Jesse Jarnow

frow show, FMU-32

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. Robbie the Werewolf – “Drums and Guns” – Live at the Waleback
2. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention – “Motherly Love” – Joe’s Corsage (Vaulternative)

3. The Questionmarks – “The Ghost Left Town” – The Questionmarks v. NYC, v. 1 (Little Fury Things)
4. Woods – “Where and What Are You?” – Songs of Shame (Shrimper)
5. Peter Walker – “Morning Joy” – Rainy Ray Raga (Vanguard)
6. Jean-Claude Vannier – “Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse” – L’enfant Assassin Des Mouches (Finders Keepers)
7. Akai Ikuo – “I Don’t Like Such A Hot Day” – Language Without Words (Black Series) [feat. “Opening Prayer Song (Kiowa)” by David Apekaun] 8. Jacques Thollot – “Cecile” – Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe à la mer (Futura)
9. Masayuki Takayanagi and New Direction For the Arts – “Second Movement” – Free Form Suite (Three Blind Mice) [feat. “Amber” by Ken Nordine from “Colors” (Asphodel)] 10. Jackson 5 – “I Was Made to Love Her” – Joyful Jukebox Music (Motown)

11. Akron/Family – “improv” – Live in the Love Room @ WFMU, 7 May 2009 [engineered by Chris Koltay and Jeff Simmons] 12. The What Four – “I’m Gonna Destroy that Boy” – Destroy That Boy: More Girls With Guitars (Ace)
13. Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet – “Strawberry Fields Forever” – Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet (Union Disc)
14. Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton – “The second set – area 11 (open)” – First Duo Concert (Emanem)
15. The Pyramids – “Mogho Naba (King of Kings)” – King of Kings (Ikef)
16. Omar Souleyman – “La Sidounak Sayyada” – Dabke 2020 (Sublime Frequencies)
17. Keith Richards – “The Harder They Come” – Run Rudolph Run 7-inch (Rolling Stones Records)

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