Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-16

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “Andalucia” – John Cale (from Paris 1919)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “It Sucks To Lose” – GreenSleep (from Half and Half 7-inch)
4. “Butterfly” – Screaming Trees (from Sweet Oblivion)
5. “The Valley” – Young People (from War Prayers)
6. “My Girls” – Animal Collective (from Merriweather Post Pavilion)
7. “A Final Paddle” – Lextrical (from Lextrical)
8. “Slow Breath, Silent Mind” – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (from Slow Breath, Silent Mind)
9. “Don’t” – Seu Jorge (from Cru)
10. “Here Comes The Sun” – Eric Idle (from Saturday Night Live, 10/2/76)
11. “Little Honda” – Yo La Tengo feat. Janet Weiss (from 21 December 2008 Maxwell’s)
12. “Termite Prayer” – Wasteland Jazz Unit (from Ecstatic Jazz Duos 12-inch)
13. “The Wild Bull (Part B)” – Morton Subotnick (from Silver Apples of the Moon/The Wild Bull)
14. “Background Story” – Tetsu Inoue (from World Receiver)
15. “Then The Letting Go” – Bonnie Prince Billy (from The Letting Go)
16. “Stradbroke Verse” – Joel Stern (from Objects. Masks. Props.)
17. “Second Movement” – Glenn Branca (from Symphony No. 6: Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)
18. “Little Honda” (reprise) – Yo La Tengo feat. Janet Weiss (from 21 December 2008 Maxwell’s)
19. “Sag Harbor Bridge” – Women (from Women)
20. “Private Idaho” – The B-52s (from Wild Planet)
21. “Black River Song” – Angels of Light (from We Are Him)
22. split LP with the Jealous Party – Talibam!
23. “From the Moon” – The News (from Waking Up Scheherazade: Arabian Pysch Nuggets compilaton)
24. “Skylight” – Jackie O Motherfucker (form The Cryin’ Sea 12-inch)
25. “Basically Frightened” – Col. Bruce Hampton (from Arkansas)
26. “As Tears Roll By” – Daniel Lanois (from Shine)
27. “Our Changing Skins” – Musee Mechanique (from Hold This Ghost)
28. “One Way Swimming” – Doug Randle (from Songs for the New Industrial State)
29. “Swim” – The Glands (from The Glands)
30. “Sonhando (Dream)” – Elis Regina (from Viva A Brotlandia)
31. “Lonesome Town” (78 acetate demo take 1A) – Ricky Nelson
32. “Georgia On My Mind” – Richard Manuel (from Whispering Pines: Live at the Getaway)
33. “Sing It Again” – Beck (from Mutations)
34. “Suzanne” – Pearls Before Swine (from Balaklava)
35. “Twilight Time” – John Fahey (from Return of the Repressed anthology)
36. “Box of Rain” – Robert Hunter (from Jack O Roses)


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