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o Dad recently posted the most recent batches of his Andy Goldsworthy/Joseph Cornell-like beach constructions, as well as filling out an archive of some his paintings.

o I quite enjoyed Cory Doctorow’s post about how the internet is far better at enabling deviance than promoting normalcy. It’s nice to see the freak flag fly.

o Astroland, the last big amusement park on Coney Island, was sold a few weeks ago. After this coming summer, it will be torn down. While the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel and Nathan’s (and the Parachute Drop) will allegedly remain, Coney Island as a place of cheap thrills is pretty much over. But, hey, maybe they’ll pull off their plan. Wouldn’t a glimmering new theme park by the sea be more respectful to the idea of Coney Island than the semi-occupied ruins currently there? (My Coney Island photos.)

o Ooh, the Wall Street Journal profiled Haruki Murakami

o …and Reason published a long interview with South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


  1. gardner says: - reply

    Holy crap. As an avowed Goldsworthy devotee, I say again–holy crap. Your pops is the man. Freakin’ frabjuous. Callooh! Callay! and all ad infinitum. Thanks.

  2. Randy Ray says: - reply

    Your father’s unique work continues to be inspiring–glad to see that an artist doesn’t have to see his light fade over the years; brightness glows interminably.

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