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the frow show moves to WFMU!

Hey everybody!

Sorry the Frow Show has been absent for the bulk of the summer, but it’s all groovy, since we were just waiting to be able to announce the happiest of happiests in radioland: the Frow Show is moving to WFMU! (Let me just add two more exclamation points to demonstrate how honored and psyched I am: !!)

It’s gonna be fairly irregular for starters, probably fill-ins at odd hours. But that’s totally rad, too, ’cause FMU are real good about getting their shows to people who don’t occupy the same physical or linear space as their studio in Jersey City. All future Frow Shows will thus be available at: (and, once I get comfortable, I’ll hopefully get podcasts going as an option again, too)

I begin with an episode this Saturday, 8/23, as part of The Listener Hour, from 9 am – 10 am.

Frow Show announcements will be made here, and via this handy Google mailing list. Do sign up!

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Thanks so, so much to Andy & Ropeadope for all the hospitality & encouragement over the past three years.