Jesse Jarnow

frow show, episode 19

Episode 19: Transmission from the Brookland
…and the creatures I found there…

Listen here.

In response to James’ awesome Portland mix from a few episodes back: all local NYC/Brooklyn acts.

1. “Love Is” – The Wowz (from Go Figure EP)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “A Great Divide” – Parts & Labor (from Stay Afraid)
4. “Ed Is A Portal” – Akron/Family (from WNYC Studio Demos, 10/06)
5. “Busted Old Church” – O’Death (from Head Home)
6. “Don’t Worry” – Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities (from Lucas)
7. “Happy Hour Blues” – Steven Bernstein & the Millennial Territory Orchestra (from Millennial Territory Orchestra, v. 1)
8. “Lazy Susan” – Oakley Hall (from Gypsum Strings)
9. “We Found A Map” – The Claps
10. “Slow Rewind” – Sam Champion (from Slow Rewind)
11. “Aynotchesh Yererfu” – The Budos Band (from The Budos Band)
12. “Memphis” – The Duo (from Play Pause Stop)


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