Jesse Jarnow

frow show, episode 46

(“The Motel Party” will continue tomorrow…)

Episode 46: A Lukewarm Hope

Listen here.

1. “Give Booze A Chance” – Bonzo Dog Band (Tadpoles outtake)
2. “Elvis is Everywhere” – Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper (from Bo-Day-Shus!!!)
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any)” (James Watson dot matrix remix) – Radiohead (via YouTube)
5. “Fallslake” – Nobukazu Takemura (from 10th)
6. “Sad, Sad, Sad” – Arms (from Kids Aflame)
7. “Just One Girl” – The Knickerbockers (from Chapel in the Fields 7-inch)
8. “Mama You’ve Been On My Mind” – Lee Ranaldo (from Outlaw Blues: A Tribute To Bob Dylan compilation)
9. “Stephanie Says” – Lee Ranaldo (from Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground)
10. “Viola Lee Blues” – The Grateful Dead (recorded 3 September 1967, Rio Nido, CA)
11. “I’ll Be on the Water” – Akron/Family (from Akron/Family)
12. “Nothing’s Going To Happen” – Tall Dwarfs (from That’s The Short & Long Of It)


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