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new wilco songs

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Wilco has been playing an album’s worth of new material over the past year or so. Here they are, in no particular order.

My early favorites are “What Light” (mostly for the crystalline, Band-like sound of it) and “Rafters and Beams” (because I’m a sucker for ballads). Also, some people seem to be labeling it “Rafters and Dreams,” but I like “Beams” better so I’m gonna stick with that, until someone learns me good.

1. Let’s Not Get Carried Away (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
2. Side With the Seeds (25 November, Auditorium Theatre)
3. What Light (16 July, Pines Theater)
4. Shake It Off (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
5. Impossible Germany (9 October, Von Braun Center Concert Hall)
6. On and On and On (22 September 2005, Cain’s Ballroom)
7. Lullaby For Rafter and Beams (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
8. Patient With Me (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
9. Walken (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
10. Let’s Fight (16 July, Pines Theater)
11. Is That The Thanks I Get? (Tweedy solo, 4 April, Hotel S ‘n’ S)
12. Maybe The Sun Will Shine (date unknown) (thanks, Fred!)

Thanks to netZoo and rbally and probably some other blogs. (Now that this has been picked up by Pitchfork & all, I s’ppose I should thank the original tapers/posters once again, apologize for the sexytime bandwidth explosion, give big ups to Wilco for their taping policy, and remind everybody that the complete shows are available by following the previous links.)