Jesse Jarnow

links of dubious usefulness, no. 15

o Been perusing the Lost in Tyme crate-digging blog at Sea of Sound‘s recommendo. Compared to Mutant Sounds, it’s positively mainstream, but still yielding some nice scores.

o The Acid Archives of Underground Sounds is a ridiculously large document of the obscurest of the obscure. They certainly don’t get everybody — a quick scan through recent Mutant Sounds posts from the genre/era reveals that — but the sheer amount of “lost” psych records is nearly unfathomable. If only they had recommended playlists.

o A complete video of Cornelius’s recent performance at the Sonar Festival. I haven’t watched it yet, but assuming it’s the same set I caught at Webster Hall in May, it’s dome-splitting: beautiful videos synched with Cornelius’s band, who groove on his bleeped abstractions in an organic way that somehow recalls the Stop Making Sense-era Talking Heads. Highly worth your time. Scroll down to find Cornelius. (Good spotting, Sancho.)

o Neutral Milk Hotel’s Julian Koster (aka the Music Tapes) will be playing one of his very sporadic shows in NYC next week, which can only be attended via his special, bizarre instructions. Last time, I tried to follow them & somehow still managed to miss him (as did other people who arrived at the same time/place as me). Doesn’t mean I won’t try again.

o The preview for Wes Anderson’s forthcoming Darjeeling Limited: