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UPDATE, Thanks to the benevolent Dean, who has graciously offered server space, all things should be go again. Sorry again to any trouble I caused on other peeps’ servers.

Wilco has been playing an album’s worth of new material over the past year or so. Here they are, in no particular order.

My early favorites are “What Light” (mostly for the crystalline, Band-like sound of it) and “Rafters and Beams” (because I’m a sucker for ballads). Also, some people seem to be labeling it “Rafters and Dreams,” but I like “Beams” better so I’m gonna stick with that, until someone learns me good.

1. Let’s Not Get Carried Away (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
2. Side With the Seeds (25 November, Auditorium Theatre)
3. What Light (16 July, Pines Theater)
4. Shake It Off (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
5. Impossible Germany (9 October, Von Braun Center Concert Hall)
6. On and On and On (22 September 2005, Cain’s Ballroom)
7. Lullaby For Rafter and Beams (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
8. Patient With Me (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
9. Walken (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
10. Let’s Fight (16 July, Pines Theater)
11. Is That The Thanks I Get? (Tweedy solo, 4 April, Hotel S ‘n’ S)
12. Maybe The Sun Will Shine (date unknown) (thanks, Fred!)

Thanks to netZoo and rbally and probably some other blogs. (Now that this has been picked up by Pitchfork & all, I s’ppose I should thank the original tapers/posters once again, apologize for the sexytime bandwidth explosion, give big ups to Wilco for their taping policy, and remind everybody that the complete shows are available by following the previous links.)


  1. Ace Cowboy says: - reply

    Nice, JJ. Great stuff.

  2. Justin Ward says: - reply

    Nice stuff, indeed. “Shake It Off” is fantastic — my highlight from that show…

  3. Rich says: - reply

    Thanks for compiling these.
    By the way, we road together to Lemonwheel (with James and Walter) back in ’98. Small world. Hi!

  4. Lane says: - reply

    Thank you, sir.

  5. Andrew says: - reply

    I’ve got Maybe the Sun will shine if you want it

  6. Fred says: - reply

    “Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today” MP3
    Don’t know the date or venue on that one, sorry
    Here’s a version (this time called “Either Way”) from 2006-03-06 in Chapel Hill, NC. This was the first time it was played live.

  7. aljo says: - reply

    there’s a great version of “is that the thanks i get?” from conan in chicago last year. i’ll try and encode it and send it over.

  8. Jeremy Oswald says: - reply

    Hey thanks a lot for the songs.
    Northern Wisconsin is happy to have them.
    Listen to my radio show:
    5-7cst Thursdays.

  9. jesse you are a wonderous glowing Seigel-ite dancing upon the very fabric of the atmosphere, and in the midst of your majestic strides you sucks all the bad poisonous sounds from the bloody veins of the universe and spit them into the blackest hole of oblivion! jesse, you are no mere mortal. NAY! ye are a demi moore-tal! long live jarnow, and may he be kind when he strikes with his hammer of justice. by the way, good stuff with the wilco post. johnson, OUT!

  10. James says: - reply

    looks like the limit was reached for the yousendit links for “on and on and on” and “let’s fight” — can anyone host a direct mp3 link instead?

  11. Fred says: - reply

    Looks like the limit was reached for my “Maybe the Sun. . .,” so here’s a fresh one:
    And here’s a fresh “Let’s Fight” (date and venue unknown):
    And here’s a fresh “On & On & On,” from 2006-03-22 in Des Moines:
    If any of them could be hosted somewhere else, that would be swell.

  12. matt says: - reply

    on about half of the songs the download limit has been reached, can anyone repost them?

  13. Dale says: - reply

    Instead of posting the files on, can someone post the songs to Usenet? Specifically alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs?
    Oh, and thanks for posting the songs in the first place!

  14. dean says: - reply

    Hey Jesse,
    Thanks for the songs. I couldn’t get the yousendit ones, but if you email ’em to me, I’d be happy to host them.
    (GooglePages = free unlimited bandwidth)

  15. Ryan says: - reply

    Wow. Bravo.
    A lot of these are dead though. Does anyone have all of these that they could torrent somewhere maybe? Or relink them?

  16. glenn says: - reply

    Fantastic. I’ve bee waiting to hear “walken” ever since I saw them at ACL last year. Gracias!

  17. Stewy says: - reply

    Some of the links are no longer working, if someone can get these to me I volunteer to torrent them. Then there will be no need to constantly repost yousendit links.
    Just a thought.

  18. austin says: - reply

    Could anyone else do some fresh versions

  19. Ren says: - reply

    Thanks for an unexpected surprise tonight. I followed Wilco around this summer, and it was fantastic to hear some of these songs as they developed and transformed from show to show.

  20. Connor Cowan says: - reply

    the limits have been reached for the non-auditorium theatres songs

  21. JayBee says: - reply

    Thanks for compiling these! What a great new sound, can’t wait to hear what these sound like when they’re done.

  22. Adrian Ernesto Cepeda says: - reply

    Can anyone post yet another fresh link to “maybe the sun…”?
    muchas gracias,

  23. Mike says: - reply

    I missed the YSI files this morning — anyone so gracious? “Maybe the Sun” “Let’s Fight” and “On and On and On”

  24. Charlie says: - reply

    Hey. Maybe you could post the wilco songs to or, those sites can take more downloads than yousendit.

  25. Mickey says: - reply

    Thanks tons! Let’s hope that the non ones get mirrored somewhere!

  26. John says: - reply

    Thanks for posting these new Wilco songs. I like them alot.
    Can anyone hook me up with Maybe the Sun Will Shine?

  27. nathan says: - reply

    Thanks so much for putting these tracks up. I got the link yesterday. This morning when I tried to download them, only the first few worked. Basically everything from “On and On and On” to the end (with the exception of “Walken”) was not functioning. Since you requested people let you know if the links weren’t working, I thought I’d let you know. Thanks again.

  28. bill says: - reply

    the latter half of the tracks can not be downloaded. is there another way to get them?

  29. John Z. says: - reply

    Would like to get a copy of this show in any format, preferably lossless. Please let me know if you can help.

  30. Eric says: - reply

    6. On and On and On
    7. Lullaby For Rafter and Beams
    8. Patient With Me
    10. Let’s Fight
    11. Is That The Thanks I Get?
    12. Maybe The Sun Will Shine
    Can anyone hook me up with these, as of today they are dead links?

  31. Tim says: - reply

    The songs that are still available sound great! Anyone feel like re-upping the ones that aren’t working?

  32. ryan trask says: - reply

    I’m joining the Greek chorus on this one… if you blog it, they will come, and they have come, and I’m hoping someone with some time will repair the expired links. 🙂

  33. Fred says: - reply

    Fresh “Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today” (aka “Either Way”):
    Another version:
    “On & On & On”:
    “Let’s Fight”:
    Please feel free to rehost these somewhere else where they’ll stay up a little longer. . .

  34. Jon says: - reply

    Lullaby for Rafter Beams is not working can anyone get it to work or get me a copy of the song?

  35. jay says: - reply

    Thank for posting these, i would also appreciate access to the songs that no longer work

  36. Jay says: - reply

    The O.G. songs up top are now working combined with ryan trask’s post you should be able to get everything including two versions of “Maybe the Sun”

  37. paul d says: - reply

    i’d love to have the version of “the thanks i get” from conan in chicago.

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