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“less than you think” (droneless edit) – wilco

“Less Then You Think” (droneless edit) – Wilco (download here)
from A Ghost Is Born (2004)
released by Nonesuch (buy)

(expires January 23rd)

I’ll be the first to defend the migraine-mimicking ambient construction tacked to the end of Wilco’s “Less Than You Think.” In its own way, it can be quite a cleansing listen (and when they opened their New Year’s show at Madison Square Garden with it, the noise became a wonderfully patient jam that resolved into “Spiders”). But, I also love “Less Than You Think” a lot — especially the Morse code-like piano tap-tap-tapping behind Jeff Tweedy — such that I might wanna put it on playlists and the like. This becomes a bit more of pain in the arse when there’s 12 minutes of drone affixed. For my (and your) convenience, here it is without.

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  1. Ben says: - reply

    Not to be a nit-picker, but it’s actually a hammered dulcimer, not a piano, that you’re hearing in that song. I love it, too. It’s also in “Company in My Back” – played by Glenn Kotche, percussionist extraordinaire!

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