Jesse Jarnow

frow show, episode 38

Episode 38: Uh, What’s the Opposite of Joe-mentum?

Listen here.

1. “Boss Intro” – Capcom Sound Team (from Megaman II OST)
2. “A Sign of the Times” – Petula Clark
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “Obamareggaeton” – Amigos de Obama
5. “Nowhere Man” – The Beatles (recorded 7/1966 Budokan, Tokyo)
6. “Supernatual Superserious” – R.E.M. (from Accelerate)
7. “I Got the Drop On You” – Mike Doughty (from Golden Delicious)
8. “Political Science” – Randy Newman (from Sail Away)
9. “Dawn Mist” – Eugene Wright and His Dukes of Swing (from Sun Ra: Early Recordings)
10. “Eighth of January” – The Kentucky Colonels with Scotty Stoneman (from Live in L.A.)
11. “The Real Morning Party” – Marco Benevento (from Invisible Baby)
12. “Miami Ice” – Icy Demons (from Miami Ice)
13. “Ganon’s Castle Under Ground” – Koji Kondo (from Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST)
14. excerpt from “Osorezan” – Geioh Yamashuriogumi (from Osorezan/Do No Kenbai)
15. “Whispering Hope” – Daniel Johnston with Yo La Tengo (recorded 1990/04/02 WFMU)
16. “Brazil” – Geoff Muldaur (from Brazil OST)


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