Jesse Jarnow

la superette 2007

The 2007 La Superette DIY arts/holiday fair commences this weekend. I will be selling a small collection titled In the Autumn of the Island and other stories, each with a Polaroid. You should go.

!!!!!La Superette celebrates 10 years of making, shopping, and wrapping!!!!!!
Please join us for this year’s festive events all held at chashama’s
Times Square location:
112 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036


Shopping days are scheduled for:
Saturday, December 1st 12-7
Sunday, December 2nd 12-7
Saturday, December 8th 12-7
Sunday, December 9th 12-7

This year’s installations artist is: Patrick Meagher
Theme song by: DJ neckbreaka

With works by:
Newyorkclocks, Aaron Krach, Amanda Boulton, Anna Harsanyi, alexis
scherl, Amy Sanford/Merry Monk Design, Aughra Moon, Ben Fino-Radin,
Becky Hutcheson, caroline byrne, carrie dashow, Twice Sewn, Collin
Cunningham, Corinne Enni, Colleen Rochette, Craig Comstock, Charm
School Design,
DIR + ACB, David Carter, Miggipyn, Donna Jo Brady, AcHT(eN), Eliz,
erica weiner, free103point9 Dispatch Series, Hannah Gibson, Heather
Phelps-Lipton, Ginger D’anus, Gremalkin, Kitty Jones, ( ), Josh
Goldstein, Jesse Jarnow, Jill Killjoy, deChow, ^^^, Jennifer
Nedbalsky, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Climate Change Preparedness
Center, Kimm Alfonso, Karen’s Monsters, kim couchot, Kim Scafuro,
egnekn, better than jam, Sheepishlion, no-time, Kristin Zottoli, Pink
Elephant, Levi Haske, Lori Bode, Lais Williams, Marie Evelyn /
Analogous, Marisha Simons, Molly Dilworth, Muffy Brandt, Mary Gagne,
Mira Artz, Miss Chief, Michael Krasoiwtz, Monika Webb, Radio Shock,
Mark Williams, Nathaniel Kassel, Nina Young,, Patricia
Buraschi, Pillows for the People, rebecca alvarez, hawkwind, 35mm
Designs, Sue Havens, sallykismet, Flower Face Killah, Loud Objects,
Teresa von Fuchs

Performances dates are:
Dec. 13 – Benton Bainbridge + Matty Ostrowski, Loud Objects
Dec. 14 – MV Carbon + Tony Conrad, Nautical Almanac
Dec. 15 – Luke Dubois, James Rouvelle + John Roach
Dec. 16 – Dan Iglesia, Gerald Marks


La Superette 2007 is brought to you by Ignivomous Inc, (
La Superette 2007 crew

Director: Tali Hinkis
Producer: Kyle Lapidus
Webmaster: Ron Rosenman
Graphics: Netta Rabin and Karen Lawler
Special Projects: Douglas Irving Repetto
PR: Evelyne Buhler
Superator: Amy Benson
Stage Manager: Ryan Welsh
Video Curator: Susan Agliata
Chashama Liason: Jenny Rogers


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