Jesse Jarnow

some recent articles

More A Semiotician Than A Guitarist: Marc Ribot Goes to Jail” (
Trey Anastasio’s Empty House” (

Album reviews:
Mago – Billy Martin and John Medeski (Relix)
Gilberto Gil – Gilberto Gil (

Book review:
Third Coast: OutKast, Timbaland, and How Hip-Hop Became A Southern Thing – Roni Sarig (Paste)

Track review:
2…” – Lorkakar (

BRAIN TUBA: Devil’s Advocacy (

Only in print:
June Relix (Jeff Tweedy cover): feature on Europe ’72, album reviews of Wilco, Billy Martin and John Medeski, Soul Sides, and Michael Barry; book review of John Peel.
Paste #32 (Parker Posey cover): feature interview with Haruki Murakami; film review of Crazy Love.


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