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frow show, episode 11

Thursday is the new Wednesday. Here’s the Frow Show…

Listen here.

Episode 11: illegal shit
Highlights of bootleg plunderings from Turntable Lab and elsewhere. Also some things that can be legally acquired. But only some.

1. “Carl’s Anti-Drug Radio Spot” – The Beach Boys (from Endless Bummer: The Very Worst of the Beach Boys)
2. “Television is Crack” – Certified Bananas (from
3. “Frow Show Theme” – MVB
4. “TV on the Radio vs. Afrika Bambaata” – Diplo (from Hollertronix, v. 2)
5. “Music to Watch Girls Cry, part 13” – Andy Votel (from Music to Watch Girls Cry)
6. “Ensemble Melodica Intro” – Dr. Delay (from Psycrunk)
7. “°‹” – Trap Door II (from Trap Door II Mystery Mix)
8. “Naomi” – Neutral Milk Hotel (from the Joe Beats Experiment Presents Indie Rock Blues)
9. “Love Is How You Make It” – Gong (from Four Tet: DJ Kicks)
10. “Where I End and You Begin” – Radiohead/”Stay Fly” – Triple 6 Mafia (from Psycrunk)
11. “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” – Spinjunkies (from Jay-Z’s Dead)
12. “[Untitled]” – Andy Votel (from Songs In the Key of Death)
13. “Chove Chuva” – Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 (from Jorge Ben: Tudo Ben, v. 1 [Rock & Soul])
14. “Soul Master” – Edwin Starr
15. “I Wish it Would Rain” – The Cougars (from Jamaica To Toronto compilation)
16. “Kokomo (Spanish version)” – The Beach Boys (from Endless Bummer: The Very Worst of the Beach Boys)


  1. mike slaboch says: - reply

    Damn “Kokomo!” 😉

  2. Ben Weidner says: - reply

    That diplo mix is the joint, but have you heard Girltalk? Holy shitman. He’s got a mix with the drums from “Milk it” and Phil Collins vocals – It had me buggin, for real dough.

  3. Jesse says: - reply

    Yeah, dude. Girl Talk is mucho fun. Did a post about them in November.

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