internet devices, mp3 players, stray noise (cultural or literal), and even well-meaning friends.

The new edition of Christian Virant and Zhang Jian’s Buddha Machine (first issued in 2005) is the post-holiday balm to end all balms. Because now it has pitch control. Armed with a headphone jack, a small tinny speaker, nine new loops, and a nearly infinite life from two AA batteries, the Buddha Machine–$23 + shipping from Forced Exposure–and its flexibility might be your new bff. (That or the $3.99 iPhone version, modeled on the original, which is also pretty rad, albeit too quiet.)
Suggested uses:

1. Put on before sleep. Place on pillow next to head.
2. Turn on in pocket while out and about, surruptiously adjusting as needed.
2a. With friends, keep volume low, free of detection. They will wonder why you are glowing.
2b. On subway, keep volume louder. The Buddha Machine is an interesting gauge of ambient noise.
3. For street use, try headphones. Though each track is a short loop, extended close listening creates illusions of developing pieces of music, replete with movements and sections.
3a. The Buddha Machine occasionally picks up interference from passing cell phones, like speakers at a club. But it also sometimes adds layers of localized static, like sonic dirt, which is kinda cool.
4. In noisy environment, such as a bar or party, crank Buddha Machine, press closely to ear, close eyes. Listen to the ocean in the seashell.
5. Different loops for different occasions. Each is named (“Mao,” “Li,” etc.), but better remembered by one’s own mnemonic: the piano-bells, the downtempo one, the ice fields, etc..
6. Add new layer to whatever music is playing. Use pitch control to match key.
7. Go to LaMonte Young’s Dream House. Upon exit, use pitch control to match drone, carry vibe home with you.
8. Float downstream. It is not dying, dude.

some killed record reviews (greatest misses #9-12)

Four reviews from this year & last that fell through the cracks between issues, editors, and/or otherwise never made it entirely to print.


Provoked, perhaps, by Times New Viking’s scuzz-fidelity challenge, “Times New Viking vs. Yo La Tengo,” the Hoboken trio returns in their punchiest guise yet. Rehearsing for a stealth gig at Brooklyn’s Magnetic Field under the moniker the Condo Fucks, Fuckbook is a rude sequel to 1990’s whisper-heavy covers album, Fakebook. The Fucks shag ass through 11 deep cuts from the Kinks, the Zantees, the Flamin’ Groovies, and other garage faves whose names begin with definite articles. The crappy recording adds delirious fuzz, shouted backing harmonies coming out like power chords, power chords coming out otherworldly. Guitarist Ira Kaplan (as Kid Condo) is at his gnarliest, solos oversaturating into utter bliss. The Tengos’ sixth sense for covers has never been more unerring, nor–more importantly–more fun. Fuck!

Willie & the Wheel

Ironically, probably the best way to dig Willie Nelson’s new session of vintage Western swing is through the tiniest, tinniest computer speakers one can find. Recorded with veteran string masters Asleep at the Wheel and spearheaded by late Stax producer Jerry Wexler, who passed away last August, Willie and the Wheel is neither hit nor miss. And that’s a bummer, because a late-career disc of Nelson returning to Western swing should be awesome. But, despite all the weed, Willie’s voice has barely aged, and he never really stopped singing Western swing anyway, so his takes on sweet, familiar tunes like “Hesitation Blues” and “Sittin’ On Top of the World” are sweet and familiar and almost nothing more. The Wheel are crisp, but–just as with Nelson–it feels like just another session. Pumped through an iPhone, though, the recordings become three-dimensional, as if from a mysterious mirage of an old radio.

Preteen Weaponry

Though they recently issued the 7-inch Heads Ain’t Ready featuring the Grateful Dead’s “Cream Puff War” backed with “Cold Rain and Snow,” Brooklyn’s Oneida truly let their headiness blossom on Preteen Weaponry. Divided into three jams of roughly 13 minutes each, the music (credited to “Oneida members past, present, and future”) floats on double-drummer crests, subterranean keyboard studies, a few vocals (on “Part II”), and Boredoms-like ecstasy. Coalescing the shorter, silvery fragments of their decade-plus career into a tripped whole, the band moves without lead voices, letting waves of noise create movement above Sonic Youth gallops and fuzz drones. Atmospheric but never sleepy, Preteen Weaponry is allegedly the prelude to a triple album due next year. One hopes that heads will be ready by then.


I ran an eighth-inch cable out of the headphone jack, ripped the encoded promo stream of the new Silversun Pickups album, Swoon, burned a dozen copies, and passed them around to the neighborhood kids. “The guitars sound like Sonic Youth,” said Thomas, 6, who’d just BitTorrented 3 GB of noise rock. “I like that they’re layered. But the drums are all, like, major label.” Irma, who is seven, made a face like she’d eaten a sour gum ball. “It sounds like music you’d, like, hear on TV or something,” she said, “like in an ad.” Later, though, a street party broke out, with Swoon as the soundtrack. Somebody uncapped a fire hydrant. And then an ice cream truck gave out free cones. The next day, the street was littered with CDs. “I didn’t even leak it,” Irma said, satisfied. “They taught us not to. I’m starting my own band. I’m indier than them, anyway.”

frow show, FMU-33

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. Dillinger – “Natty Kung Fu” – When Rhythm Was King (Studio One)
2. King Khan & the Shrines – “le fils de jacques dutronc” – what is?! (Vice)

3. Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move” – Bitte Orca (Domino)
4. Tadahiko Yokogawa – “Limbo” – Volo Interno (Sleepy Mammal Sound)
5. Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – “Eleking The Clay” – Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir (Alien8)
6. Harris Newman – “A Quarter To Call the Ambulance” – Decorated (Strange Attractors)
7. Ted Hayes – “On Ships at Sea and Stars” – Current Working Directory
8. Port of Notes – “Duet With Birds (a capella)” – Duet With Birds 12-inch (KYTHMAK)
9. Steve Gunn – “Side A” – End of the City 12-inch (Abandon Ship)
10. James Ferraro – “Side A” – Clear (Holy Mountain)
11. Pimmon – “Some Days Are Tones” – Smudge Another Yesterday (Preservation) [feat. “The Desert Music” by William Carlos Williams] 12. Sarah Cahill – “Ruth Crawford: 9 Preludes” – Crawford/Beyer (New Albion)
13. Eric Cordier – “Osorezan” – Osorezan (Herbal) [feat. “Bayaka Harp Songs” cassette, recorded by Louis Sarno (Anachron)] 14. Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham – “Sleep, Baby, Sleep” – Vocal Quartets: Volume 2 D/E/F/G (1929-1932) (Document)
15. Newband – “Columbus (Dean Drummond)” – Microtonal Works by… (Mode 18)
16. Ata Ebtekar & the Iranian Orchestra For New Music – “Little Tales 4point5” – performing works of alireza mashayekhi (Sub Rosa)
17. Elfin Saddle – “Muskeg Parade” – Ringing For the Begin Again (Constellation)
18. Dragging an Ox Through Water – “a.) The Unbearable Dumbness of Being, b.) Earthen Airlock > Snowbank Treatmant” – The Tropics of Phenomenon (Freedom To Spend)
19. Wilco – “Bull Black Nova” – Wilco (The Album) (Nonesuch)

20. The Vaselines – “Son Of A Gun (demo)” – Enter the Vaselines (Sub Pop)
21. The Oh Sees – “Carol Ann” – Carol Ann 7-inch
22. Yoshida Tatsuya – “Drevoredo” – A Million Years (Magaibutsu)
23. LSD March – “Kumoitachikumo” – Uretakumo Nakunarutorika (Beta-Lactam Ring)
24. Patrick Watson – “Machinery of the Heavens” – Wooden Arms (Secret City)
25. Harry Partch – “Rotate The Body In All Its Planes (Ballad For Gymnasts)” – Harry Partch Collection, v. 3 (Composers Recordings)
26. Realax – “Melonaire” – Apollo Guise (Little Fury Things)
27. White – “Song 5” – Look Directly Into the Sun: China Pop 2007 (Bloodshot)
28. Bob Dylan – “This Dream of You” – Together Through Life (Columbia)
29. The Buzzcocks – “Love Is Lies” – Love Bites (EMI)

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frow show, FMU-32

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. Robbie the Werewolf – “Drums and Guns” – Live at the Waleback
2. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention – “Motherly Love” – Joe’s Corsage (Vaulternative)

3. The Questionmarks – “The Ghost Left Town” – The Questionmarks v. NYC, v. 1 (Little Fury Things)
4. Woods – “Where and What Are You?” – Songs of Shame (Shrimper)
5. Peter Walker – “Morning Joy” – Rainy Ray Raga (Vanguard)
6. Jean-Claude Vannier – “Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse” – L’enfant Assassin Des Mouches (Finders Keepers)
7. Akai Ikuo – “I Don’t Like Such A Hot Day” – Language Without Words (Black Series) [feat. “Opening Prayer Song (Kiowa)” by David Apekaun] 8. Jacques Thollot – “Cecile” – Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe à la mer (Futura)
9. Masayuki Takayanagi and New Direction For the Arts – “Second Movement” – Free Form Suite (Three Blind Mice) [feat. “Amber” by Ken Nordine from “Colors” (Asphodel)] 10. Jackson 5 – “I Was Made to Love Her” – Joyful Jukebox Music (Motown)

11. Akron/Family – “improv” – Live in the Love Room @ WFMU, 7 May 2009 [engineered by Chris Koltay and Jeff Simmons] 12. The What Four – “I’m Gonna Destroy that Boy” – Destroy That Boy: More Girls With Guitars (Ace)
13. Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet – “Strawberry Fields Forever” – Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet (Union Disc)
14. Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton – “The second set – area 11 (open)” – First Duo Concert (Emanem)
15. The Pyramids – “Mogho Naba (King of Kings)” – King of Kings (Ikef)
16. Omar Souleyman – “La Sidounak Sayyada” – Dabke 2020 (Sublime Frequencies)
17. Keith Richards – “The Harder They Come” – Run Rudolph Run 7-inch (Rolling Stones Records)

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frow show, FMU-31

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. Voicebot – “Instructions” – Yeti, v. 1 (Yeti Publishing)
2. Bob – “Yes For Sure” – GREATEST HITS VOL. 1

3. Crystal Stilts – “Sugar Baby” – Love Is A Wave 7-inch (Slumberland)
4. Chiaki Naomi – “X+Y=Love” – Japanese Folk, Rock & Enka 1969-1972
5. Pat Kelly – “Somebody’s Baby” – Trojan Rocksteady box set (Trojan)
6. Hailu Mergia and the Walias – “Eti Gual Blenai” – Tche Belew (Kaifa)
7. Amadou and Mariam – “Ce N’est Pas Bon” – Welcome To Mali (Because/Nonesuch)
8. Pisces – “Sam” – A Lovely Sight (Numero Group)
9. Oorutaichi – “Pan 1 nonaki” – Drifting My Folklore (Okimi)
10. Stars of the Lid – “Goodnight” – Music For Nitrous Oxide (1992 – 1994) (Sedimental)
11. Sachiko M – “2808200” – Japanese Avant-Garde (Sub Rosa)
12. Harry Smith – “Water From Roof 10:55am 12-18-88 South End Performing Arts Center, Naropa Institute (Edit)” – Yeti, v. 1 (Yeti Publishing)
13. Oren ambarchi – “#4” – Suspension (Touch UK)
14. Expo 70 – “Transcending Energy From Light” – Night Flights (Fedora Corpse)
15. John Elliot – “Outer Space” – Outer Space/Faucet Plains cassette (Wagon) [feat. “These Lacustrine Cities” read by John Ashbery (Living Theatre, September 16, 1963)] 16. Dave Clark and Walter Drake – “Several Events Related To Wind” – The Mesmerization of Water/Several Events Related to Wind cassette
17. Ku Khata – “Neco Novellas” – New Dawn Ku Khata (World Connection)
18. Sir Richard Bishop – “Taqasim For Omar” – The Freak of Araby (Drag City)
19. Ghedalia Tazartès – “Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie So” – Diasporas/Tazartes (Alga Marghen)
20. Harappian Night Recordings – “Memoria Makhnovischna” – The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele (Bo’ Weavil)
21. Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju, and Giovani Hidalgo – “Dances With Wood” – Global Drum Project (Shout! Factory)
22. Color Rabbit – “Tribal Wave” – Space Placement (Little Fury Things)
23. Jakob Olausson – “Silhouette V” – Moonlight Farm (Destijl)
24. Tenniscoats – “Donna Donna” – Totemo Aimasho (Room40)
25. Masato Minami – “It Can’t Be Over” – The Tropics (BMG Victor)

26. Sven Libaek – “Lift Off” – Solar Flares (Vadim)
27. various – “SIDECHOP: Documenting 18 fomerly secret performances (panidomatic improvisation)” – Iowa Ear Music (Creel Prone)
28. Justin Heathcliff – “Once It’s Nice To Rise at Dawn” – Justin Heathcliff (world psychedelia)
29. Chrysalis – “What Will Become of the Morning” – Definition (Rev)
30. Arthur Miles – “The Lonely Cowboy” – Another Time, Another Place (mix by dante carfagna)
31. Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk feat. Big Bird – “Sweet Rosyanne” – Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street (Children’s Records of America) [Happy 90th, Pete!]

32. Elvis Costello – “Beyond Belief” – Imperial Bedroom (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-30

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. The Beatles – “I Want To Tell You” – Revolver (mono) (Capitol)
2. Of Montreal – “She’s A Rejecter” – Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Polyvinyl)
3. Curtis Mayfield – “if i were only a child again” – 7-inch (Columbia)
4. Richard Hell and the Voidoids – “Love Comes In Spurts (outtake)”

5. Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – “Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future” – Em Are I (Rough Trade)
6. Deerhunter – “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” – Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP (Kranky)
7. What’s Up – “Fool’s Gold” – Content Imagination (Obey Your Brain)
8. Snowglobe – “Comforted” – No Need To Light A Night Light On A Night Like Tonight EP (Makeshift)
9. The Child Readers – “Death of a Cloud” – Music Heard Far Off (Soft Abuse)
10. James Blackshaw – “Bled” – The Glass Bead Game (Young God) [feat. “Earth Horns with Electronic Drone” by Yoshi Wada (Em)] 11. Yonlu – “I Know What It’s Like” – A Society In Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre (Luaka Bop)

12. Woods – “Sunlit” – 7-inch (Captured Tracks)
13. Chase Pagan – “Summer Games” – Bells and Whistles (Esperanza Plantation)
14. Portsmouth Sinfonia – “Also Sprach Zarathustra” – The Transatlantic Story (Castle)
15. Borbetomagus – “DC” – Snuff Jazz (Agaric)
16. Talibam! with Daniel Carter – “The Man From Plato 3000, Whose Resource Efficently Ear-A-Rounded the Antiquity Level” – The New Nixon Tapes (Roaratorio)
17. Telecult Powers – “The Ecstatic Mother” – The Amazing Laws of… (Abandon Ship)
18. Christian Science Minotaur – “Little Women v. 2.1” – Map 2 (of 9)
19. KK Null – “Side A (excerpt)” – Live @ Electron (Noiseville)
20. tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE – “Tone Fones Duet” – Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (Scrape)
21. Just Exactly Perfect Brothers Band – “Infinity Ashes” – Too Loose To Truck cassette
22. Teeth Mountain – Teeth Mountain (Shdwply)
23. Waza trumpet ensembles – Waza: Blue Nile – Sudan (Wergo)
24. Gamelan Son of Lion – “Telling Time (Miguel Frasconi)” – Sonogram (Innova)
25. Akio Suzuki – “Performance 20.10.’97” – Na-Gi 1997 (Edition RZ)
26. Arsenije Jovanovic – “Les Vents du Camargue” – Galiola / Works for Radio 1967-2000 (FO A RM)
27. Ellen Fullman – “Staggered Stasis” – The Aerial #3: A Journal In Sound (Aerial)
28. Ulf Knudsem – “Høstland” – Maskindans – Norsk Synth 1980-1988 (Hermitage)

29. Frederick Knight – “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long” (Stax)
30. Five Stairsteps – “O-o-h Child” (Buddah)
31. Cody Richards – “Open the Door Richard” – Best of Kayden and Merben Records (Funkadelphia)
32. Willie Williams – “Where the Sun Never Goes Down” – Fight On, Your Time Ain’t Long (Mississippi)
33. Tom Waits – “Innocent When You Dream” – Frank’s Wild Years (Island)

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