Jesse Jarnow

body massage, go!

I sometimes use the phrase “body massage!” to express happiness. This is why.

Mike has adapted the “go!” to various situations, ala Inspector Gadget — e.g. “iPod, gooooo!” “cell phone, gooooo!”


  1. Justin says: - reply

    Jesse: I totally know the guy that made these.–this guy has a talent that we’ll soon see elsewhere. He’s done some work on Adult Swim that will hopefully continue into the future.
    Check out “Printer Jam”–it’s my favorite.

  2. Jesse says: - reply

    Yeah, I’ve seen all the other GI Joe ones, and they’re mindblowing. They’ve become minor legends in the building where I live. Doesn’t look like they’re on the Fensler Films site anymore. Legal problems, I guess?
    I dunno if they made it to the final DVD, but I remember seeing a few films of him applying his craft to backstage footage of Umphrey’s McGee, which remains easily the hippest thing ever associated with that band.

  3. Randy Ray says: - reply

    I believe they did make it to the final version of the new UM DVD. There’s a lot of really weird & hilarious extras–backstage & beyond–on that set.

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