Jesse Jarnow

frow show, fmu-10

Listen here.
Detailed playlist.

1. “Rain and Snow” – Obray Ramsey (from The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead compilation)
2. “Totally Confused” – Beck (from Western Harvest Field By Moonlight 10-inch)
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “Fallen Snow” – Au Revoir Simone (from The Bird of Music)
5. “My World Fell Down” – Saggitarius (from Present Tense)
6. “Sunday Morning, Seven AM, On San Pablo Avenue” – Mushroom (from Gazed Popems)
7. “Money Folder (Four Tet remix)” – Madvillian (from Madvillian Remixes EP)
8. “Devils” – 63 Crayons (from Spoils For Survivors)
9. “Hollow Me (alt. version)” – Yura Yura Teikoku (from Remix 2005-2008 anthology)
10. “Papa Legba” – Talking Heads feat. Pops Staples (from Sounds from True Stories)
11. “Caledonia Mission (song sketch)” – The Band (from A Musical History box set)
12. “River Deep, Mountain High” – Keith and Donna (from Keith and Donna)
13. “Not At All” – Claudia Lennear (from Some Bad-Ass Bitches (1968-1978) compilation)
14. “Then She Exploded” – Nothing (from A Warm Gun)
15. “Eric’s Trip” – Sonic Youth (from Daydream Nation)
16. “Tried So Hard” – Flying Burrito Brothers (from Flying Burrito Brothers)
17. “Perrier” – Ecstatic Sunshine (from Way)
18. “Spider Conductor” – Memorize the Sky (from Memorize the Sky)
19. “Rebound from the Cliff” – Ignatz (from Ignatz)
20. Wall of Banjos (feat. Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka, Bill Keith, Harry Reser, Reed Martin)
21. “John Hardy” – Bela Fleck, Vishwa Mohan. Bhatt, Jie-Bing chen (from Tabula Rasa)
22. Wall of Calliope (feat. Authentic Calliope Music (Major Records) & Old Time Circus Calliope (Audio Fidelity))
23. “Silent Night” – The Music Tapes (from The Singing Saw at Christmastime)
24. “Track 3” – Brian Joseph Davis (from Original Soundtrack)
25. “Glitterbas Solo” – Bob Moses (from Bittersuite in the Ozone)
26. “Triage” (excerpt) – DJ Olive (from Triage)
27. “Things Are Worse In Russia” – Sam Mayo (from Sprigs of Time: 78s from the EMI Archive compilation)
28. “Anything Could Happen” – Times New Viking (from Yeti, v. 6 compilation)
29. “Bad Education” – Blue Orchids (from The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain))
30. “20,000 Leagues” – Marine Girls (from Beach Party)
31. “Pensacaola” – Soul Coughing (from El Oso)
32. “Sun Organ” – Black Moth Super Rainbow (from Falling Through A Field)
33. “Are You Leaving For the Country?” – Karen Dalton (from In My Own Time)
34. “False From True” – Pete Seeger (from At 89)
35. “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?” – Eugene Chadbourne feat. Jimmy Carl Black and Lol Coxhill (from Jesse Helms Busted With Pornography: The C&W Opera)
36. “Long Gone Like A Turkey Through the Corn” – Lightnin’ Hopkins (from Country Blues)
37. “Nothing Hides” – James Jackson Toth (from Waiting In Vain)
38. “Canela” – Devandra Banhart (from Cripple Crow)
39. “On My Way Home” – Neil Young (from Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968)


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