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kiss the frog

My good chum Spacefuzz plays in the blissfully weird Los Angeles band Kiss the Frog. They just finished their first album, called The Trojan Horse, which — they promise — is “a crystalline dub jazz concept album of cohesive disconnection” (among other things). So dig it, my hippie love children, ’cause it jamz a lot. I’m also proud to say I co-wrote lyrics to a few of the tunes, including the title track, which you can (and should) download here.


  1. Randy Ray says: - reply

    And Spacefuzz is also quite a writer/seer.
    From his Ideas section:
    20 april:
    phish should hang it up
    …and a month later, they did!

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  3. Justin says: - reply

    I posted some love here. I like this tune…
    So, uh, like, which part are your lyrics? That’s probably too proprietary of information to get released…we can keep it secret if need be…

  4. Jesse says: - reply

    From what I remember, on this particular one, Charles came up with the concept & I subsequently wrote the verses… but he definitely contributed to/edited my stuff. It was different each time. I love all the weird time signatures and the layered noise jam before the big guitar solo.

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