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“omstart” – cornelius

“Omstart” – Cornelius (download here)
from Sensuous (2006)
released by Warner Japan (buy)

(file expires December 14th)

I used to have this theory that Beck and Cornelius sounded like the zeitgeist. Odelay‘s junkyard pastiches sounded like 1996, Fantasma‘s fantasias like 1997, Midnite Vultures‘ neon disco like ’99, and Point‘s electro-acoustics like 2002. I’m not sure if that theory extends to Sensuous, Cornelius’s new album, currently only out in his native Japan. It certainly doesn’t sound like any 2006 I’ve experienced, anyway.

For an album titled Sensuous, “Omstart” is one of the few tone poems. With Point‘s alien organics (somewhat disappointingly) mostly supplanted by terrestrial synthetics elsewhere, “Omstart” is a stereo-panned palette cleanser. Keigo Oyamada’s voice rises, transforming into texture as if, owing to some mythological justice, it must become a bird. Besides that movement, the drama is spare, all branches empty. Maybe it sounds like 2007.

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  1. Peter Zen says: - reply

    Actually, it’s not Keigo Oyamada doing the vocals on Omstart. It’s Erlend Oye and Eirik Boe, both from Kings of Convenience.
    I reccon Sensuous sounds more like 2006-minus. While it’s (once again) a brilliant album, it’s not as revolutionary different from Point as Point was from Fantasma.

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