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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2019, night #1 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Bowery Ballroom
22 December 2019
*(Hanukkah, night 1)*

comedian: Jon Glaser as the Man in the Green Mask
opening act: Steve Gunn and William Tyler
mix CD: Duane Harriott
benefiting: GLAD

whole set minus opener with William Tyler on guitar
whole set and encore with Fred Armisen on drums

From Me To You (The Beatles, sung as “From Me to Jews”)
Here You Are
Stockholm Syndrome
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
The Point Of It
Swing For Life
Tears Are In Your Eyes (guitar instrumental version)
Shades of Blue
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1) (with Steve Gunn on guitar)
Wharf Rat (Grateful Dead) (with SG on keyboard)
Today Is The Day (fast) (with SG on guitar)
Tom Courtenay (with SG on guitar)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind (with SG on guitar)

Live Fast Die Young (Circle Jerks) (with Greg Hetson on guitar)
S&M Party (Red Cross) (with GH)
Chinese Rocks (Dee Dee Ramone/Richard Hell) (with GH)
Carbona Not Glue (The Ramones) (with GH)
White Christmas (Irving Berlin) (with “Jon” on vocals)

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