Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-21

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Detailed playlist

1. “Superdeformed” by Matthew Sweet (from No Alternative compilation)
2. “Your Mother Should Know” – The Beat Boys (from The Beat Boys)
3. “Mexican Blues” – Pete Seeger (from Circles and Seasons)
4. “Buckeye Jim” – Judy Henske (from High Flying Bird)
5. “City of New Orleans” – Arlo Guthrie (from Together In Concert)
6. “Invocation” – Marc Ribot (from Spiritual Unity)
7. live set by John Biz
8. “You Broke My Heart”- Lavender Diamond (from You Broke My Heart EP)
9. “Bird Song” – Jerry Garcia (from Garcia)
10. “Shoulder Full of You” – Blitzen Trapper (from EP3 EP)
11. “Woodland Orchestra” – Steffan Basho-Junghans (from Late Summer Morning)
12. “Think Small” – Tall Dwarfs (from Fork Songs)
13. “The Face of Empty Me” – Christian Ward (from File Under: Male Vocal: The Golden Age of the Beat Balladeer compilation)
14. “Here I Set” – The Ronettes (from Georgia’s 2008 Hanukkah mix)
15. “She Shot A Hole In My Soul” – Clifford Curry (from Night Train to Nashville: Music City Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1970 compilation)
16. “Katie’s Been Gone” – The Band (from The Basement Tapes)
17. “What For the Stables” – King Darves (from The Sun Splits For… the Blind Swimmer)
18. “Observations” – Tristan Perich
19. “A Stone For Angus Maclise, no. 1” – Pelt (from A Stone For Angus Maclise)
20. “Mangungu” – Hector Zazou and Bony Bekaye (from Noir Et Blanc)
21. “When Doves Cry” – Prince (from Purple Rain: Live in Syracuse bootleg)
22. “Young Subjects” – Steve Gunn (from Steve Gunn)
23. “Witch’s Will” – Wilburn Burchette (from Guitar Grimoire)
24. “Wood Between Worlds” – Laura Barrett (from Victory Garden)
25. “These Few Presidents” – Why? (from Almost Live From Eli’s Room CD-R)
26. “So Long, Old Bean” – Devendra Banhart (from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)


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