Jesse Jarnow

links of dubious usefulness, no. 10

o Kottke ran a particularly geeky overview of iPhone facts and conjecture.

o This dude melted my mind, man, with his theory of “A New Sith,” in which he reconsiders the backstory of the original Star Wars movies in light of the prequels. If George Lucas intended even a quarter of the stuff detailed here, he’s way cooler than I ever gave him credit for.

o Charlie Kaufman’s next picture, Synecdoche, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, sounds ridiculously amazing.

o New Yawkers will soon be able to send cell cam images to 311 and 911. Hope I never need to, but cool innovation.

o James McNew from Yo La Tengo recently DJed a hip-hop set on WFMU.


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