Jesse Jarnow

links of dubious usefulness, no. 9

o Should you have a mouse problem, I highly recommend Havahart’s mouse trap. My roommate set it up today. By the time I got home, Sparky (at least, I think it was Sparky) was waiting for me. I tried to release him into the vacant lot, but he skittered off in the direction of the cake factory. Hopefully, he’s in heaven right now, consuming mountain-sized puffs of cinnamon-flavored goo. Safe travels, Sparky!

o Two years old, but news to me: Gabriel Garcia Marquez is writing the script for the film adaptation of Love in the Time of Cholera. Actually, I guess, he wrote the script, since the film is allegedly in production.

o Striking a bit too close to home is The Burg, a YouTube-era sitcom. (Thx, RG.)

o Gotta head up to the Bronx for the Tropicalia exhibition sometime soon.

o Lists of essential movies and whatnot are somewhat silly, though I appreciate the authoritative, core curriculum-like functionality of Jim Emerson’s 102 Films You Must See Before…. At any rate, it’s been kind of a fun project to check stuff off lately.

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  1. Randy Ray says: - reply

    WOW. I must be some kind of hermit. I’ve seen all but 17 of those films. Still got some work to do!

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