Jesse Jarnow

early pennant drive links

o The Enduring Popularity (and Ubiquity) of the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Card . I never had one.

o Baseball, meth, and home games. Misleading title. Dude just means pills. Not, like, middle relievers getting cranked and scrubbing the bullpen bench clean with toothbrushes. Still, interesting (and probably correct) theory that I’ve seen floated more informally elsewhere, notably by radio color dudes.

o Horace Wilson and the beginnings of Japanese baseball. (And, somewhat related: baseball in Japanese internment camps during World War II.)

o A (relatively) recent interview with contrarian Oakland As’ general manager, Billy Beane: part 1, part 2.

o Hell freezes over and time stops. Not surprisingly, A-Rod is there.