Jesse Jarnow

love, on a laserbeam, from brooklyn (with 111 mp3s)

Friends! Landlubbers! Brooklynites!

I sincerely hope you are all weathering the season with minimum
weather-induced mope and maximum nog.

Here are 111 songs — old faves, new friends, Dylan covers, shuffle-zen,
etc.. — I have thought ginchy since the last time I did one of these (and
in a more compatible file format, too):

Sorry about all the ads & clutter on MegaUpload, here’s how to navigate it:
1. Click above link.
2. Ignore flashing lights, find code next to MegaUpload logo, enter code into special box, click “download.”
3. Wait 45 seconds (sing rousing chorus of “Contact” while watching onscreen
counter, waving arms), click “Free download.”
4. Save! Go!

…when on harddrive, click on file

Helper monkeybots are on call in the comments section to answer any technical

Other’n that, see y’all next year.



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