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“the weakest part” (slow version) – yo la tengo

“The Weakest Part” (slow version) – Yo La Tengo (download here)
from iTunes Session EP (2007)
released by iTunes (buy

(expires January 17th)

Though you wouldn’t know it by checking (at least, as of tonight), there’s a new four-song Yo La Tengo EP this week, available for $4 via the iTunes store. Along with a vaguely surfy instrumental, “El Es Gay” (like “El Es Dee”?), a by-the-books rerecording of “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind,” and a delighted cover of Love’s tribute to LBJ’s daughter (and “Twist and Shout” rewrite) “Luci Baines,” there’s also a rearrangement of Beat Your Ass‘s “The Weakest Part.”

Sufficently damn understated in its original incarnation, “The Weakest Part” is now practically invisible. As a solo piano ballad (with dab of feedbacky guitar), the slow motion melody stretches to a near flatline. It’s just atmosphere, Georgia Hubley’s voice disappearing into the sound of itself. It’s not much to sing (or even hum) along with, but it is lovely nonetheless.

Well worth the $4 (if only to burn to CD & re-rip to mp3), the iTunes Session EP is a nice addition to the two b-sides Yo La Tengo put out last fall.


  1. Chaon says: - reply

    Huh. Jesse. I saw you on Hype Machine.

  2. dominic says: - reply

    i asked james what the story was behind the title “el es gay” a couple of weeks ago – he said they were playing a one-off show in mexico last year or the year before and they found a tiny shop that was selling t-shirts that had that slogan printed on them and a finger pointing off to the right – kind of like the “i’m with stupid” shirts. “el es gay” means “he is gay” in spanish, it seems. anyway, they thought it was the funniest thing ever and bought a whole bunch of the shirts to bring back and give to their friends.

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