Jesse Jarnow

the frow show: now with extra sleeplessness!

Lovely Frowsketeers!

Despite–or, perhaps, because of–this topsy-tuvry housing market, the Frow Show has scored some prime corner real estate. Specifically, the bottom right corner of the WFMU programming grid, where I’ll kick it from now through June 2009. Starting this week, I can be heard on Sunday nights/Monday mornings, from 3 am – 6 am EST.

As always, if you don’t happen to be awake during those hours, all episodes are archived almost immediately.

Unfortunately, due to RIAA impositions, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the show available as a podcast. Drag city.

Should be fun anyway, though. Got some guests & other stuff in the works. Watch here (or listen there) for details.


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