Jesse Jarnow

useful things, no. 7

The seventh in an ongoing collection of functional webpages and dork tools (excluding any/all Google programs)

o Should you be using Entourage ’01 for your email, and should you reach the 2 GB storage limit they take no measures to warn you about, and should your whole email database proceed to meltthefuckdown and corrupt your archives and cause you three days of freakation and frustardedness, I would then whole-heartedly endorse paying $18 for EntourAid.

o Handbrake allows you to easily rip mpegs from DVDs. Sadly, my laptop is way too slow to run it effectively. Someday I’ll get the whole ’86 series on my iPod and watch the innings in shuffle.

o iConcertCal searches your iTunes library and tells you what bands are coming to town.

o Haven’t f’ed with it yet, but Peel seems like a good utility to organize blog listening.

o The iTunes linkmaker allows you to generate URLs that pop right into the iTunes store.


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