Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-23

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Detailed playlist.

1. “Cold Rain and Snow” – Oneida (from Heads Ain’t Ready 7-inch)
2. “Flyin’ Saucer Twist” – Tom Carter and the Ramrods (from Northway Sound Story, v. 1 7-inch)
3. “Stardust” – Hoagy Carmichael (from Stardust and Much More)
4. “I Only Have Eyes For You” – The Flamingos
5. “Frozen Warnings” – John Cale (from Nico/Icon DVD)
6. “Wordless” – “The Velvet Underground” (from Squeeze)
7. “Museum” – Herman’s Hermits (from Blaze)
8. “Is This What I get For Loving You” – Marianne Faithfull (from Greatest Hits)
9. “Help Me Make It Through the Night” – Joyce Bond (from Trojan Singles box set)
10. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” – Oldham Brothers (from Do It Again: A Tribute to Pet Sounds compilation)
11. “Call and Respond” – Times New Viking (from Stay Awake EP)
12. “Worldfood VII (To See Him With My Eyes)” – Ramon Sender (from Worldfood)
13. “Yert Yah Matreearchy” – Stag Hare (from Black Medicine Music)
14. “In No Strange Land” – Donald Erb (from Music For Instruments and Electronic Sounds)
15. “#1” – Keiji Haino (from The 21st century Hard-Guide-Y Man)
16. “13 I 73 5 : 35 – 6 : 14 : 03 PM NYC” – LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela (from The Theatre of Eternal Music)
17. “Most Definitely Not Koln” – Loren Connors and Jim O’Rourke (form Two Nice Catholic Boys)
18. “Zzyzx” – Billy Faier (from Banjo)
19. “When the Snow Melts and Floats Downstream” – Cian Nugent (from Imaginational Anthem, v. 3 compilation)
20. “It’s Time” – Homegas (from Homegas)2
21. “Good Heart, Money, and Rain” – Moore Brothers feat. Joanna Newsom (from Aptos)
22. “Hazy SF” – Six Organs of Admittance (from Golden Apples of the Sun compilation)
23. “Loner” – Marissa Nadler (from Little Hells)
24. “#4” – Giuseppe Ielasi (from Aix)
25. “Mighty Mighty” – Ethan Rose (from Oaks)
26. “Morning Dew” – Nazareth (from Nazareth)
27. “Fallen Snow” – Au Revoir Simone (from Bird of Music)
28. “Spider In the Snow” – Dismemberment Plan (from Emergency and I)
29. “City of Steel” – Talking Heads (from Sounds From True Stories)
30. “Beyond the Blue Horizon” – Michael Nesmith (from Magnetic South)
31. “So I Hear Yoi’re Moving” – Lambchop (from I Hope You’re Sitting Down)
32. “Time Is On My Side” – Keith Richards (from Complete Honeymoon Tapes)


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