Jesse Jarnow

some recent articles

Book review:
Tearing Down the Wall of Sound – Mick Brown
He’s A Rebel – Mark Ribowsky
Inside the Music of Brian Wilson – Philip Lambert (London Times)

Track reviews:
Open Your Heart” – Lavender Diamond (
The Pushers” – Wooden Wand (
Omstart” – Cornelius (
The Crystal Cat” – Dan Deacon (

Album reviews:
The Search – Son Volt (Paste)
Headphones Jam – Phish (Relix)
Page McConnell – Page McConnell (

Film review:

BRAIN TUBA: Department of Ombudsmanship
BRAIN TUBA: The Gentrification Tax (A Reasonable Proposal)

(accompanying my lovely buildingmate in her 365Songbird Project, my contribution in parentheses)
My Personal Genius” (guitar)
The Tambourine Takes Soul” (bass)
Kevin Federline is a Douchebag” (bass/vocals)
Jesse’s Eye” (bass/inspirado)

Only in print:
o April/May Relix (album art cover): mini-essay on the future of album art; album reviews of Phish, Tin Hat, and Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid; book reviews of Billy Martin’s Riddim and Mitch Myers’ Boy Who Cried Freebird. All typos added by Relix staffers, for your convenience.
o Paste #30 (Modest Mouse cover): film review of First Snow, DVD review of the Decemberists.
o Paste #31 (Hold Steady cover): album review of Patti Smith, book review of Roni Sarig’s Third Coast, film review of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie For Theaters.


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