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headiest radio show ever?

While it’s not quite as delicious as last year’s rumor that El Zimmy was gonna guest judge on American Idol, the prospect of the following has me hugely intrigued (to say the least):

Bob Dylan shocked his fans 40 years ago by embracing the electric guitar. Now he’s stunning a few more by embracing another technological innovation: satellite radio. The singer has signed on to serve as host of a weekly one-hour program on XM Satellite Radio, spinning records and offering commentary on new music and other topics, starting in March. The famously reclusive 64-year-old performer said in a statement yesterday that “a lot of my own songs have been played on the radio, but this is the first time I’ve ever been on the other side of the mike.”

“Other topics,” hmm? After doing a Victoria’s Secret ad, I don’t think anybody can possibly spin a Dylan radio show as “shocking.” It kinda makes too much sense. Unless, that is, he starts hawking underwear on the air (and even that would be in the fine tradition of King Biscuit Flour and the like…)

If heads can’t figure out how to get this on BitTorrent, I might have to actually subscribe to XM!

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  1. Randy Ray says: - reply

    This is one of those brilliant ideas that makes you wonder why someone didn’t shove a mike and a bunch of tapes in front of ole Zimmeroo a long time ago.
    Should be sweet.
    This afternoon, I interviewed Wayne Ewing–director of the two HST documentaries (so far) “Breakfast with Hunter” and “When I Die.” Apparently, he got Thompson to finally meet Dylan a couple of years ago when the Never Ending Tour hit Colorado. Ewing convinced Hunter to fax Dylan with a note and the scribe wrote basically that “he had been ripping him off for 40 years!” Anyway…Dylan and Thompson finally met. “When I Die” features Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man,” which, obviously, was a key writing and creative muse for HST, as you know.
    I’m going to visit Ewing in the next few months in Colorado(in the dead of winter, no less)and we’re going to do a little tour of our own.

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