Jesse Jarnow

have read/will read dept.

o I’m so completely bummed I missed the virtual recreation of the Columbian Exposition’s White City last week in Chicago. Perhaps next time. (Thx, Fangs McVegan.)
o The New Yorker on the ambiguous moral complexity of carbon footprints. Only a page or two in so far, but brilliant.
o Daniel Chamberlain’s Arthur essay, Uncle Skullfucker’s Band. (Good recommendo, El Shmo.)
o A meaty Oxford American piece on late Weavers singer Lee Hays. (Courtesy digaman.)
o I’m sad that the Coen brothers’ longtime imaginary editor, Roderick Jaynes, didn’t win a Best Editing Oscar last night.
o One of Dont Look Back‘s Mr. Joneses speaks out.
o A new Velvet Underground song!


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