Jesse Jarnow

useful things, no. 12

The twelfth in an ongoing collection of functional webpages anddork- like tools (excluding any/all Google programs)

o The new and old bins at WFMU, complete with notes from music director Brian Turner and other DJs.

o More online mixing at muxtape.

o Melodyne promises “direct note access” polyphonic sampling. I suspect technology like this might be similar to alchemy or divining rods, but I’m sure it’ll work for some people.

o Notable digital archives from newspapers and magazines, for free and for pay.

o Omnisio allows the user to make YouTube playlists which join together multi-part movies.

o Scribd is a free OCR scanning service.

o Sorry, a break with the self-imposed ban on Google tools ’cause it’s too cool: GoogleEarth now layers current New York Times headlines over its maps, so one can read the news geospatially.