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Old news in many cases, but all great:

Priceless straight-facin’ via The Onion (NSFW):

Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career

A preview for a shot-by-shot recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark made by 12-year olds. Anybody have a working torrent for the full deal?

Storytime, Terry Gilliam’s first movie, circa 1968:

Leave Kang alone:

As Sancho sez: “Nature is awesome.”

Footage of a legendary “Dark Star” from the Fillmore East, 2/14/70:

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  1. Amelia says: - reply

    Jesse- we showed the homemade version of “Raiders” at the Cinema Arts Centre over the summer! Double feature- first the homemade, then the real one. IT WAS AMAZING! I don’t know if we still have a copy, unfortunately… will check when I’m back in town.

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