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frow show, episode 17

Episode 17: Transmission from Portland
…with guest host James Dunseth…

(Listen here.)

I’ve known James Dunseth, the rad geographer, for almost 10 years. As he has at various times over that period, he recently sent me a package of new music. This time, it included a fantastic mix of songs by his favorite bands local to Portland, Oregon, where he lives. Instead of just pilfering them for various Frow Shows, I figured I’d just turn the reigns over to him for an episode…

1. “Peein’ In An Empty” – Tom Heinl (from With Or Without Me)
2. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
3. “Space Hole” – March Fourth Marching Band (from March Fourth Marching Band)
4. “Hands In Pockets” – Laura Gibson (from If You Come To Greet Me)
5. “Color Coded” – Heroes & Villians (from Heroes & Villians EP)
6. “Plagiarhythm” – Copy (from Mobius Beard)
7. “The Sleepless” – The Shaky Hands (from The Shaky Hands)
8. “Bottom of the Lake” – The Builders and the Butchers (from The Builders and the Butchers)
9. “The Pirate’s Gospel” – Alela Diane (from The Pirate’s Gospel)
10. “Very Much Alone Pt. 4: O, Fuck, I’m Fucked. Fuck.” – Drakkar Sauna (from Rover)
11. “Lux and Royal Shopper” – Blitzen Trapper (from Field Rexx)
12. “The Nights on the Absillian Sea” – Aidan Coughlan (from Mystery’s Mist)
13. “Aftershocks Anfter Afterthoughts” – Small Sails (from Hunter Gatherer)
14. “Hitman Blues” – Pentecost Hotel (unreleased)
15. “This Abdomen Has Flown” – Bark, Hide and Horn (from Bark, Hide and Horn EP)
16. “Storyteller is the Story” – Modernstate (from Highwater Moonboot)
17. “Seven” – Point Juncture, WA (from Mama Auto Boss)
18. “Seems To Calm The Baby” – Nick Jaina (from The 7 Stations)

& here are the notes James sentme with the original mix:

01_ Tom Heinl – Peein’ In An Empty

The king of ‘stereoke’… he plays his live shows karaoke style with his own living room furniture and stereo on stage. Plus he reads hilarious excerpts from his childhood journals.

02_ March Fourth Marching Band – Space Hole
Portland’s very own 35 piece renegade marching band.

03_ Laura Gibson – Hands In Pockets
Nice wintery music… I like her breathy vocals.

04_ Heroes And Villains – Color Coded
My friend Ali (originally from Long Island) plays piano and accordion.

05_ Copy – Plagiarhythm
Portland’s keytar sensation.

06_ The Shaky Hands – The Sleepless
Potentially the next big name to come out of Portland. Their live shows are really high energy. Their debut album comes out April 10th.

07_ The Builders And The Butchers – Bottom Of The Lake
My favorite band in Portland. Their CD just came out on Friday. Blues/Gospel revival rock. Their live shows are amazing!

08_ Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel
Another nice folky type lady.

09_ Drakkar Sauna – Very Much Alone Pt. 4: O, Fuck, I’m Fucked. Fuck.
The only non-Portland band on this mix. They’re from Kansas but their records are put out by Marriage Records here in Portland. Delightfully weird.

10_ Blitzen Trapper – Lux & Royal Shopper
Fun indie pop rock.

11_ Aidan Coughlan – The Nights On The Absillian Sea
Lo-Fi E6 type stuff. Very mysterious.

12_ Small Sails – Aftershocks And Afterthoughts
Electro pop.

13_ Pentecost Hotel – Hitman Blues
This track comes from an album that probably won’t ever get released. Their other album is pretty cool.

14_ Bark, Hide And Horn – This Abdomen Has Flown
They write most of their songs based on National Geographic articles that they read. This song is about Honey Ants.

15_ Modernstate – Storyteller Is The Story
One man weird band.

16_ Point Juncture, WA – Seven
Indie Rock… Influenced by Radiohead & Yo La Tengo.

17_ Nick Jaina – Seems To Calm The Baby
Just a good singer songwriter type. My friend Ali plays in his live band and on most of his album as well.


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